The Beach, Watersports Centre, Club House, Circus, Fitness Centre @ Club Med Bali

In continuation of my enthusiatic “virtual” tour of Club Med Bali (forgive me I took so many pictures and I want to use them all! ), let’s head to the beach and check out the watersports centre.

The beach is commendably well-maintained and serene for a public beach. In fact most of the people on the beach are likely to be guests of Club Med and it’s almost entirely private as it was never crowded.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-067

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-066

I was hoping to catch the sunrise one morning but it was a cloudy day. This was about 7 am.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-072

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-071

I enjoyed the morning breeze as the heat is almost unbearable in the afternoons.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-028

Luckily there were plenty of lounge chairs and little huts to seek shelter. As expected, many sun-loving Caucasians were seen enjoying the warmth of the sun; some directly under the sun and some under the shade.

1 Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebecca sawP3215872

1 Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebecca sawP3215870

1 Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebecca sawP3215868

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-026

The separation of the beach with Club Med grounds are naturally divided with grass and sand. As I have mentioned earlier, there are security personnel stationed at the beach to ensure that only Club Med GMs (Gentle Members) are allowed to come into the resorts’ premises.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-032

The Watersports Centre is located right on the beach and mainly manned by 4 personnels:

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-035

On the board are all the information you may need to know about the activities provided by the Watersports Centre. But like I said before, I was handed an activity sheet upon arrival so I referred to that all the time.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-036

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-033

The available Watersports activities are Windsurfing, Snorkeling, Kayak, Boat Cruise. Life jackets are compulsory for all activities. There are free practice sessions, beginners’ lessons and morning or afternoon trips. Each activity has a scheduled time-slot over the day so it’s best you book early for those scheduled programs.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-034

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-037

For other sweaty pursuits, check out the Club House where you can play Tennis/Squash/Badminton/Golf/Basketball/Volleyball. Equipment are available at the Club House and all you have to do is to bring yourself to the courts and be properly attired.
Golf and tennis lessons are available too and if you need a partner, the GO would play with you although it would be only for a while.
Anyhow don’t be a stranger. Just make some friends at the courts and you’re likely to find a partner easily enough. Everyone’s at Club Med for a good time!

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-042

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-069

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-058

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-071

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-075

While tennis is outdoors, both the badminton and squash courts are indoors.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-063

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-067

Hi Lucy! 🙂
She’s our helpful, sweet Club Med Village Trainer who kept us company throughout our stay.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-064

There are a few golf putting greens around the resort. Similarly for golf all necessary equipment are available.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-072

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-074

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-054

The archery is another popular area as well. The GO in charge ensures technique and proper use of equipment.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-070

Club Med Spa is within this vicinity. More of the spa is in this post. I had a Balinese Massage and the masseur was superb!

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-059

Just beside the spa is the Quiet Zone, basically for adults only.
Children below 18 years old are not allowed. I had fretted a bit that I might have a hard time at Club Med since it’s a family resort and I had vision of annoying screaming kids running around which made my heart stop cold.
But I have heard so much of the programs and fun that I was sure I’ll be fine if I just immerse myself doing the activities that I enjoy. After all, I’m sure screaming kids won’t be doing yoga right?
And thankfully enough, Club Med’s SOP of keeping kids and adults session for each activity separate ensures that peace of mind as well as safety; since younger ones would require more attention (sometimes it might be the other way round?) in each of the program.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-061

Remember the Yoga lesson I had on my 2nd day? It was at the gym, or here they call it the Fitness Centre. It’s compact sized but sufficiently equipped for a general body workout.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-004

Towels and drinking water are complimentary and the usual entertainment screens hung from the wall.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-108

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-109

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-110

Next is the exciting Circus area. The flying trapeze has got to be one of the main drawing factor of Club Med.

1 Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebecca sawP3215867

Well at least for me it is! 🙂

Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebeccasaw-004

I must thank Lynley for the video she took of my very FIRST attempt on the flying trapeze. I did considerably well since I managed to swing my legs up and pretty much did everything I was supposed to do. It helps to be FIT! 🙂

You will find more information on the procedures of the Flying Trapeze on my Day 3 itinerary HERE.

Moving on, I’ll wrap things up with some general pictures of the other areas; namely the theatre and the bars.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-059

Nightly performances differ but be assured that there will be some form of show each evening. The show typically starts at 9.15pm, after dinner hours.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-051

After the show, guests are encouraged to join for the themed night party at the pool bar where more entertainment (singing, dancing) awaits. The atmosphere is pretty good each night as the GOs themselves gets involved and gets the action going.
Every night I see happy contented faces all round, sipping cocktails and wine. Even the kids gets to order from the bar! Fruit based drinks of course. 🙂

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-098

club med bali - night entertainment day 2 (46)

And lastly, some of the historical monuments and Club Med Bali grounds.

Out of respect to the local traditions and culture, the club was built around the existing places of worship and thus none were demolished.

1 Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebecca sawP3215873


Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-043

These are the surroundings from the accommodation area.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-014


Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-023


Say hi to some of the “residents” of Club Med Bali! 🙂

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-106

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-107

There’s a lot of greenery all round. It gives such a calm, tranquil feel yes? 🙂

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-084

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-076


Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-014


I love the water features and how there are nooks and crannies for one to sit around the resort, quietly on your own with a book or just lost in your own thoughts.


Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-122


Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-120


Club Med Bali resort - rebecca saw-003


Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-027

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-117

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-123

You will never be bored at Club Med. Really. Like I said before, choose to be in the sun, in the pool, be busy or just do nothing. It’s all possible at Club Med.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-107

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-108


The arrival and departure area, where all guests are given a warm welcome and a gracious send-off.

lobby Club Med Bali resort - rebecca saw-001

lobby Club Med Bali resort - rebecca saw

I had great fun at Club Med and I must say I’m already looking forward to more Club Med escapades in the coming years! I’l definitely hit Club Med (in other countries) again with my partner and friends. 🙂

MORE on Club Med Bali Body & Soul Program: Four Colors in Four Days: Day 1 (Yellow for Rejuvenation) & Day 2 (Red for EnergyHERE and Day 3 (Green for Balance) & Day 4 (Purple for RevitalizationHERE so you can check those posts out if you want a detailed run down of the program. 🙂

This was from 20th – 23rd March 2013 in Club Med Bali for the Body & Soul Program “Four Colors in Four Days”.
The next one would be at Club Med Cherating from 7-14 April 2013. The package starts from RM1860 per pax (based on twin share) for a 4D3N stay. Transportation is not included.
The above price is the starting rate for the Body & Soul event specific to Club Med Cherating Beach but for more accurate quote based on your travel dates and needs please contact Club Med Sales Office at (03) 7957 5678. You can also visit for general Club Med news and special offer.

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