The Bar Counter Australia – REVIEW: Carrot, Apricot, Amaranth & Yogurt bar

Ok I’m back with my energy bars/protein bars reviews! 🙂
Apologies for the hiatus. Oh by the way, have you read my previous reviews? 🙂

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That was all bought in Singapore. A dozen Quest Bars and another 14 bars of mixed brands to write about and I’m totally backlogged!

But guess what? I came back from Sydney with another 20-30 bars!

energy bars from australia review

Protein and energy bars from Sydney

So yes I’ll try to be consistent with my postings (*promise!*) and keep you guys updated on how these bars taste like.
I eat one bar per day and I’m aiming for one review per day (*fingers & toes crossed*).

Now let’s start with this “The Bar Counter (Ancient Grains range) Carrot, Apricot, Amaranth & Yogurt” bar.
The Bar Counter is an Australian brand and their range of bars are divided into “Raw”, “Superfoods”, “High Protein”, “No Added Sugar”, “Gluten Free” and “Ancient Grains”.
You can find the whole range here –>


The Bar Counter - Carrot, Apricot, Amaranth & yogurt bar-002

Verdict: It is VERY good!
What I like: Soft, easy to eat. Compact (but not hard and dense) and chewy. I love that it’s not too sweet and the UNIQUE ingredients used made the bar unlike any other common snack bar I’ve eaten.
I’m sure you know what I’m talking about right?
The usual ingredients for such snack/granola/energy bar are berries, nuts, oats and chocolate. After a while almost all the snack bars taste the same to me!

I can’t taste any carrots for this one but there are chunks of juicy apricots. The use of Amaranth is certainly new to me. I had to google it and found out that Amaranth is a gluten-free grain-lookalike but technically NOT a grain.
What I didn’t like: The yogurt swirl on top of the bar. It made the bar too sweet for me. I personally “peel” the yogurt off and just ate the bar minus the yogurt. 😀

This is really great snack and handy to carry around. You do have to be careful as it is soft so it can get squashed.

The Bar Counter - Carrot, Apricot, Amaranth & yogurt bar-005

If you have been searching for a nourishing snack that is gluten free, or contains raw ingredients, or no added sugar – then this range has got you covered.
This bar has got whey and soy protein isolate to pump up the protein content. The main binding ingredient is obviously the dates with the oats.

The Bar Counter - Carrot, Apricot, Amaranth & yogurt bar-001

Nutritional information:
20 g of carbs.
10 g of sugars.
3.4 g of fat (1.9 saturated)
Only 3.6 g of protein.
Well, it’s called a snack bar (not protein bar) for a reason!

The Bar Counter - Carrot, Apricot, Amaranth & yogurt bar-007

It is not exactly diet-friendly (there are still sugars) but it is certainly healthier than most snack bars sold in our local supermarkets. Tastewise I can assure you it is tasty!
The satiety factor isn’t high though. I was famished when I ate one (each bar is 40g) and I was still hungry after I finished it. I had a glass of milk with it as well.
It took about 15 – 30 mins for me to feel slightly less hungry.
Cost: AU2.59 = RM8.30.

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  1. Jin

    Hi! Where did u get them from in SG? Do u know of any place that stocks them as well as CLIF bars in KL? Thanks in advance !

      1. Jin

        thanks! Btw you should try “SQUAREBAR” if you haven’t 🙂

      2. Rebecca Saw

        I think i have .. can’t remember .. I might have bought some frm Aust.
        btw im going to be in SG frm 3rd – 13th Dec. If u wan you can buy online and have it sent to my hotel. (not too many la, but can fit my small luggage).
        You might be able to save on postage.

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