Tea Infusion Menu at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel

It was timely that after a week long of F1 events and hot days at Sepang that I sat down and ate a nourishing meal like this.

This soup, double boiled for 4 hours using the chinese “Black Chicken” (a breed named Silkies and prized by the Chinese for its perceived medicinal value) was wonderful and soothing to the soul.

zuan yuan chinese restaurant - one world hotel-002

I inhaled the waft of fragrant chrysanthemum essence when the waitress bought the soup into the room and was instantly eager to get started on the soup.
As I sipped, I loved that each spoonful has a perfect balance of savoury flavour mingled with the sweetness of the chrysanthemum flowers. And the smell of the soup was almost floral!

The soup aside,  Zuan Yuan tea infused promotion is worth checking out especially for the RM98 set.

Tea Infusion Menu 1

I thought it was pretty reasonable, almost cheap even, considering the ingredients and the myriad of dishes offered. 7 individually portioned dishes, but each substantially filling and the set covers seafood, meat, soup, vegetables and dessert.

Zuan Yuan Specialty Platter.

zuan yuan chinese restaurant - one world hotel-001
Praises goes to Chef Michael for the clever mix of sweet savoury scallops and sweet tangy mangoes which was combined with cruncy sweet chestnuts and briny ebiko.
A lover of yam, it’s given that I enjoyed this whole little ensemble.
The side of mung bean noodles gave a little fire as it was coated with some spicy sauce. I thought it was another savvy match with the salty smoked duck, giving more character to each toothsome bite of the noodles.

Spring Chicken.

zuan yuan chinese restaurant - one world hotel-004

We got half a spring chicken each and that was too much even for me.

zuan yuan chinese restaurant - one world hotel-003

I particularly loved the conmingle of smokiness & subtle tea flavour in the chicken. The flavour was infused right to the deeper folds of the breastmeat, but do note that it was very subtle.
A quick chat with the chef revealed that the chicken was cooked beforehand, wrapped & smoked with tea leaves prior to serving.

Stir Fried Prawns infused with Long Jin Tea.

Though not a shellfish fan, I still finished both prawns as it was delightfully fresh, so fresh that each bite was crunchy and so sweet! For this, the tea flavour wasn’t even subtle. More of non-existent. But the overall dish keeps in theme with the tea and healthy concept, with very little seasoning or oil added.

zuan yuan chinese restaurant - one world hotel-005

I highly recommend this April’s Tea Infused Promotion to those who prefers their food clean in taste and low in seasoning. However, this DOESN’T imply that the food is tasteless. On the contrary, it’s subtle flavours that doesn’t leave you feeling heavy after lunch. And it’s easy on the digestive system too.

zuan yuan chinese restaurant - one world hotel-006

This isn’t part of the promotion – Fried thin udon with light satay sauce. Chef Michael just wanted to make sure we were all stuffed. Well, I won’t complain as there’s 2 more crunchy big prawns on it! Yea!! 🙂

zuan yuan chinese restaurant - one world hotel-007

Promotion: 01 – 30 April 2012.

Available for lunch and dinner. For reservations, please call Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at 03 – 76811159.

Opens daily
Lunch                                    12.00 noon to 2.30 pm
Dinner                                    6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Tea Infusion Menu

Last of the set is Green Tea Cake from One World Hotel’s pastry chef. One of the better ones so far that I have had. This boasts of a very natural green tea flavour and aroma layered moist sponge. Full as I was, I finished it; minus the cream of course.

zuan yuan chinese restaurant - one world hotel-008

Zuan Yuan has monthly promotions so there’s something new every month. I remember a Thai food, a HK dim sum, Shanghai menu and a Cantonese menu promo so far.
I have not been to all of them but I hope there’s Sze Chuan one soon. Or some cuisine from some remote part of China. That would be something different for us foodies!

zuan yuan chinese restaurant - one world hotel

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  1. Sean

    wah, the set menu price does seem very reasonable for that number of dishes and the quality. i’ve only had minimal experience with tea-infused dishes, and i can’t discern the difference between most chinese teas, but this does sound very appetizing. i wonder if someone someday might do a coffee-infused food promotion 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Coffee infused sounds awesome 😀 !
      And for RM98, this is GOOD! I was stuffed! Thankfully it was clean in taste (non-greasy or heavily seasoned).

  2. The Yum List

    My mouth’s watering just looking at those pics. It all looks delicious. 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      It’s healthy, clean taste is what you’re looking for, then this is it.

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