The All-New Volvo V60 Launch

For the past week I have been busy hopping from one car launch to another.
Perhaps it’s a mark of ushering in the new year and new indulgences in the form of vehicles and gadgets are equivalent to a self pat on the back for surviving the past year. Thus what better time would it be to launch new car models?

Whatever it is, a beautiful car is worth the time and attention.

volvo v60-010

The new VOLVO V60 is blend of good looks and performance. It boasts of a coupe-like design, dynamic performance, advanced driving ability and world leading safety features.

volvo v60-015

volvo v60-048

volvo v60-050

volvo v60-051

From the pictures above, the first description that may came into one’s mind would be “boxy”; no doubt due to the shape of it’s back.
Then again, the V60 is  Volvo’s “Sportswagon”,  and it does not aim to compete with the traditional estate car. For the customer who wants a lot of load space, there is always Volvo XC60 or XC90.

volvo v60-005

volvo v60-006

From the design viewpoint the focus was on making the car as close to a coupe as possible, while retaining that handy extra space at the rear. No doubt this makes the V60 ideal for the young urbanites and families.

volvo v60-016

volvo v60-019
volvo v60-001

Since I’m not an automotive writer, nor am I interested to turn my blog into one that churns out uncomprehensible auto terms, I’ll keep to the pictures (now now, we all know what they say about pictures telling you a thousand words right?) and you can expect me to pepper my post with some simple adjectives like “sleek”, “expensive”, “sporty” and “cool”; which by the way, is about all the terms I’m familiar with. 🙂

Oh, there’s another one. “Luxurious.” Which was exactly how I felt as I sat behind the driver seat of the V60.

volvo v60-045

Boy, I need to test drive this baby on the road. 🙂
The V60 has essentially blended sportiness and practicality seamlessly. And a touch of luxury doesn’t hurt either. Considering the price.
Man, I love these sports seats with extra side support.

volvo v60-028

volvo v60-032

The rear seats.
I have absolutely no idea why one of the seats is “elevated” up as below. Anyone? *Update* –> Apparently it’s a raised rear seat suitable for a child.
volvo v60-022

volvo v60-039

volvo v60-023
The dashboard is another marvel.

volvo v60-034

The dynamic three-spoke steering wheel .

volvo v60-035

The new V60 is the most advanced high-tech environment ever available to a Volvo driver.

The Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake takes Volvo’s safety dedication yet another step towards the vision of building cars that do not get involved in accidents.

In the field of comfort, there are features such as the optional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which automatically maintains a set gap to the vehicle in front. What is new is that the Adaptive Cruise Control operates at speeds below 30 km/h, all the way down to standstill.

volvo v60-024

volvo v60-025

volvo v60-026

volvo v60-027

volvo v60-047

volvo v60-043

I think it might take me a few days to get used to all that controls.

Anyhow, full specs and prices below, just in case a V60 is within your radar in 2012.

V60 PriceList_front PMb-page-002

Safety features for the V60; packed with safety and comfort-related technical innovations.

V60 PriceList_inside-page-002

And more pictures of course. 🙂

volvo v60-046

volvo v60-002

volvo v60-011

volvo v60-012

volvo v60-020

volvo v60-021

volvo v60-030

volvo v60-033

volvo v60-008

volvo v60-009

Exciting colours
The ALL-NEW V60 is being launched in 5 colours; the Electric Silver, Ember Black, Ice White, Seashell and Flamenco Red.

For more details on the ALL-NEW V60, please visit

All pictures taken with:

Samsung NX11

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  1. Simon Har

    the elevated seat is for a small child, acting like a kind of car seat 🙂

      1. Simon Har

        u r most welcome 🙂

      2. rebeccasaw

        I will get you to join me fr more auto events/launches 🙂
        Just tht nw the events are single invites & it’s in the morning/day time during working hours.

  2. Sean

    gosh, it’d be nice to drive this volvo, i guess, but i think when it’s time to change my myvi, i’ll probably end up buying another myvi. it’s reliable AND relatively cheap, heheh 😀

  3. Nikel

    wow.. need a test drive now!

  4. Simple Person

    Now i c a pretti lady in the car…. LOL
    Volvo is a good car .. my dad used to own 1 …

    1. rebeccasaw

      Indeed! 😀
      Volvo – ever since I was young – I heard a lot of how “hardy” it is. “Very safe” – my friends used to say – “won’t kemek in accidents”. LOL
      But I heard a lot about the fuel comsuption too..apparently it is a petrol guzzler

  5. Rene Leow

    Volvo is now offering a 1.6 T4 engine variant which in essence still gives you great power with much better fuel efficiency – so that u have the best of both worlds:)

    1. rebeccasaw

      I think fuel efficiency is the “key phrase “for the automotive industry this year!
      Volvo has been known as a petrol guzzler & it’s good to know that the newer variants are more fuel economic.

  6. Rene Leow

    Thanks Wacky Becky for coming n writing about this!

    1. rebeccasaw

      No problem! I did learn so much frm the other auto – writers!
      I hope to actually test drive this one day.

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