The ASEAN Blogfest 2013 in Solo, Jakarta

For someone who has never been to Indonesia in my entire life, I was suddenly  in Bali twice in a month in March 2013, the first trip for Sheraton Kuta & Le Meridien Jimbaran resort review and recently Club Med Bali.
But that’s only one island. I have yet to visit Jakarta or any other areas of the main Indonesia country!

God willing, I’ll be stepping foot on Indonesia soil again this coming May, not just to explore Solo (formal name Surakarta) but also to be a part of the grand ASEAN Blogfest 2013 that will be held starting on 10th May onwards.

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About Asean Blogger:
Vision: Set by the awareness on the importance of creating a caring and sharing society among netizens in ASEAN toward ASEAN Community 2015, Indonesian blogger affirm to establish an ASEAN Blogger Community.

I have met and worked with Indonesian bloggers before for my company’s campaign for Resorts World Genting and I find them seriously fun! I wish to meet more of them during this Blogfest and of course, to make more new friends with the bloggers around the ASEAN region. 🙂
Say hi to,,,,,,, (she’s so pretty!), &

resort world genting

5 bloggers and their partners; (also bloggers) having fun during my company’s campaign – All expenses paid, 3D2N trip to Resorts World Genting!
Do go to their blog and search for “Resort World Genting” and check out their blog posts and videos 🙂

Besides making new acquaintances,  I truly believe that such an event would facilitate communication among bloggers in ASEAN countries and the organization of various activities in the region encourages bloggers and community engagement.
As a person directly involved in blog advertising as well as a full time blogger, I can’t agree more that ASEAN Blogfest would provide platform for bloggers to deliver their aspirations and carry out various activities related to ASEAN.
And I want to be a part of it!

I’ve been a part of the Singapore Blog Awards last year and it was fabulous fun as well as an amazing networking session with the bloggers I met.

zaffron restaurant - buffet- Oasia Hotel - Singapore (27)

xkiyo pic rebeccasaw 2

singapore blog awards 2012 - Singapore Flyer (10)

singapore blog awards 2012 - Singapore Flyer (15)

At each of these event I learnt more in theory, and gained experiences and ideas.
As a speaker in both Malaysia Social Media Week 2011 and 2013, I would like to enrich myself more of such events in other countries, to see how they do it better or differently. In fact, if I could contribute, I would.
In life, learning is a continuous process! 😉

MSMW 2013 - rebecca saw

MSMW 2013 - rebecca saw 4

What do you think about bloggers in ASEAN should do for the coming ASEAN Community 2015?
For this year I would like to see participating bloggers contributing ideas during each of the session. I have seen the itinerary and I’m glad “Discussion on The Role of Social Media in the ASEAN Socio-Culture Community Building” is one of the topics.
It’s good to see the Breakout Session where there are sharing by some bloggers in the region on tips of travel blogging, photo blogging and vlogging. I do want to hear more on responsible blogging, on whether numbers (UV, stats, followers) count for the bloggers and how it affects income opportunity. I have dealt with bloggers in Australia, Thailand (each advertorial is 10,000 baht!), Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Philippines. In each country, expectations of bloggers are different, not to mention their take on blogging. Some viewed it seriously, some believes integrity is important. Some takes on any advertorials, some decline whenever they can.

In 2015, if blogging evolves to a business tool, let’s talk about how blogging helps business and how online influencers are measured. We are already talking about that now. In 2 years’ time, what would be the future for blogging?

More info on ASEAN Blogfest 2013:

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  1. Jane

    I do hope that you’ll get to visit Solo next month Becky!

  2. David

    Been to Jakarta many times, but haven’t been to Solo. It might be boring for you.

  3. Veron

    Go go becky! This is suitable for you! You should speak too if possible. I’m sure you have a lot to share.

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