TEN on Changkat – food & alcohol for RM10!

With a tagline like Over a 100 drinks, appetizers & snacks for RM 10 only!, it wasn’t long before I found myself sitting here at TEN on Changkat flipping through the menu.

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TEN on Changkat menu:

ten on changkat - menu

For the alcoholics, highballs, shooters, fizzes with enough alcohol potency ensures very happy hours for everyone.

ten on changkat - menu drinks

Getting anything for RM10 on Changkat Bukit Bintang is unheard of. Getting quality food and drinks for that price might even be considered absurb.

Well, not so anymore.
TEN on Changkat have just proved that it’s possible. My dinner on Christmas eve affirmed that food at TEN was solid for its price and portion. We savoured delicious pastas, lamb skewers, chicken rice and imbibed in drinks that were decently spiked with booze. All in all, a merry Christmas eve meal! 🙂

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DRINKS: Left to right: Fruit punch – a lovely blend of fruits, Mojito – satisfactory pronounced mint and rum and lime with base of pineapple juice and Tequila Sunrise – discernible taste of tequila which made it’s well worth the price.

Ten on Changkat

From the appetisers: Caesar Salad and Watermelon Salad. Both were decent though it was a bit of a let down for the watermelon salad. However if I were to compare this to say, Ben’s where a smaller portion of even more mediocre salad would set you back more than RM12++, then Ten’s Caesar warranted a thumbs up.

Caesar from TEN.

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (16)

Caesar from Ben’s General Food Store.

bens caesar salad

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Moving on to the snacks and tapas, the Roast Beef Sandwich caught my eye, together with Crab Cake with Mint SauceLamb satay and the Calamari with Aioli.

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (17)

3 fat crab cakes with fleshy crabmeat = satisfying! 🙂

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (18)

Here’s the best Roast Beef Sandwich in town for RM10. Thick and generous slices of pink juicy beef with lip-smacking sauce sandwiched by toasted foccacia bread. Subway could learn a thing or 2 about making their roast beef subs here.

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Calamari with Aioli. It’s amusing how simple a dish of fried calamari essentially is, but yet seemed so difficult to master.

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (21)

I think this could do with less grease but nothing to fault for the texture of the squids.

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (22)

Under Pizzas and Pasta, we ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice.


Wait, did I just hear you say “WTF”?

Oh come on, there’s Chicken Rice on the menu in an essentially Western restaurant serving tapas on Changkat Bukit Bintang. Allow me to satisfy my curiosity! 🙂

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I’m sure you’re eager to know if it tasted good.
And I’m pleased to report that it does!
The tender, moist chicken even triumphs over most chicken rice stalls in KL and PJ. The 3 cardinal condiments were all well prepared; the ginger was pungent, the chilli mildly spicy followed with good quality soy sauce. The only let down was the rice. Add a sheen of moisture and a bit more fragrance and this would have been perfect.

Next we moved on to pasta and pizzas. Werner’s Favourite Linguini with Duck turned out to be my favourite too.
Olive oil, bacon, duck, herbs and chilli tossed with al dente pasta and the flavourful rendered oil clung to every millimeter of the linguini. If you’re ever at TEN’s, be sure to order this!

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Ten Special Pizza.

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (14)

This is my kind of pizza. Not too greasy with cheese balanced with a good tomato base. Throw on premiums like artichokes and serve it to me at RM10, I’ll happily return again and again!

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (15)

And oh, I’ll add these 3 juicy skewers of tender marinated lamb each time I re-visit too. 🙂

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (25)

Chicken cannelloni, stuffed fat with minced chicken and spinach. RM10. This could sustain a moderate appetite diner for a good few hours.

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (26)

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (27)

Skip the panna cotta though.

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (29)

But make room for Andreas’ Special – A Dream in Chocolate (RM22.50). White chocolate milk cream, milky chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble, banana in passion fruit and pear in red wine. This is not RM10 (we ordered this from the ala-carte menu) but you won’t regret it.
Actually, you will. If you don’t order it! 😀

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Upstairs of TEN is Dining in The Dark. IF you haven’t heard of it, do read about it HERE.
In TEN, you can also dine on the ala-carte menu from The Steakhouse (adjoining outlet with TEN & still owned by the same Werner empire) which offers tantalizing steak tartare, Mongolian Beef Goulash, Australian beef steaks and seafood galore of lobster and oysters.

TEN on Changkat - rebecca saw (7)

Yes, I’ll definitely be heading to The Steakhouse soon. The beef is calling me! :DD

So if you’re on Changkat Bukit Bintang and seeking for good food in a cosy yet stylish venue, TEN is your best bet. Be sure to visit with friends since tapas sized dishes are ideally shared.

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Ten on Changkat
46 Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603-2142 5670
Mon – Sun: 4:00 pm – 3:00 am

Note: Prices are subjected to taxes.

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  1. ulric

    I want to go to the Steakhouse too! 😛

  2. the chicken rice definitely appeals to the hainanese in me! and i believe it would go well with an apple brandy, heheh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hainanese chicken rice and apple brandy, wow Sean, you’re pairing food and liquor now.. Not bad not bad 😀
      I have not tasted apple brandy before (now that you mentioned it, I saw it on the “High Balls”) so I’ll do that on my next visit! 🙂

  3. ALAN

    This looks extremely good. I can’t remember seeing this place, has it only recently been opened? Surely I could not have missed it on my wanderings around Changat? Anyway I shall find it and meet you there in the Spring ! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup, it’s by Werners but it recently opened! 🙂
      I cant’ wait to see you again Alan! Let me know when your travel plans are firmed up. Would see if i can join u anywhere along the way

      1. ALAN

        Wen all is arranged I will e mail you 🙂

  4. sycookies

    I recently visited them too! My favourite is Linguini with Duck. But I really really wanna try their oysters.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes the Linguini and Duck is awesome! 🙂 Ahh you’re an oyster fan eh? I’m more into meats!

  5. Bob and Julie

    wow so cheap! now we know where to stop for grub on our next changkat outing =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      yups! That’s my default place if im in Changkat from now onwards! 🙂

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