Talika Lipocils and Black – the secret to long lashes?

I’m about the laziest girl you could ever meet when it comes to make-up and skin care. Recently I have made efforts to take better care of my skin and I have been diligently using Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ for my skincare routine.
In the recent 1 year or so, I was hardly ever seen without my fake eyelashes. Both the Shiseido serum & fake lashes were about all l I have done for the sake of looking good. Oh, other than my gym routines of which I’m a very dedicated gym bunny.

shiseido makeover rebecca-001

I seriously wish I can transfer the same dedication to my make-up/skincare routine. To be honest, sticking on the lashes each morning is a pain. I have mastered the technique and now takes no longer than 20 secs max for both eyes. But still, if only I don’t have to do so! If only I have natural think long lashes that I can just go out without having to put the fake ones on!
The fake lashes cost money and spoils instantly upon contact with water; meaning no getting caught in rain or swimming with them on.  Also, I have to carry the eyelash glue with me wherever I go, just in case the eyelash falls off or got loose. The glue also melts if it’s a very hot day, leaving an annoying sticky film on my eyelids. Needless to say, the eyelash doesn’t stay on long if the glue melts.

At the end of each day, when I take them off, I have to rub my eyelids to get off the glue residue from my eyelids. I could use a make-up remover but it will still be slightly sticky.

BELOW: A typical end of the day situation on my eyelids.

Talika eyelash serum - lipocils and black

Why do I go through all this trouble you ask?
Because I don’t have the glorious thick eyelashes of Aishwarya Rai that’s why! All my failed attempts to achieve thick, long, curly eyelashes had been frustrating and I got all the products to show for it.

I started with the Loreal Lash Serum – RM49.90 (price thereabouts). I used the whole tube and saw no significant change.
* image from eye-lashgrowthproducts.com because I have thrown away mine.


Next I told myself that perhaps better quality comes with a higher price. So I upped my game and bought this one – Rapid Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum -RM199.00 from Shins.

Talika eyelash serum - lipocils and black-001

It wasn’t too bad! I actually saw improvements in length and strength of my lashes as my lashes doesn’t fall out as much throughout the duration of usage.

But after the 2nd tube, I didn’t see any boost in length. The growth has gone stagnant. In desperation, I switched brands. In SASA I was recommended this one: Skin Peptoxyl – RM79.90.

Talika eyelash serum - lipocils and black-002

I have used it for about a month now and while I do notice a slight improvement in length (or was it my imagination?) I’m still not getting the full, luscious lashes I desire.

Then I finally got my answer why. At the Talika workshop that I attended last week, Ms Sina Deubner the Area Sales and Marketing Manager for Talika crushed all my hopes of ever attaining such flirty lashes. Other than good genes (meaning you’re born with it); and while Talika Lipocils can help to strengthen your lashes so they can actually grow to its maximum length, being a typical Chinese I don’t think I’m endowed with such flirty eyelashes.

Also, the maximum eyelash length for everyone is different. Our lashes tend to fall even before it reaches to its maximum length and this is due to the use of mascara/make-up remover that cause damage to lashes. Thus this is where Talika Lipocils comes into the picture. It protects, strengthen the lashes and encourages growth so our eyelashes can attain its maximum length.


BELOW: A little bit of insight into Talika’s history and formulations.


From 1948 til today, Talika has consistently innovated and improved its eyelash serum formula. From its early days of an eyelash cream in a small tub, Talika eyelash serum now comes in a practical tube with a wand.

Talika_Lipocils Black Information-page-003-2



The current Talika eyelash serum (Talika Lipocils Expert) is as below. I believe it retails for RM185. I bought one last year but after losing it within the first week of usage on one of my travels, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy another. Guess I was still sore from the lost!


Version 1: 1994: Talika Lipocils.


Version 2:  2010: Talika Lipocils Expert: With an added sponge applicator, the word “Expert” and an improved formula which helps not only to grow and strengthen lashes but also curls and darken!


Today, Talika’s latest formula – Lipocils and Black was launched.


This smart 2 in 1 formula combines both serum with a mascara in a tube, both working hand-in-hand for the ultimate goal of divine lashes.

Talika_Lipocils  Black Information-page-004


To use, start with the sponged tip where’s the serum is at. Apply on both the top and bottom lid right where the base of your lashes are.

Talika_Lipocils Black Information-page-002


Once the serum dries, apply the mascara over your lashes and voila; longer, volume-ised and curlier lashes!

Talika_Lipocils Black Information Page 002-2


So you desire longer, fuller, curlier lashes as much as I do?

Talika_lipocils Black Information-page-003

I’m going to give Talika a try and I’ll update you guys in 28 days alright? 😀

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  1. Daniel

    The amount of trouble women goes through for beauty!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes indeed. So u GUYS can be happy looking at us!

  2. Aggie

    I was invited to the launch last week, but couldn’t make it 🙁 Looking forward to the results!

  3. Andreas

    Chinese genes, typical chinese eyes.
    Anyhow, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi & Maggie Q looks hot without those long lashes my dear. Don’t fret.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aww.. thanks for the encouragement.. It’s true. But how come I don’t look like them! LOL!!!

  4. Brian

    pretty !

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