Tedboy Bakery – Telawi, Bangsar

I’m usually very excited about new breads and new bakeries. Consuming an average of a 400g of bread daily, there’s only that many bakeries to visit and breads I can eat before I get really really bored.

Thus new varieties, new bakeries and new baking techniques are exciting news for me. So when a long time friend of mine alerted me about this new bakery – Tedboy in Bangsar, I was immediately raring to go.

Its prime location certainly works in its favour. It’s just across the road from Delicious in BV II and on the same row as Devi’s.  If that still doesn’t get your attention, then maybe enticing fresh loaves peeking out of its store front would?

I observed that almost 80% of the passer-by would stop, stare and then pushed through the doors of Tedboy in curiosity. While not all actually purchased a loaf, chances are high that they would return to do so.
Tedboy Bakery - Telawi, Bangsar

They serve Bristot coffee here and coffee seems to be their strong point.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-002

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-021

Unfortunately I don’t drink coffee but on the other hand, there’s healthy smoothies! Oh, rejoice!!! 🙂

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-012

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-014

I was bought back to earth with a disappointing thud with the first sip of my smoothie. The Red Dragon (RM9.90) was watery and bland. The Fibre Rush and Green Mint was better, ever so slightly. Edward, the father of Ted (of which the bakery was named after) and the half owner (another of which is his wife) explained that only pure juice were used to make the smoothies and there’s no added sugar.

Well, I have had many smoothies before made with the same principles and they weren’t watery and bland. Due feedback was given, and I hope to be back for thick, luscious smoothies next time.

Moving on, I was served one of their Mushroom Tomato Focaccia, RM5.50. Frankly it’s not focaccia but a rather an airy bun with pizza toppings and some herbs thrown in. I can get started with a long essay on how focaccia should be (if you are going to name your bread focaccia) but I’ll let it pass.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-043

As if to make up for the lack of olive oil in the bread mix itself, copious amount was slathered over the top. Urghh…

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-039

For those who know their artisan breads, a look at the cross section below would sufficiently explain the texture (just in case anyone was wondering).

tedboy bakery - bangsar-001

Next was the scones.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-008

It’s admirable that everything is made in house or sourced from the best supplier – such as the cream and the jam in this case but the scones lacked the buttery aroma and it’s texture was rather lacking in moisture.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-009

Here’s one of their best-selling sandwiches – Norwegian Salmon Croissant (RM19.90).

tedboy bakery - bangsar-003

Salmon, egg and mangoes – a lovely combination really but marred by a dry croissant. Maybe the croissant it’s nice on its own, very flaky with just a hint of buttery aroma, good for those who prefer their croissant less “greasy”? 🙂

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-003

This meal took place about a month ago, and like I mentioned above, I’m usually very excited to blog about new bakeries. It took me a month to write this post, wondering whether I should even post it. Thankfully, my dining partner helped; advising me along the way for the review. He’s currently pursuing his baking diploma in one of the academies in PJ and works part-time for one of my favourite bakeries in KL.

“I think every business has a targeted market segment – low medium high. So expectations should be at that suitable level. “

With that mind, I worked on to finish this post.

Next, the cakes.

This was the best of the lot. Ted’s Almond Cake – RM8.50. Fair chocolate taste, neither too rich or dark and generously piled with nuts.

Vanilla Mille Crepe.  RM11.90.

Chocolate Peanut Mousse – RM8.50.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-006

Apple Cheese Pie – RM8.50. I’ll spare my comments for both of the cakes above as I find both decent but not exactly memorable. I would however recommend the Ted’s Almond and this Apple Cheese Pie. The lovely pie has the perfect ratio of cheese, apple and crust. With moderate hint of cinnamon and a thin crispy crust; I would gladly revisit Tedboy just so I could eat this again.

Here’s a mini tour of Tedboy Bakery and it’s range of baked goods.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-026

Ted gave me a pack of the Peanut Butter cookies to take home.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-066

I had it the very next day so I don’t think the texture was off due to me keeping it for an extended period. I find it rather greasy (even for a cookie!) and the texture didn’t quite pass for a soft baked cookie. For one, isn’t soft bake cookies supposedly to be a bit chewy? This was rather crumbly but yet soft inside. It’s not chewy for sure. Any advice from bakers are welcome 🙂

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-070

I was given a few loaves to try as well. Below are the ham and cheese (RM4.90 for half loaf) and Cranberry Apricot (RM6.90 – half loaf).

Tedboy bakery - bangsar

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-048

Tedboy uses margarine for these loaves.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-031

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -002

Here’s are the slices for better inspection. The breads are generally airy with some seeds, grains and fruit thrown into the mix. I’ll quote my friend who’s was my partner that day since he had described it rather well.

“I like the loaf with fruits more than the one with black sesame. But apart from these add-on ingredients, the bread itself (the part that comes from flour) is lacking in flavour. The black sesame bread had an ingredient label but not the fruit bread. From there, I find the use of margarine to be unappealing (I AGREE!!). But then this comes from someone who had the privilege of tasting superlative bread, so hardly any local bread will reach those lofty heights. But for most Malaysians, I think Tedboy’s breads and cakes will be considered very acceptable, not lousy in any way.”

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-064

Yes yes, Tedboy bakery would certainly have its fair share of fans. Edward and Petrina certainly has their hearts in the right place, wishing to offer “better breads with no preservatives” to fellow Malaysians.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-046

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-027

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-028

Tedboy bakery - bangsar-029

Custard Raisin Danish – Danish dough, butter, custard, raisin. RM3.20.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -003

Cinnamon Roll: Danish dough, butter, cinnamon. RM4.90.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -004

Croissant. Danish dough, butter. RM4.50.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -006

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -013

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -007

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -009

BELOW: The usual range of buns.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -008

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -011

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -015

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -010

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -014

Some brownies.

Tedboy bakery - bangsar -012

The cakes display counter.

Tedboy Bakery: The menu:


Go enjoy the coffee, I heard that the barista there is sufficiently trained.
And heed my friend’s fair advice as below and you won’t be disappointed as I am.
This friend of mine is currently pursuing his baking diploma in one of the academies in PJ and works part-time for one of my favourite bakeries in KL. He has since become my fellow bread-eating partner and advisor. He has tasted some of the best breads around (overseas & Malaysia) and I have him to thank for being level-headed in his comments. I can be rather critical and I know my reviews doesn’t sit well with many sometimes.
I have now started bringing eating partners for my reviews and food hunting sessions. At least if the review is negative, it’s a accumulation of 3-4 diners’ opinion! 😀

“Since Edward revealed that he can’t bake (and presumably Petrina too), I’m guessing that they opened their bakery not with the intention of selling superlative bread, but to sell ‘better bread’ and ‘better cakes’, as compared to the typical Malaysian standard bakeries. If that’s the case, then it won’t be fair to bring our French experienced palates to judge their products.”

“I think every business has a targeted market segment – low medium high. So expectations should be at that suitable level. “

My choice of bakeries?
Take your pick from Tommy Le Baker, Craft Bakers, Bonjour Bakery – post soon, The Carpentar’s Daughter – post soon. Hagen Bake and Brew recently lost its main baker and that’s realyl sad as the breads there was really good. Now Hagen stocks breads from  Hiestand.

Tedboy Bakery
10, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar, 59100 KL.
Tel: 03-2202 1312.
Hours: 8:00am-9:30pm.
FB: http://www.facebook.com/tedboybakery

* Same row as Devis, Moo Cow and 7-11

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  1. Cindy Tong

    well perhaps like what you say they target a different market…but i too think margarin may not be so pleasant in taste….but i really want to know more how foccacia should be…Rebecca any of your post has this information?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hmm i dont think i wrote in depth on foccacia.. but perhaps I can take you to eat good foccacia then you’ll know! LOL.
      But hey, you travel a lot – have u tried foccacia in Paris/europe countries? Even Sg is good!

  2. Timing

    Ha ha I love that Piggy (or is it a Bear?) shaped milk foam latte thing on the coffee!

    (Can you tell that I’m not a big java person? lol)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes I can 😛
      Well, are you a bread person then?

  3. zack

    waoh, look so tempting, want to try everything including my belove coffee…but a bit too far from the place I stay.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Where do you stay Zack? 🙂
      Maybe I can recommend somewhere near!

  4. Daniel

    Totally agree with you. It’s all fluff with not much actual grains. The texture isnt quite right. What a waste ..

  5. Gayla Frautschi

    i love to bake foods and someday, i want to own a bakery myself.,

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