The All New F & N MAGNOLIA SHERBET Passion Fruit

A Spoonful To Reclaim Your Inner Calm“;  so says the tagline.

While I won’t say it will reclaim your inner calm if you’re facing some idiots at work, it does help to cool you down from this Chinese New Year scorching sun.

A complimentary package came from F&N CREAMERIES a week back and 5 cute little tubs of Passion Fruit sherbet sat inside. It took only 1 minute to reach an edible softness, so I didn’t have to wait very long before I start spooning it into my mouth.

Magnolia Sherbet 4

Magnolia Sherbet

I was worried at first that I won’t like it as I dislike sorbets. The icy, frosty texture just doesn’t sit well with me. Furthermore, sorbets are generally in sour-ish flavours as it’s supposed to be refreshing and guess what? I don’t like anything sour either.

Magnolia Sherbet-001

Thankfully this creamy but light in both texture and taste sherbet wasn’t icy nor sour. Zesty yes, but certainly not strongly sour. The citrusy flavour is paired with the delightful mouthfeel of real fruit bits, which enhanced the overall flavour of passion fruit in the sherbet.

Magnolia Sherbet-002

A small tub (85 ml) makes for a good, quick pick-me-up in the afternoons. There wasn’t much nutrition information on the tub (I’m a health freak) so I couldn’t know if it’s high in fat. Anyhow, it’s just a small tub right? 🙂

Magnolia Sherbet-003

F&N MAGNOLIA SHERBET is also available in three other flavours: Luscious Lychee, Marvellous Mangosteen, and Magnificent Melon. I’m aiming to try the mangosteen one once it’s available in the market.  These sherbets retails at RM2.50 for a 85ml single serve and RM9.50 for a variety pack of four 85ml cups. It will be available at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets, petrol marts and grocery outlets starting 15th of February 2013.

Sherbet (4 flavours)-2

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  1. Sean

    Ooo I’ll look out for this at my Petron station! Sounds refreshing 😀

  2. sycookies

    I’m like you when it comes to sorbet. I dislike the icy and sour. Hmm..I guess can give this a try..

  3. Caron

    It’s cheap!
    A box of these in the fridge fr the little pick me up during teatime sounds fab!

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