Teh Kim Tek Restaurant, Kepong – Bak Kut Teh at 630am!

Fancy your Bak Kut Teh fix at 630am?
For this place, the phrase “the early bird catches the worm” rings true. According to some reliable sources & die hard fans, Teh Kim Tek opens at 5 am and you will be scraping the pot if you arrive any later than 9am.

(pic below: See?? The skies were still dark when we arrived!)

mornin sky at 650am

The restaurant boasts of 2 shoplots & for those who wish to breathe the “chi” of the morning, feel free to settle yourself under the trees right outside .

Kim tek BKT shop

I confess that I’m not much of a Bak Kut Teh person, and this post is probably my very first on BKT. It doesn’t mean that I have not tried BKT in KL; I have of course, though reluctantly, as I preferred the “Penang version” (if there is such a thing) .

However, this is the place that the other half would actually rise & drive out for breakfast at the ungodly hour of 530am, which spoke volumes of how good the BKT must be, since getting him to drive far out for food is nothing short of a miracle.

Myself? I sulkily but resentfully tagged along, & muttered thoroughout the journey that this better be worth it.

Kim tek BKT

Gawd!! Did you see all that above?? Mixed meat and offals and ears and knuckles! All parts of the pig available!

And below: Slabs of pork bellies & chunks of meat. *swoons*

strips of pork

Sulkiness aside, I had to admit everything was starting to look promising 😉 .

cooking our pot

The “sai kuat” , meaning “small bone” in Chinese, was huge in my opinion. The soup was thick & there was so much herbs & god knows what else in it that they had to strain the soup for each pot of order.

wht goes in the pot

I love the thick, gelatinous soup and all the meat thrown inside has a delightful melting texture, even the lean meat chunks. While lean meat are usually coarser/stringy, typically drier in texture and bland in taste, it is not impossible to have tender meat given the right cooking methods. Here at Teh Kim Tek, the meat are rightly so & has fully absorbed the BKT flavours. Even the “sai kuat” has its meat falling off the bone.

our BKT

Below: Teh Kim Tek’s faithful patrons at 6am. ‘Yau char kwai’ (chinese crullers), to soak up the meaty broth.

the interior

A family run business, we saw the mother, daughters, son & father having their breakfast of …..Bak Kut Teh! What else 😉

Kim tek family

Verdict: Better than most BKT in Klang IMHO.

Total bill for our pot (with sai kuat, offals, meat etc ) + chinese tea + a bowl of fragrance rice was merely plus/minus RM12. (can’t recall exact amount).

Kim Tek Restaurant
Jalan 2/1A, Kepong Indah, Kepong, 52100, Tel: 03-6365545

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  1. babe_kl

    This place is near my parents place :p nice BKT! BTW after makan got go to Metropolitan Park to walk off the bak or not? :p

    1. Rebecca

      Hi hi!
      LOL. walk? Nah.. I went back home & slept! 😉

  2. Michelle Chin


    This is the second post that I came across today on pig’s offals. 🙁 Sigh, I wish I can prepare them! I love intestines alot but a lot of effort is required!

    1. Rebecca

      Indeed! And its not worth trying if there is only u ok!
      Very tiring one!

  3. Sean

    wow, it looks fabulous (even though the offal seems scary!). i think this is something i’d wake up at 10am for (which is already a major sacrifice), but sigh, that would be too late!

    1. Rebecca

      10am? Hhaha.. I might have to tapau for u then! but u dont even have a microwave to heat it all up!

  4. ciki

    ahh.. no wonder u putting on weight la. but u look better now for sure… man BKT this early? so fatty one ar.. dunno if i can hack it lerrrr .. i rather go combat with FBB 😛

    1. Rebecca

      HEhe.. eat heavier in the morning should be ok! Actually I would prefer a nice jog in the morning too!

  5. i love all the “discovery food post” of yours! will definitely add this into my makan list, after andes BYO 😀

    1. Rebecca

      Discovery food posts huh?
      Wish I can share more of those! Nowadays with my events posts, these are gettin delayed from posting, but I will try to food -blog more..

  6. Pureglutton

    Wow, can’t imagine going for BKT at 5.30am, no matter how good it is! Kudos to u la, Becks!

    1. Rebecca

      Haha.. but a lot of ppl also wake up early for dim sum no?

  7. iamthewitch

    OMG! 5.30 in the morning? Definitely a feat not for the faint hearted! like me! LOL! Although, I have to admit that I AM a little tempted to do it after looking at all the delicious bowls of BKT in claypot (I wouldn’t have it any other way) and You tiao!

  8. Leo

    I don’t mind waking up so early for BKT 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      Ahh.. so when are you gonna be in KL again??

  9. Chong

    530am?! That’s way too early for me. Haha. Not sure whether my stomach is prepared to digest such a heavy meal.

    If the price is right, RM12 is really cheap for 2 pax!

    1. Rebecca

      Oh! its one pot only with one bowl of rice. But still cheap cos we added a whole sai kuat!

  10. TummyRumble

    that picture of all the different parts of the pig looks like a scene from fear factor man.. lol..

    1. Rebecca

      Have no fear though! Just eat! 😉

  11. hApPy HaPpY

    wah, my saliva dripping already … stomach calling already … now I know a place for BKT in the early morning. Good find.

    1. Rebecca

      Lovely.. so I can be expecting you there with your friends and family soon no doubt! Pretty near where you stay too isnt it!

  12. Chaokar

    oh, unka mentioned about this place before. Have to go at 6am? omg. must try lah !

    1. Rebecca

      It’s not that far from your plc! Just head towards the toll! :yes:

  13. boo_licious

    Nice BKT but I don’t think I’ll go at the crack of dawn for this (I love my bed too much).

    1. Rebecca

      Ok la..ur gonna be one of those we have to tapau then meet at noon to pass u yr BKT fix!

  14. Fatboybakes

    aisayman, that man of yours IS an early riser hor. lucky you la, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.
    he has been raving abt the BKT, but said it was selayang. chis.

    1. Ya hor, unka’s been talking abt this place non-stop. I wouldn’t mind waking up early for BKT!

      1. unkaleong

        yay! Looks like we got a group to go!

    2. Rebecca

      Yes he said Selayang to me too, but I felt that the area is still Kepong.

  15. rebecca

    the hygienic of the restaurant went so bad recently. got rat running around everywhere.

    saw cockroaches dead body lying in the main pot. some unknown cotton like thing in the main cooking pot, shape looks like a sanitary pad.

    when i tell the boss about it, was told it is like this. “either u eat it or u can leave, got so many customer don’t mind about it, u won’t die eating it”.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Rebecca! 😉
      I understand wht you mean. And old folks’ places are generally “complain so much dont eat la”.
      What to do.. you can personally boycott it but the general public wil still dine there.

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