Taiwan Original Cake @ Sunway Velocity – cheap and good!

The queue at this Taiwan Original Cake in Sunway Velocity was all over social media for the past few weeks.

That also meant an infinite stream of opinions on whether the queue is justified and if the cake is nice.

original cake taiwan malaysia

(Image above courtesy of www.facebook.com/originalcakemalaysia/)

Based on current online articles and certain Facebook groups’ discussions, the general consensus was a big “NO“.
The overall consensus is “the Taiwan Original Cake is overhyped and “is nothing great, it is not worth the queue“.

Personally I was just as curious as anyone else; and if Sunway Velocity was nearer to TTDI I would have queued for it, all for the sake of trying this famous cake.

original cake taiwan malaysia 2

(Image above courtesy of www.facebook.com/originalcakemalaysia/)

However, Cheras is akin to another planet to me. Coupled with the discouraging reviews, I’ve decided to “give this a pass”.

The universe however, has its own plans.
By some funny stroke of luck, I saw a FB post yesterday from friend who was at the store.
She selflessly volunteered to buy the cake for no purchasing fee, and all we had to do was to pay her for the price of the cakes and to pick them up ourselves from her home.

I jumped at the opportunity, for that would save me the queue and the need to go into Cheras.
original cake taiwan - in malaysia sunway velocity

It seems that there was some form of promotion since I got The Original for only RM10.00 and the Cheese for RM15.00.
The original prices are – ORIGINAL (RM18), CHEESE (RM25).

So here are my cakes.


original cake taiwan - in malaysia sunway velocity-002

Honestly I felt that it was “ok” and certainly not worth 1-2 hours queue.
It was rather plain; dangerously bordering on bland with a mild eggy flavour. I bet it would taste better hot.

The texture was however, BRILLIANT!

original cake taiwan - in malaysia sunway velocity-003

As a baker myself, I must admit it takes skills and hell-lot of effort to achieve this amazing fluffiness in the cake.
I would encourage you to try it at least once and marvel at the delicate crumb, mild sweetness and the amazing bounce.

The cheese version fared better in the taste department, thanks to the sharp Cheddar.

For the price and quality, I thought it was a darn good value.
Since the cake was quite big, I cling-wrapped and stored them in the chiller but I was told to finish them within 3 days.

original cake taiwan - in malaysia sunway velocity-001

Well, I don’t think that’s a problem as it is really light. I could easily eat a thick slice each time as a snack and I was working my way through half a cake within 5 hours yesterday!

More about Original Cake:
Established in 2011, Original Cake specializes in sponge cake highlighting on what called as Khor Char Bi 古早味, which means “good old traditional taste”.
A classic, this “dan kor” (egg sponge cake) uses the most essential ingredients for cake – flour, milk, egg, sugar.

The bakery currently offers only the two varieties mentioned, with alternative and funkier flavours like Spurted Chocolate, Healthy Dried Longan, Banana Milk, Cranberry, and Almond and Nuts to be launched in the near future.

Original Cake
Sunway Velocity Mall, 3rd Floor.
(Lot 3-29).
TIME: 10 am to 10 pm.

** Last but not least, does anyone has a similar recipe to share for this Taiwan fluffy cake? I can imagine that it would taste great with my salted egg yolk kaya! 😀


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  1. Sean EDKL

    i haven’t managed to try this, but hopefully they’ll continue to expand to more malls in the next few months! i like the texture you’ve described 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      The texture is good Sean, just a bit bland in flavour 😀

  2. WinWin

    no need to wait la. Now this kind of cake is mushrooming all over KL. In NSK Kuchai alone, have 2 bakeries selling that at RM9 a pop. Taste the same too, I guess (cos I wont spend hours waiting in line even if the Ori is free). Those who have tried both, pls tell me if it’s the same. 🙂

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