The Chicken Rice Shop – good chicken rice!

With the amount of chicken rice stalls in coffeeshops, chicken rice speciality outlets, chicken rice sold in food courts (I like the one at Pavilion) and chicken rice on the menu of hotels and restaurants, it is baffling why I can’t seem to get decent chicken rice in the city.

Well, you can pay RM30++ for a good chicken rice in Magenta in Publika, or in Grand Hyatt KL or even splurge on a RM75++ Hainanese Chicken Rice in Majestic Hotel KL.

But what about good chicken rice within RM10?
I have my favourites in PJ & TTDI. Not the best I reckon, but for a quick chicken rice fix I’ll just head to Restaurant OK in TTDI, a mere 5 mins ride from my home & tapau (takeaway) a RM10 chicken + roast pork + char siew + duck rice.

So looking for the BEST chicken rice in town isn’t my priority.

Still, with a new project coming up one of my tasks was to find a really good chicken rice to feature/write about.


Now it is “weird” to be featuring a franchised chicken rice outlet for good chicken rice. Well, a food blogger is expected to look for the old-school, generations old stall tucked away in some village or at least one in a coffeeshop. That’s where all the good hawker food is right?

Well, maybe. YOU tell me where.

For now, let me talk about The Chicken Rice Shop.

Best of Halal - The Chicken Rice Shop-010

It is easy to see the reason behind The Chicken Rice Shop’s popularity. The food is good and most importantly, consistent.
Many visits at numerous outlets later, I have sampled all of their chicken offerings as well as the noodles, fishballs as well as most of their innovative festive creations.
Apart from an expansive menu, the limited time festive offerings offer customers the incentive to return.

As its name suggest, “The Chicken Rice Shop” serves traditionally prepared steamed, roasted, honey barbecued or braised chicken as its signature products. However do not confine yourself to just the chicken rice. The menu features more than 25 other local favorites such as the Hainanese Curry Chicken, Stuffed Fish Balls, Curry Laksa, Assam Fish and Hong Kong Beef Stew, just to name a few.

Go for the steamed fowl if you are in the mood for the tradition Hainanese chicken rice, or opt for the roast chicken if you prefer more flavourful meat.


I personally liked the braised chicken; dark and glossy chicken skin imbued with flavours of soy sauce mix with meat so tender, silky, and juicy. My standard order would be with a side of braised egg and braised bean curd.
Those with a penchant for sweet meats are encouraged to try the Prime Honey Barbeque chicken. This is similar to Chinese “char siew” and its sweet glaze goes very well with the meat.



The rice is as important as the chicken itself when it comes to a good plate of chicken rice. For me the accompanying chilli sauce and freshly pounded ginger plays a vital role too.
TCRS’s rice is fluffy and flavorful with a good aroma of chicken stock. The ginger sauce is freshly pungent while the chilli sauce is mildly sour and spicy. All in all, the accompanying components of the chicken rice are as good as the chicken.


TCRS’s signature entree, Pai Tee or Top Hats is a popular order and seen on almost every table in any of TCRS’s outlets.
It is made up of crispy pastry shells filled with shredded vegetables and chicken meat accompanied by a sweet sour sauce.


For fiber, complement your meal with their vegetable dishes. Choose from Ipoh bean sprouts, ‘kai lan’, ‘sawi’ or ‘pak choy’. These vegetables are lightly blanched to retain its natural flavour and topped with crunchy fried shallots.

TCRS menu also offers value for money set lunches and group dining meals to cater for different groups of customers.
These value meals range from RM13.99 for a single person meal to meals for groups of 6 at RM94.99.

At selected TCRS stores in Malaysia, TCRS offers breakfast combo meals from 8am – 11am. Choices include half-boiled eggs and toast, the ever popular nasi lemak, curry laksa and French toast.

The Chicken Rice Shop
Location: Various locations.
Review done in One Utama Shopping Centre branch.

Tel: +603 7727 0068

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00am – 10:00pm

Halal Checklist:
Muslim Owned: N
Halal Certified: Y
100% Halal Ingredients: Y
Cleanliness Grade – A
Serves Alcohol: N

Extra Comments/Notes: NIL
Years of operation: 14 years since June 2000

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  1. Misha K

    Agree! My family would always go to TCR for weekend lunch. The sets are value for money!

  2. We always fry chicken. Seldom roast or boil. When i come Malaysia I always eat chicken rice too! The rice is so unique to ours

  3. Kim Hanh

    I love chicken rice too. Always eat that when I’m in Singapore!
    Does it taste the same in Malaysia?

  4. Veron

    Yes I agree, food here is fine really.

  5. daniel

    I did eat at TCR once. Not bad.

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