Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack – latest collection 2014

Everyone needs a laptop bag.

While I’m more for the lady-like laptop bags like my knomos (I have a corporate leather one and another casual pink tote) I realized the old-school shoulder backpacks are still an essential.

knomo (2013) Rubi Dome Zip Top, RRP 1099.

rebecca saw - knomo malaysia

knomo (2014) Great Portland, RRP 699.

knomo great portland

But for better practicality and utmost security for rough use and travel, it’s hard to beat the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack that I have got recently!

targus citylite II Ultra backpack REVIEW- Rebecca saw (1)

The new range of Targus backpacks are superbly light and reliably secure. This CityLite II collection comes in 4 variants in total and my favourite is the 15.6″ City Lite II SL Backpack because of its curvy shape.
What I got however was the basic 15.6″ City Lite II Ultra which has a longish frame.

Well, all the more reason to get an upgrade soon. Meanwhile, my 15.6″ City Lite II Ultra, which has been my reliable traveling companion lately had served me well so far! 🙂

targus citylite II Ultra backpack REVIEW

What’s really great about this bag is the safety and protection features. These features protect the backpack and its contents against rainy weather, tampering and theft, as well as to enhance visibility in low-light environments.

BELOW: The Safety lock anti-theft puller system – each of these allows you to “hook” the zips of the bag so it helps to safeguard against pickpockets.
So simple yet useful isn’t it?

targus citylite II Ultra backpack REVIEW-006

Next, the lightweight material and its ergonomically designed form mould to your back and shoulders with padded back panel and shoulder straps. The handles are soft neoprene for comfort.
The blue piping added a bit of colour for aesthetic purpose.

targus citylite II Ultra backpack REVIEW-001

I usually load my laptop, a water bottle, a thick winter jacket for protection against the ghastly cold on planes (why is it s bloody cold on every airline!), documents, chargers and a battery pack and yet are still left with plenty of space for more stuff.
In addition to that, due to the durable 840D polyester with PU backing I barely felt the weight as I walk from the ridiculously long distance from the check-in counter to the boarding gate at klia2.
And of course, it is water resistant. It has a built-in detachable rain cover which comes in useful to protect my electronics from water.

targus citylite II Ultra backpack REVIEW-003

targus citylite II Ultra backpack REVIEW-002

targus citylite II Ultra backpack REVIEW-005

Another nifty feature – the secret pocket at the back panel is for you to store valuables. I think it would be the perfect compartment for hotel key-card, car keys or even house keys.
Or perhaps the passport? Spare cash?

targus citylite II Ultra backpack REVIEW-004

Here’s a little table of features for each of the 4 new Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack from its 2014 collection:

Appendix 1_Close Up Features_CityLite II Feature Details-page-001

Appendix 1_Close Up Features_CityLite II Feature Details-page-002

Appendix 1_Close Up Features_CityLite II Feature Details-page-003

Want to know the difference between each of them?
The table below explains it all. So which one suits you best? 😉

Appendix 2_Targus CityLite II Factsheet_MY-page-001

Appendix 2_Targus CityLite II Factsheet_MY-page-002

Found one that you like?
These are the shops where you can get your very own Targus!

Appendix 3_Targus CityLite II_Channel Listings_MY_FINAL-page-001

Now, if could you excuse me, I need to leave for another trip! 😀

targus citylite II Ultra backpack REVIEW- Rebecca saw (2)

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  1. Astria

    I love all your bags ! The RIMOWA, Longchamp, the knomo – I’m stalking u on Instagram yessssss LOL

  2. Amber

    So cute! I love the bag on you!
    And the safety lock feature – very nice – funny that no other bag brands have thought of this idea?/

  3. daniel

    My fav pic would be of you boarding the plane and with your passport in the air. Damn original.
    You should have that posted on every trip!

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