Sweet Sour Thai & Sweet Heavenly Desserts ….

…makes a birthday celebration sweet and un-forgettable..

Look at these delectable babies….


& tell me you want them….

And it’s my pleasure to announce that these just heavenly desserts are now nearer to town… at their newest outlet in PJ..
So, for all my friends who has never heard of Epicure, Chef & Brew and some even “Jalan Beringin”.. I’m sure you guys can manage to find Jaya One??

A Slice of Heaven
Jaya One (next to Cold Storage)
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200, Petaling Jaya.

Open daily from 10am to 10pm. For more details, check out Just Heavenly’s blog.


Cute, fun and cheery decor.


Birthday dinner was at The Elephant, Section 17.
We actually started our meal with the cakes and had to stop half way when our food was served!

For food, we ordered the specialties of course, and the Salt Baked Fish, RM36, was the restaurant’s signatory dish and came highly recommended if my food blogs search was of any indication.
The sea bass was baked encased in a layer of snowy white coarse salt and in foil.To eat, scrap off the salt and skin the fish.
Enjoy then wonderfully moist and succulent flesh underneath infused with the flavours of galangal and lemongrass stuffed into the belly cavity. The accompanying sauce makes this even better!

baked fish

Brown Rice.
Higher in fibre, minerals and what-nots.. Supposedly healthier, & it does makes a nice change from having white rice. Great to eat with the curries and vegetables dishes they have here.


Instead of the usual Tom Yam, we got ourselves Tom Som.
The clear galangal, lemongrass and lime soup came loaded with fish, prawns, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, coriander and slices of starfruit!
While the starfruit was an interesting addition, I don’t see how it makes any difference to the taste of the soup. Well, at least it made the main topic of conversation for the next 10mins after it was served.

otr dishes

The fried chicken with basil was reallyyy good. Tender strips of breast meat, mild spiced & delicious.
We had some vegetables to round off the meal, and the stir- fried kai lan did the trick.

While the meal was good, it was the cakes that, well….takes the cake.
Favourites are the Death by Chocolate & the Key Lime Pie. Of course, the Rum ball, Red Velvet, Choc Cheese and the Durian Choc was just heavenly too 😉

My Elephant
Block C-G4 Happy Mansion Section 17/1346400 Petaling Jaya
Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (except Sunday lunch)


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  1. Allie

    I want those cakes ~~~~

  2. Lyrical Lemongrass

    My Elephant – the pictures bring back memories of all the parties we had there. *big sigh* Food's still good, I see!

    And yes, Congratulations, Just Heavenly!

  3. J2Kfm

    tot of dropping by for a Slice of Heaven. hahahah … cant help it, it rolls off the tongue eh?

    but no time lah this time.

    and i still rmbr reading bout the HUGE gathering back then at My Elephant. one of the reason that spurred my interest in blogging.

  4. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    i spy the rum ball!! i usually buy n pop 1 in the mouth when i go n take away some cakes hehe..

  5. Sean

    wah, real sugar overload! 😀 i'm hoping to check out a slice of heaven next week, but they only do takeaway and don't have any tables for customers to nibble on their purchases there, right?
    salt-baked fish looks great, i've never had that at my elephant! do you have to order that dish in advance? my dinners are often last-minute decisions, so i rarely get the chance to pre-order…

  6. UnkaLeong

    My Elephant..Have not been there in a while. Meenachi, wan r? We go together gether…

  7. Tummythoz

    & I just bumped into that Elephant a couple of weeks back while being 'lost' (as often) in that area. Yet to eat there. 🙁

  8. PureGlutton

    Never been to Elephant, hehe! The fish looks good – something different eh!
    Congrats to Just Heavenly!

  9. thule a.k.a leo

    O… so near my home… went to MM Cafe but failed to notice my elephant… sigh!

  10. 550ml jar of faith

    I can so hear the Salt Baked Fish calling my name! It looks superb! And Rum Ball at Slice of Heaven? Timeless classic! I remember how it contributed to my pudgy childhood – I used to eat five in one sitting!

  11. thenomadGourmand

    allie: I coming bk Pg soon. Email me yr order 😉

    LL: all tht parties, and atr one this thurs? 😉

    J2kfm: You do not knw heaven til u tried them 😉
    Hehe will let them party-animals know tht they party-ing was inspirational to some!

    joe: LOL. Alcohol and choc..who can resist..

    sean: Only T-away now for now. No worries, bring it to some mamak & enjoy a cup of teh tarik with it! ;p
    The fish we didnt book in adv..i think..cant rmbr. but expect a 20min wait.

    unkaLeong: Yr the Thai expert. what do u think of the food?
    I was too busy with the cakes..

    tummythoz: One of the better Thai retaurant ard apparently. Me no Thai food expert, but the dishes tht night didnt give me any reason to complain. Also, its my 1st time hence no comparison of "last time horr..tastes better one…"

    PureGlutton: yes it is. Don't think its Thai style tho..

    thule: serious?? u been to tht 6 to err..something Nasi Lemak plc & MM & Hock Seng for pork but not here?
    Go go go!

    550ml: 5 at one go? childhood? Are you supposed to be chomping dwn alcoholic choc at tht age??
    Hmmm…tht might explain yr current alcoholic addiction..hehe ;p

  12. Alexandra@Chefspiration

    Mmmm…those cakes look lovely! Oh and salt baked fish! I love anything salt baked cuz it's super moist and tender…yumm!

  13. thenomadGourmand

    alex: Hope the pics will prod you to go try their desserts ASAP! 😉
    salt baked.. healthier too right?

  14. Rebeliciosz

    I realised that we didn't have any pictures taken too. Will surely do it the next time!

    It is such a good news to me that they have a new branch!! Some more so close to me… there goes the gym sessions =P

  15. worldwindows

    The delectable salt baked fish. I used to eat this in Bangkok but they used snakehead. I agree on the succulent flesh. Excites me taste buds all the time.

  16. Bangsar-bAbE

    I heart their banana cream pie…durian choc and death by chocolate. =D

  17. ** stella **

    aiyooo.. so nearrr.. damansara heights also i drive all the way to buy d.. :/

    lol. but sedap wei 🙂

  18. thenomadGourmand

    Rebeliciosz: hehe..luv-ed it didnt u?
    aiyo, do like me, hit the gym, eat, hit the road, eat ..& the cycle goes on.. ;p

    worldwindows: yes, it must be fresh rite, cos of the prep method. so i knw I'm eating fresh fish!

    bangsar-babe: had it the otr day with a different group of makan kakis. Agreed! thumbs up for tht one too!

    stella: babe! so you managed to find it after all? Now ok la hor? so near di!

  19. mimid3vils

    Those cupcakes are to die for~~

  20. Myhorng

    3 of those in 1 post confused me lar. by imagining sweet sour spicy it make me feel like dunno how to say. HAHhHA

  21. cariso

    Brown rice oi. healthy loh you ppl!

  22. vialentino

    wow wow…really a slice of heaven…

    i need to control my makan now for the marathon…

    how was ur kong sai food hunt?

  23. Sugar Bean

    Awww… Just Heavenly's cakes again. So cute and lovely. Can't wait to get back to Malaysia to try them out!

  24. thenomadGourmand

    mimid3vils: Go! Its now at Jaya One! U must try!

    myHorng: LOL! I'm sure u had Thai before? Aint it sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time?

    cariso: OH..this place serves brown rice to al it patrons.unless you ask specifically for white.

    vialentino: watcha know, i stil havent made it to Kong Sai yet!! PureGlutton told me its closed til 11th June??
    Yup a real slice of heaven, and most of the bloggers are goin for Std Chart too, and they still eat cakes, no worries la..a slice wont harm ya 😉
    At least buy for Yve?

    Sugar Bean: we cant wait for u to be back too! I'm sure we can bring u ard for food hunts 😉

  25. Nic (KHKL)

    ahhh, my elephant! i met some really good bloggers there. so much fun! i think it's time i revisit this place. and of course, a slice of heaven. we lurve it, dont we? 😀

  26. CRIZ LAI

    Me want the cakes too!! The Tom Som looked tempting but I did not see the "main" seafood. LOL~


  27. Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

    Thanks Becks 😉 Great to have you at launch and to hand out with you too 🙂

    Thanks for enjoying what we do. You guys are the focus of our efforts so any suggestions or comments, please do tell us.

  28. thenomadGourmand

    nic: ahh..memories bro? 😉
    & yup, we all luvv our slices of heaven!

    criz: ok ok..cakes for u when i come back. Promise.

    allan & Nigel: its been great knowin u guys 😉
    JHP is heaven sent for cakes lovers like me 😉

  29. CUMI & CIKI

    i want them!!! hehe.. (u did say to tell you.. )

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