Taking Duolac Probiotics for a healthier gut!

If you have been following me on FB and Instagram, you might have noticed a post about Duolac 3 weeks ago, right after a hosted dinner with fellow friends and Duolac spokesperson Belinda Lee and celebrity dietitian Bibi from Raffles Hospital Singapore.

The lively evening, coupled with 6 flavours of makgeoli (Korean rice wine) and kimchi aims to provide insights about Duolac, the number one selling probiotics supplement brand in South Korea and Singapore, and the number two in the home of probiotics, Denmark.

This particular probiotic, considered superior to its competitors, uses a worldwide patented dual coating technology which has been clinically proven to be an aid in sustaining a balanced and healthy gut.

What exactly does that mean, you ask?

Well, for years it was arguable if probiotics were more of a placebo than anything, as the bacteria in that supplement may not even make it to your intestines.

This is due to the fact that bacteria in probiotics probably follow the same fate as all other foreign bacteria we consume on a daily basis; they are destroyed by gastric acid and other substances with anti-bactericidal properties present in saliva, gastric juices and the pH condition of our intestinal tract.

In short, any live bacteria targeted for your intestines isn’t likely to carry out its intended objective because of the numerous defense mechanisms in our digestive system that is designed to protect you from harmful bacteria.

As someone who has been popping probiotics for years and who also brews her own kombucha and diligently feeds her kefir grains to produce milk and water kefir, I guess I could be reckoned as someone who is serious about gut health. I’ve done my fair share of research, and had switched a few probiotic brands over the years in the quest to seek the best one for my condition – severe gastritis and IBS.

So take it from me, probiotics aren’t medicine, but long term supplements meant to improve bowel health and provide immune support.
Nothing could replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

That said, your “gut health” is real. Scientists pretty much agree that the thousands upon thousands of different strains of bacteria in your intestines are essential to your well-being. Gut bacteria are connected to cancer, autoimmune problems, intestinal bowel disorders, and more.

For Duolac, they are serious about getting those good bacteria to where it matters, and thus why the brand is diligently creating awareness and educating the masses on the importance of maintaining an overall positive well-being with the right probiotics supplement. Their spokesperson Belinda Lee was most accommodating in fielding queries and sharing her Duolac experiences that evening.

The dual coating technology in DUOLAC protects the bacteria in order to ensure that it gets to where it needs to be.
The first coat of the dual technology helps protect the good gut bacteria in ensuring its delivery, while the second coat protects the bacteria against the process of digestion. This definitely guarantees its higher sustenance in your stomach as compared to non-coated alternatives,” she said.

DUOLAC Care comprises of 6 forms of natural and well-documented strains, 5 billion lactic acid bacteria, as well as vitamin C; all devised for the better wellbeing of your intestines.
For the ones with sensitive stomachs, worry not as DUOLAC is lactose- and gluten-free. Also, it is Muslim-friendly.

Personally for me, after 3 weeks of consistent of Duolac (twice daily), I’m pleased to report positive effects. Taking them before I sleep did lessen the burning sensation that I usually feel when I wake up with an empty stomach.
Once I’m awake, I pop another and wait 30 minutes before taking my breakfast.
While it not necessary to time Duolac intake with meals, I just felt better to take it on an empty stomach.
It is up to your personal preference really.

You may have noticed that I do not share about supplements lightly.
In fact, I allow myself a minimum 1-3 months period before recommending any supplements. For Duolac, I can confidently share that it has been good to me – no negative side effects so far, generally less wind  in the stomach (reduced burping throughout the day) and taking it at night did lessen the usual morning burn I experienced upon waking up in the mornings.

Since my gut condition has been an on-going issue for years, I did not expect miracles. I still have to eat on time and stay away from alcohol, sour or overly spicy food.
I understand that this is a supplement, not a cure. And anyone buying probiotics should understand that too.
That said, it makes sense to choose the best there is available right?
If you consume probiotics regularly or is considering probiotics as a supplement and unsure of which brand to try, give Duolac a shot! I’ll happily get you your stock from Singapore!

** Available in Singapore (not in Malaysia for now) you can get Duolac at Watsons and Guardian in Singapore.
Retail price is SGD120 for 60 capsules. The recommended intake is 1 capsule, twice a day.
If you need me to buy on your behalf, do let me know since I’m in Singapore every month.

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