Tamarind Hill, Kuala Lumpur.. The Brand.

In continuation of my review of Tamarind Hill..

Samadhi (meaning “state of mind” in Sanskrit) is a corporate development brand of boutique resorts, restaurants andwellness spas established in Malaysia in 1999. Under its umbrella are the
multi-award winning Tamarind Restaurants (Tamarind Hill, Tamarind Springs andTamarind Tioman), IL Tempio (Contemporary Italian cuisine), Mandi-Mandi (Fine Malay-Thai cuisine), Samadhi Spa and JapaMala Resort on the island of Tioman. Eachindividual brand embraces the unique concept of nature-luxury retreats, elegantculinary experiences combined with the wellness of living which reflects Samadhi’scollective strength.

One of the key Tamarind experience was to witness the intermingle of cuisine & culture.

First was the dance performance.
I was enchanted by the costumes and mesmerized by the grace of the in-house dance troupe named The Aspara Deva, personally trained by Maple, who is an accomplished dancer and choreographer here in Malaysia.

Then we have the friendly and affable staff wearing cultured inspired uniforms.

And the understated but ethic-inspired interior decoration and setting.

Even the wash area was tastefully done!

A very well organised event, where the guests get to feast through their mouths as well as their eyes – we were treated to a personal cooking demo by the Chef.

The lady, who is very helpful in answering our queries and patiently explained the ingredients and herbs/spices used; is from the Akhar tribe of the northern region of Thailand. The chef himself is from Northern tribe too.

Moa Hor – Diced chicken with Peanuts and served wrapped in Mandarin Orange.

Looks good? Well it aint that hard really. Try it at home!

100g Minced Chicken
100g Roasted Peanuts
1/2 Root stem of Thai Parsley
3 clove Garlic
3 shallots
2 tbsp Palm sugar
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Pepper
1 Orange (peeled)

Blend root stem of Thai parsley, shallot and garlic together. Then fry together til fragrant.
Add minced chicken and continue to stir fry till golden brown.
Season with palm sugar, salt and pepper. Throw in the roasted peanuts and mix well.
Slice each clove of orange into half, and spoon the mixture into the middle of the clove.
Garnish with Thai parsley and a slice of chilli on top.

Another one..
Chicken Basil Leaves with Century egg.

Looks tantalizing? Here’s the recipe, I’m so generous right? ;p

150g Minced Chicken
1 small Sliced Red chilli
1 small Sliced Green chilli
1 shallots, sliced
1 tsp smashed garlic
3 HOT basil leaf (apparently there are 3 types of basil – Sweet, Hot and Fiery)
2 Deep fried century egg
2 tsp fish sauce
1 tsp Soy sauce
1/2 tsp Sugar
1 tbs chicken stock

Stir fry the green and red chilli together with the shallots and garlic.
Add in minced chicken and fry till fragrant.
Season with fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar and basil leaves.
Deep fry the century egg & cut it into quarters. Place them on a plate and spoon the chicken stir-fry on top. Serve immediately.

The Lunch Escape, aptly named as such, for the meal will be served over a min duration of 2 hours, encouraging diners to sit back and savor the food, hence staying close to the concept of “Jungle Luxury Dining” where the blend of elements of luxury dining, quality cuisine and natural ambiance creates an environment of a tropical hideaway location.

Please pick only one item from each section

sticky rice croquette tossed in papaya salad
tom yam chicken soup
crab sticks with sweet chili jam

Main Course
tom yam fried rice with grilled chicken
mixed seafood pineapple fried rice
burmese chicken & potato curry with rice noodles
shrimp-paste fried rice served with green mango strips & stir-fried chicken
roasted green-chili fried rice with grilled chicken wings
pad thai with seafood & chicken
vegetarian fried rice with mixed vegetables in a curry gravy
roasted duck kuey teow soup
green curry fish ball laksa

steamed pumpkin & custard
pink diamonds in iced coconut milk
pan-fried banana

Information courtesy of Alice George Communication.

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