Tai Thong Mooncakes 2013 – Musang King, Limau Manis, Teh Tarik, Pineapple Sesame Crunch

Besides the limited edition Imperial Musang King Royale durian mooncake, Tai Thong debuted 9 other new flavours for this year:

Emerald Ferringhi:
A white-skinned chia-seed studded mooncake featuring earthy Cameron sweet corn and fragrant pandan.
My thoughts: I love it! I love pandan and I love the natural yet strong nuances of corn in the “yolk”. Using chia seeds seems to impart a sense of wellness and health. 😉

Tai Thong Mooncakes-034

Tropical Trio: A colourful tri-layered snow skin mooncake bursting with three fruity flavours – mango, grapefruit and pandan – an aromatic and refreshing mooncake that will tease your tastebuds.
My thoughts: I didn’t feel as if I’m eating a mooncake as this was fruity and non-greasy. What makes this delectable was the wonderful fragrance & sweetness of mango coupled with sharp grapefruit and lastly perfumed with pandan.

Tai Thong Mooncakes-038

Limau Manis: A delectable mix of red bean paste and tangerine peels finished with a hint of lemon and calamansi flavours.
My thoughts: The red bean paste tasted like red bean soup that was boiled with tangerine peel. I’m sure the chinese among us who have had such red bean soup preparations before can relate. The outer layer of lotus paste was infused gently with citrusy nuances that really “perks up” the overall taste of this mooncake.

Tai Thong Mooncakes-035

Sweet Paradise:
A honey-scented snow skin mooncake that fuses Nanyang White Coffee with fragrant custard and crunchy roasted macadamia nut bits.
My thoughts: The delicate skin does seems infused with a sweetish honeyed flavour while the nutty bits of macadamia provided a nice crunchy surprise with each bite.

Tai Thong Mooncakes-037

White Mocha Delight: Delivering an intense java jolt, deeply aromatic Nanyang White Coffee is coupled with the rich creaminess of white chocolate.
My thoughts: The Nanyang White Coffee returns but in a baked version this time. I find the bittersweet coffee paste pleasant and a full bite of this on my palate evokes flavours similar to a cup of cappuccino.

Tai Thong Mooncakes-032

Emperor’s Dream: A dreamy creamy snow skinned mooncake featuring premium durian flesh paired with fragrant coconut and aromatic pandan.
My thoughts: I love durians and even in paste form, Chef Yiu successfully retained a strong and delectable flavour of durian in it. I find the coconut and aromatic pandan “yolk” just as intriguing, this one rousing the palate with memories of our local kuih koci and pulut inti due to its use of grated coconut.

Tai Thong Mooncakes-031

Black Forest Highland:
A pairing of black sesame paste with fragrant coconut and golden crushed egg yolk.
My thoughts: The same pandan coconut filling but this time paired with nutty fragrant sesame paste as well as an egg yolk. For those looking for a “twist” from the traditional red bean or lotus paste should buy this one; since sesame is not too far off a flavour for the traditional chinese, and as a bonus this comes with the egg yolk that traditionalists love!

Tai Thong Mooncakes-033

Pineapple Sesame Crunch: Homemade baked pineapple tart is perfectly complemented by velvety soft sesame green bean paste.
My thoughts: Another winner by Chef Yiu. You can have your pineapple tart in a mooncake now! 😀

Tai Thong Mooncakes-036

Teh Tarik Delight: Distinct elements and flavours of Malaysia’s favourite beverage are combined with savoury coconut paste and enveloped in black charcoal snow skin.
My thoughts: A milky tea delight but given an unexpected additional flavour from the gritty coconut pandan paste.

Tai Thong Mooncakes-039

Thanks to Tai Thong for sweetening my day last week with all the delectable mooncakes!  😀
This year’s mooncake creations pays homage to our homeland, Malaysia with the use and incorporation of traditional favourites (teh tarik, white coffee, pineapple tarts) and local ingredients.
I personally like all of them since I’m the sort who enjoys fusion/modern creations. I respect tradition, but I also love ingenuity and I love to be surprised. The Limau Manis and Tropical Trio particularly stood out from the rest for me.

Chef Yiu in action:

Tai Thong Mooncakes-005

Tai Thong Mooncakes for 2013:

TaiThong moon cakes 1

TaiThong moon cakes 2


TaiThong moon cakes

Tai Thong Mooncakes are available for purchase at all Tai Thong restaurants, major hypermarkets and shopping mall kiosks. A full listing of the locations can be obtained on www.taithong.com.my or by calling the Tai Thong Customer Care Line at 1800-88-2338.
TaiThong moon cakes 3

Last but not least, do not forget to buy at least 2 of the Imperial Musang King Royale durian mooncake!

Tai Thong Mooncakes-004

Tai Thong Mooncakes-028

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  1. really attractive! i’d want all the ones you listed! there’s a uniqueness to each of them, and i do love ingredients like honey, white chocolate and oooh, pineapple tart! brilliant 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yes yes yes! I was pleasantly surprised at the creativity and well executed combination of flavours!
      Shows that Chef Yiu is not afraid to experiment! 🙂
      I would say all of the listed above are good buys, and I wonder now what other funky flavours other F & B outlets might come up with!
      I’m still thinking of the foie gras mooncake in Sg. Hahaha! Champagne ones are done before by Ritz. At KL Hilton, I saw that the flavours are almost similar for this year. Nothing outstanding. But they do have a durian snowskin as well.

  2. Joshua Tan

    Thanks. Superb pics and detailed review! Those pictures certainly helped my mum to make up her mind on which to order this year.

  3. camellia

    I must say your pictures get better! The moon cakes all look too pretty to eat!

  4. May

    Great & delicious mooncake ever! Tai Thong mooncake always my first choice. can’t wait to try the Imperial Musang King Royale Durian! Yummy…

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Glad that you like Tai Thong!
      I think you will approve of the Musang King! 😀

  5. daniel

    You Asians are so lucky! So many food themed festivals!

  6. Tung

    These are halal, right? I wonder if the tastes will not be as great as non-halal ones from other sellers?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Tung. yes these are halal. All the ones I tried taste really good. I don’t think the halal or non-halal affects the taste though. The hotels’ ones I had also as good. The key is the premium ingredients, but not the lard. At least that’s what I believe when it comes to mooncakes. Lard in mooncakes? Ewww…
      I dont like my mooncakes greasy anyways. The skin also could do minus the lard. Should still be fragrant enough.

  7. miss lau


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