Tau Sar Pheah – Guan Heong, Ipoh

Guan Heong Ipoh - tau sar pneah

For all that I shun sugar, I love my pastries and cakes.
And my Chinese sweet soups (tong shui).

I have never really liked English pastries; the flaky layers of butter never agree with me somehow. But the flaky crust of tau sar pneah gets to me every time.
I just love it. As long as it is not overly greasy of course.

My ideal tau sar pneah would be one with “dry” (meaning non-greasy), crispy crust, and lightly sweeten soft, fine mung bean paste.
Addition of shallots does impart fragrant, but not imperative.

I’ve blogged about a few of my favourites and Tong Huat’s in Kluang is seriously one of the better ones I’ve tried.

For Penang, I prefer Ghee Hiang over Him Hiang.
For Ipoh, Guan Heong Biscuit Shop‘s tambun biscuits are definitely worth buying.
For Teluk Intan, I’ve tried the famous Tiger & Yee Thye ones, both not bad, but I still prefer Guan Heong’s. 

Guan Heong Ipoh - tau sar pneah

By the way, I have a weakness for these plain mooncake biscuits (aka doll biscuits) too.
It is usually only available during the mooncake festival month (8th month of the Chinese calendar) and I’ll always grab a pack if I see them.

These from Guan Heong Biscuits Shop is pretty good!
Should the mooncakes be done correctly, it wont stick to your teeth and it can be kept for weeks if it’s baked dry enough.
And of course, it shouldn’t leave you with a wet film of grease on your fingers (some oil yes, but not super oily).

Guan Heong Biscuits-004

So where else should I hunt for more tau sar pneah? 🙂
Tell me!

Tong Huat, Kluanghttps://www.rebeccasaw.com/tong-huat-confectionery-kluang-johor-delicious-tau-sar-pneah/

Teluk Intan, Perak: Tiger brand & Yee Thye: https://www.rebeccasaw.com/tau-sar-pneah-from-teluk-intan-perak-tiger-brand-yee-thye/

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