Teatime @ Din Tai Fung – new dishes, Chocolate & Red Bean Xiao Loong Bao and desserts

I was hosted for a tea session to enjoy the newly launched items by Din Tai Fung today.
Since it has been some time since I last stepped into Din Tai Fung, I was eager to sample the new items as well as to get myself reacquainted with their popular xiao long bao.

din tai fung

Fresh, piping hot pork xiao long bao began the meal and this was followed in quick succession with the pork and shrimp dumplings. Both were satisfyingly plump and tasty. It is a must however, to eat them while they are hot.

We also munched on Din Tai Fung appetizers of House Special’ (RM8.10) and Braised Vegetarian Delight with Honey Sauce (RM9.20).
Both looked deceptively simple but each conveyed a multitude of flavours which whets the appetite for more food, not that we needed any.

I prefer the House Special for its textural differences while Karen stuffed herself with the sweet stewed wheat gluten from the Braised Vegetarian Delight.

Din Tai Fung3

The Stir-fried Garlic Shoot with Minced Pork (RM25.10) was one of the new dishes launched. The greens retained their crunch while every shoot was well coated with seasoning so it was delicious.
This is one vegetable dish I foresee myself ordering again; a good mix of both greens and meat.

The same can be said for the Stir Fried Cloud Ear Mushroom with Garlic (RM22.80), which though was lighter in flavour, was nonetheless flavourful. 

Din Tai Fung - tea time - dim sum review-006

Din Tai Fung - tea time - dim sum review

Karen and I found the fried rice to be bland. On the other hand, the Noodle with Fresh Mushroom & Tofu (RM15.50) was tastier due to its umami gravy. This simple dish will keep vegans happy while non-vegans can pair it with some dumplings or Din Tai Fung’s pork chop.

Din Tai Fung - tea time - dim sum review-004

We went on to sample a number of Din Tai Fung’s steamed buns (baos) next as part of DTF’s promotion of their tea-time dessert sets.

As Din Tai Fung is famous for their xiao long bao, a lot of their other snack items lacked due attention.

For example, the Custard Egg Bun (RM3.00/pc) is a good tea time snack. You can enjoy a cuppa too in Din Tai Fung branches in Malaysia.
illy coffee is available now with choices of espresso, cappucino, americano or caffe latte. Prices are from RM9.30 to RM15.00 per cup.

Prefer tea? No problem.
Din Tai Fung’s menu offers an assortment of tea options, as well as fruit juices and sweet desserts.
Otherwise, refreshing beverages like the Roselle drink (RM10.40), Lemongrass and Lime Juice (RM10.40) and the Ginseng Tea and Red Date (RM11.90) are good choices as well.
My personal pick would be the Ginseng Tea and Red Date, a warm soothing drink that was neither too bitter nor sweet.


Din Tai Fung’s assortment of mini buns:
Sesame : RM2.70 (1)/RM7.60 (3)
Yam : RM2.70 (1)/ RM7.60 (3)
Red Bean : RM2.50 (1) / RM7.00 (3)

Din Tai Fung1

Savoury buns:
Veg and pork RM3.60 (1) / RM10.30 (3)
Pork bun (RM3.90 (1)/ RM11.00 (3)
Vegetarian mushroom RM3.90 (1)/RM11.00 (3)

Din Tai Fung2

My top pick is still the Egg Custard bun followed by the yam. For the savoury version I’ll go for the pork bun.
That’s not to say their vegetable baos are unappetising, for instead of the usual chopped up, oily mess of radish commonly stuffed in vegetarian buns, Din Tai Fung’s version omits the radish (thank god) and the fillings aren’t oily at all.

Din Tai Fung - tea time - dim sum review-011

Has anyone tried these Chocolate and Red Bean Xiao Long Bao?
I think these piping hot pouches of sweet red bean paste with thick hot chocolate are great for tea. Not only they are unique, they are fun to eat!
The hot chocolate lava is surrounded by a layer of red bean paste and the whole ball is wrapped in dumpling skin. Best consumed hot.
RM5.90 (3 pcs) .
RM10.90 for 6 pcs.
RM17.90 for 10 pcs.

Din Tai Fung

I ended my tea with the Chilled Mango Pudding (RM10.50) which thankfully wasn’t too sweet.  

Din Tai Fung - tea time - dim sum review-002

Here are some other new items which we didn’t manage to try but I’ve attached the photos as below so you could have an of how it looked like as well as the portion size. 

Sesame rice ball (RM9.50). 
Steamed thousand layer cake RM7.00 (s)/ RM11.70 (B).

Din Tai Fung - tea time - dim sum review-007

Din Tai Fung - tea time - dim sum review-001

Well, looks like teatime just got more interesting at Din Tai Fung yes?
They offer a few combinations of food plus drinks for the teatime dessert sets and these sets are available between 3pm – 6pm on Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays.
Prices for the teatime sets starts from RM13.80. 

*Din Tai Fung is available at Pavilion, The Gardens Mall, Empire Gallery Subang, One Utama and eCurve.

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