IKEA Swedish Meatballs – Ikea Singapore vs Ikea Malaysia

One of the things I like to do when I’m in other countries is to visit a food chain; especially those that has branches or franchises in more than 1 country.

Besides providing appealing content for a blogpost; it’s an interesting eye-opener to myself as well as my blog readers to know how in other countries, food chains tailors their menus to suit a specific country and it’s food culture.

A while back I was in Sg for a quick trip. Someone told me Ikea Singapore serves pork on it’s menu. Even better, that person told me specifically there are pork meatballs!
So yes, I hopped into Ikea just to have the meatballs. Don’t ask me if the furniture stock in Ikea Singapore is any different from the ones in Malaysia. I wouldn’t know! But I do know that the meatballs is different!  😀

Below: Pork and beef Swedish meatballs.

IKEA pork beef meatballs

My friend failed to mention a little trivia though. He didn’t tell me that the meatballs here at Ikea Singapore is a mix of PORK and BEEF, not solely pork. 🙁

So the difference was pretty subtle, and certainly not discernible from looks alone (hence trying to show you the differences via pictures were pretty futile).

Below: Beef Swedish meatballs in KL, Malaysia.

IKEA meatballs

Other than the slight difference in colour, everything else lies in the taste. Needless to say, the Pork + Beef meatballs tasted much better. It could be my imagination; simply because I know there was pork in it and hence it influenced my tastebuds.
Argue whatever you like, it’s just much better with pork!  :DD
But if I really had to describe it, I’ll say that the meatballs were more flavourful & moist, thanks to the fat from the pork meat.

I had a dessert too – The Almond Cake. This beats the saccharine, diabetes-inducing Daim anytime. I love the nuttiness and the moist texture of this cake.

Ikea Almond cake


So have anyone else here sampled the Ikea meatballs in Singapore? What do you think about it? Any difference?

IKEA in Singapore:

IKEA Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road (S)159965

IKEA (Tampines)
60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764

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  1. IcedNyior

    I think the original recipe had both pork and beef. Supposedly that gives it a more ‘fatty’ taste.

    But I hvnt been to IKEA Singapore so I cant really say also

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. yups ..it’s that “fatty” taste. There’s also a flavour tht one can’t replc pork with..

  2. ciki

    i agree that most meatballs are better with pork;) Happy New year, to you and your loved ones, babe:)

    1. rebeccasaw

      One should just make pork meatballs. All problms solved. 😀
      Gong Xi Fa cai to you too babe!

  3. Sean

    oh nooooo! singapore triumphs over KL … AGAIN! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Just cos they got pork! 😀
      But hey, even their bakeries, MOS burgers and their supermarkets rocks..

  4. Simple Person

    I dont eat meatballs @ ikea m’sia ….
    Pork really make a difference…yeah..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup pork does!
      Oh, why don’t you eat the Ikea meatballs? They are so famous!

      1. Simple Person

        sigh…. I don’t take beef ….. (i know that I m missing a lot but is ok)

      2. rebeccasaw

        Oh i see! Totally understandable. Dont worry, beef aint great here in Msia cos most cooks doesnt know how to cook beef properly!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh you like desserts?? Most guys I know don’t!
      Ok, we go eat cakes next time ok! In KL/Bangsar, a lot of cake/pastries outlets!

  5. Akulah Pak Lan

    Is the cake too sweet or just nice? Too much sweet make my gum ache, but still i will eat it..haha

    1. rebeccasaw

      This almond cake was ok. The Daim cake at Ikea is way too sweet!

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        Agree on this. Daim is way to sweet. Thats y Malaysian a lot kena kencing manis. Haha

      2. rebeccasaw

        LOL! Me think so too!
        Heck, I’m sure you knw the Ramadan desserts sold at the bazaaars? Crazy sweet!

      3. Akulah Pak Lan

        I dont go too much for the sweet food. Scared of diabetis. Better avoid if can

      4. rebeccasaw

        Ok la..nx time we go for low sugar cakes!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hello hello! TQ fr your comment!
      Worst blog? Reallly? U wan me to vote for you for tht?

  6. Chong

    Dammit… I weren’t told about the pork existence in Singapore’s Ikea. I always thought they are the same (recipe).

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh really? Have you eaten at the Sg Ikea before? Could you tell the difference?

      1. Chong

        Didn’t try at all. Besides, the place i usually stay is quite far away from Ikea. If I knew of it, I would be there in a jiff. Hehe.

      2. rebeccasaw

        Haha hahah! Maybe nx trip then! I did go all the way to Ikea just for this meatballs!

  7. Dila

    ala, baru thought wanna go try when i go Sg in Sept! then i saw pork. dammit -.-

  8. yomi

    Definitely, Singapore’s IKEA meatballs taste better! Exactly what I thought when I had IKEA meatballs in Singapore last July! Because I never had a craving for the ones in Malaysia.. =(

    1. rebeccasaw

      Good to know I’m not the only one who thinks so!
      Eh, same same, I nevr crave for ANY food in IKEA Msia. The salmon, chic, etc are pretty bland to me!

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