Super Aroma Crab Seafood Restaurant, Aman Suria

Super Aroma Crab Seafood Restaurant, same row as the famous Wong Poh.
40, Jalan BM 1/2,
Taman Bukit Mayang Emas
47301 Aman Suria, PJ
Tel: 03 – 7880 9793

This restaurant is famed for its signature dish of Crab claypot porridge. And of course, all other crab-y dishes too as boldly hinted in its name.
Past patrons agreed prices are on the higher side (from what I ‘ve read from other food blogs), but the food must have worth their moolah spent if the crowd size is of any indication.

For me, with the prerequisite of “nutritious” and “recovery” in mind, no crabs dishes were ordered (since there are no Chinese belief that crabs aids in recovery of any sort) .

The Snakehead however, is a whole different story.
The Chinese (if I’m not mistaken, even for Malays & Thais) swears by it for its dermal wound healing properties.
Some research has found the snakehead to be an excellent source of dietary protein, and boasted a significantly higher amount of arginine ( a type of amino acid, among others ) ; an important constituent in the process of wound healing.


No fresh snakehead? Fret not, the essence of ikan haruan (snakehead) which are sold in bottles & a common gift to patients who had undergone surgery and women after childbirth is believed to be just as effective.

Now, I don’t see how all this applies to me, but hey, it’s fish. It’s got Omega acids and high protein quotient and was – nots.
And for all ya know, all that violent coughing probably did tear/rip some tissues inside.

Claypot Porridge with Snakehead Fillets.
Min order is for 2 pax, @RM18

fish broth

The murky broth whispered promise of full-bodied and rich fish-y flavour. And indeed it delivered on its promise.
In contrast, the fish fillets, although fresh enough & bountiful for RM18, lacked the natural sweet taste I expect in my fish. It was rather bland, hence I ignored the fish & enjoyed the porridge with its hearty broth instead.

Here, the porridge is more watery, with each grain of rice whole and firm. I much prefer my porridge the “gooey glump” type though.

more fish!!

Condiments for extra flavouring if you wish.


Of course a vegetable dish is duly ordered and we had kai lan ( RM10).

They must have served us the grandparents of the plant, for it was ridiculously fibrous & not to mention OILY.
Unka had to finish it alone ;p

kai lan

SC wrote a pretty good review of them back in 2008 and she had the crabs, baby octopus (which looks really sublime by the way!) etc. Check it out HERE.

Unka frequents this place for their repertoire of fried carbs – rice, tang fun, bee hoon, etc & he gave pretty good ratings for it.
That, and the baby octopus already warrants a subsequent visit in my books.
But you can be sure I’m not ordering any vegetable dish.

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  1. Tummythoz

    Blek. Don't like Teochew style porridge either. Aiyo went to a crab shop & no take crabs? *blurred*

  2. burpandslurp

    I had that porridge in Singapore before. I thought I was going to cry, it was so tasteless. I poured in LOTS of chili and ate it for the chili taste. Lol.

    Are you feeling any better?

  3. Sin Tai Lim

    I will give it a try, teochew porridge for teochew hope it's good. Thanks.

  4. sc

    you know, though they're famed for the porridge, i've not tried? :p went back there recently and paid for a very expensive mud crab..costs me RM230 for 1 crab. super huge though. still very, very expensive me thinks. yes, you should try the baby octopus- both the blanched and stir fried with chilli padi/ dried shrimps cooking style are yummy

  5. thule a.k.a leo

    Becky oh becky… once I read your post, there are two things that I wanna say:
    1) snakehead (sang yue in cantonese) indeed has healing properties for those undergo surgery and childbirth (caesarean)… but it also leaves scar. My advise is… stay away ok?

    2) If you like snakehead, there's a restaurant in Serdang called Yap Hin that serves steamed snakehead (something most have not heard of).. you might love it!

    Now you only have to pull unka there 🙂

  6. thenomadGourmand

    sean: whoa…thks so much Sean!

    tummythoz: oh so this teochew style..dont like it!
    Aiyo, so sick that time, can barely appreciate crabs!

    burpandslurp: Hi dear..well,recovery had not been smooth. I get flu, then fever occasionally and etc. Sigh.

    sin tai lim: Go for the crab one then!

    sc: RM230?? Jeez..whr did that crab come from???

    thule: yes, cos of overactive collagen formation is it?? That makes you get kelloids ..ugly raised scars right?

    Ohh..Serdang! Unka wanted to go for a long time di..he kept saying tht a shop there has his fav BKT & its sold out by 8am in the morning!

  7. Selba

    First I thought, real snakehead!!! LOL

    Yeah.. the porridge doesn't look appealing to me…

  8. Allie

    I like my porridge to be smoothly cook. Not this type of teo chew porridge 😛

  9. ~Christine~Leng

    there are good snakehead in claypot porridge in serdang too! 🙂 drop by serdang gal! haha ^^

  10. UnkaLeong

    The BKT is in Selayang not Serdang 😉 The other jok at paramount was better, no?

  11. J2Kfm

    yeah, there's even krim haruan in the market, supposedly works like a miracle to heal wounds and such.

    my ex-dean was one who did the research into this subject.

  12. vialentino

    wah….the porridge like too watery ler…i prefer something like hk porridige…balance ler…a bit of watery will be nice….

    the fish fillet looks so fresh ler….

  13. thenomadGourmand

    SElba: Hehe..I wouldnt eat actual snake's head!

    allie: Me too!!

    christine: eekks..where is Serdang??

    UnkaLeong: Yes yes, too bad i din take any pics!

    J2kfm: Creams??? Hmm..I may need them!

    vialentino: Yes, it looks good – the fillets but tasteless laa…

  14. CUMI & CIKI

    been craving for piping hot soupy dishes.. mmm.. we can go once u get better again;)

  15. SimpleGirl

    i like this type of teow chew version of porridge…but sure wont opt for the super oily veg….

  16. Nic (KHKL)

    u r right! snakeheads are good for recuperation. crabs and prawns are big no-nos. sounds like you are on your way to recovery already. great!

  17. foodbin

    Snakehead fish meat when cooked are sweet-those that you had are sliced Tioman fish meat.

  18. Wilson & Rachel

    The crabs are good but very pricey. Sorry, maybe i was the first who reviewed this badly.

  19. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Hope you're feeling better already. I'm a fan of any kind of porridge. Would love to try this some day.

  20. cariso

    This one definitely ngam me! 🙂

  21. thenomadGourmand

    c&c: Yes yes..we go again for the tai chow dishes ya!

    simplegirl: Not only oily but wht pissed me off was the fibrous texture!

    Nic: Yes yes..trying to be a good girl or rather, desperately trying to recover fast!

    foodbin: Ohh it is??Eeks!! Was I cheated??? We asked for snakehead!!

    Wilson: Oh..dont worry, I dont quite like what we had that night either!!

    LL: I'm recovering but having bouts of flu, alternating wth cough and then fever. I dont quite get it either, one day feeling like I can take on the world and atr day can't get out of bed. This is really frustrating me ;(

    cariso: Oh? u like this type of moi? Me like the thick thick one..

  22. Steven Goh

    this is the different of "muai" and "chuck". The one that you are having is "chuck" and the one that you like most is "muai". So high in protein, eat already sure at night cannot sleep.

  23. 550ml jar of faith @minchow

    It's really strange how otherwise great eating joints can bear to screw up the easiest dish to get right, plain greens!! Ruins the entire experience! Maybe just get yr veg quota elsewhere after dining on the soupy stuff here??

  24. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    looks ok wor the veges..but looks r deceiving hor..

    yeah dont like teo chew porridge..

    but if u want sang yu (steamed and fresh (swimming b4 its steamed), u shud go to the 1 near leisure mall there..awesome stuff

  25. worldwindows

    On the way to your best. Cheers!

  26. thenomadGourmand

    steven: Eh?? I slept like a pig worr ;p!!

    550ml: Exactly, veg are so cheap somemore! Gimme quality young shoots pls!

    Joe: Leisure Mall?? hmmm…wil nd to google to see if anyone blogged abt it..& for directions!

    ww: Err..not quite 😉 but gettin there!

  27. backStreetGluttons

    We have always loved this kind of eating joints , natural and good food. Unpretentious and what you see is what you get ! snakehead tho looks so cute so we try not to eat them
    LOL !

  28. iamthewitch

    Hmm even though I'm a TeoChew, I don't fancy teochew porridge!

  29. J

    Becky! You left Unka to tackle the Fibrous Grandfather of All Kai Lans by himself? Haha….
    So mean…..! 😛

  30. thenomadGourmand

    bsg: Yes, unpretentious and minus all that fancy decor food is my top choice of food! Just mk sure the taste dept is properly taken care of!

    iamthewitch: Hehe..seems tht most ppl don't like it either!

    J: *wicked grin* Like that lohh..I'm alws dumping whatever I don't like/can't finish on his plate!

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