Tai Thong Mooncakes 2015: health – conscious, fruit – flavoured mooncakes, Halal too!

It’s that time of the year again isn’t it, when gorgeous and elaborate boxes of traditional mooncakes flood our FB feeds and makers of these round dessert try to outdo each other with innovative and sometimes eyebrow-raising flavours.


Nonetheless, although I’m a strict low-carber and I had reduced my intake of sugar drastically over the past year, I am still drawn to these pretty mooncakes and every year, I take great pains to source for the most appealing, ingenious flavour there is out there.

The traditional ones are not forgotten of course, but I only favour the plain lotus paste and the mixed nuts version; low sugar version of course.


Tai Thong’s dragonfruit and coconut mooncake was my favourite last year, and this year the new flavours were even more eye-popping.

Mooncake Brochure 2015-page-001

Mooncake Brochure 2015-page-002

The 4 new flavours are lovely; creative yet wonderfully harmonized in terms of flavours.
The Blueberry Lotus stood out as my favourite, the Orange Lotus a close second while the Snow Skin Mango Kiwi is a refreshing, fruity treat.
I love the idea of having the chewy texture of mochi encased within the Snow Skin Pineapple Lotus but was told by Angus that it was a tad too sweet for his liking; and him knowing my palate well, had deduced that I will find it overly sweet.

Well, I am planning to hop into Tai Thong to try their newly launched Black Impressions dim sum so I’ll be chewing on one of these snowskin mooncakes personally soon so watch out for my verdict on them! 🙂

Mooncake Brochure 2015-page-003

Orange Lotus with Palm Sugar & Assorted Seeds Rich: The floral fragrance of citrus punctuated the air as soon as I cut the orange lotus mooncake open and I was instantly reminded of Chinese New Year.
Sounds weird I know, but I do associated oranges with the CNY celebrations somehow! 🙂
This zesty citrus flavoured lotus paste went well with hot coffee.

Blueberry Lotus with Dried Fruits & Assorted Seeds:
I love the distinctive flavour the “superfood” blueberries impart to this mooncake. Coupled with crunch and sweetness from the mix of fruits and seeds, this is almost like an energy bar.

tai thong mooncake review - 2015.NEF copy

Snow Skin Mango Kiwi with Assorted Dried Fruits:
Refreshing with a tropical twist, sweet mangoes are paired with tart kiwi lotus paste and assorted dried fruits for added texture.

tai thong mooncake review - 2015 1

Snow Skin Pineapple Lotus with Jackfruit Mochi:
Tangy and sweet, pineapple lotus paste surround a chewy mochi centre filled with creamy jackfruit.

1 tai thong mooncake review - 2015.NEF

Durian aficionados will be pleased to know that Imperial Musang King Royale is back in production; albeit in limited quantities.
Thus reservations must be made quick!

Tai Thong Imperial Musang King Royale is made solely from fresh premium grade Musang King Durian.
Priced at RM78.00 nett for a pair, the Musang King Royale guarantees satisfaction with its luscious, full bodied, pungent fillings.

tai thong mooncake review -2016

During dinner, Chef assured us of the quality of Tai Thong mooncakes. No artificial colourings or flavourings are added into our mooncakes; he had proclaimed proudly.

tai thong mooncake review - 2015.NEF


Itching to get your hands on some mooncakes already?
You can refer to the brochure as below for the full range offered by Tai Thong this year.

I highly recommend the Dragon and Coconut Single Yolk, the Blueberry Lotus and the snowskin variety.
For the traditional, you can’t go wrong with the Jade Custard and the White Lotus.
I eat Tai Thong mooncakes every year, and while I agree that they don’t come cheap, I like them for the non-greasy texture and controlled sweetness levels.

Mooncake Brochure 2015-page-004

Mooncake Brochure 2015-page-005

Please find the price list as below:
The mooncakes are priced at RM18.80 nett per piece for West Malaysia and RM19.30 nett per piece for East Malaysia.

Mooncake Brochure 2015-page-007

Tai Thong Mooncakes are now available for purchase at all Tai Thong restaurants, major hypermarkets and shopping mall kiosks until 27 September 2015.
A full listing of locations can be found on www.taithong.com.my or by calling the Tai Thong Customer Care Line at 1800-88-2338.

Mooncake Brochure 2015-page-008

Tai Thong’s Limited Edition Corporate Box (RM138 nett per box) makes for a pleasant and elegant gift for business associates, clients or other corporate partners.
Featuring a mix of eight Tai Thong mooncakes, the corporate box offers a mix of both traditional and new flavours, including Orange Lotus with Palm Sugar and Assorted Seeds, Blueberry Lotus with Dried Fruits and Assorted Seeds, Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Red Bean Paste, Assorted Fruits and Nuts, Jade Custard, White Lotus Single Yolk & Black Sesame White Lotus Single Yolk.

Why buy Tai Thong’s mooncakes?
Tai Thong is a trusted name in the craft of mooncakes for years.
All Tai Thong Mooncakes are manufactured by Tai Thong Mooncake Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary company of Tai Thong Group Sdn Bhd.
Free from artificial colourings and flavourings, Tai Thong Mooncakes are certified Halal by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM) and are HACCP compliant.

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