Sun Ming Cheras – roast duck, char siew, pork belly (siew yok)

I have a list.
Well, of course it is a food list, what else could it be right?

Actually I do have other list. Like you know, the list of the people I’ll like to hang by the neck… but I digress.

sun ming cheras - roast duck, char siew, pork-001

Back to the roast duck here at Sun Ming.
This shop is one of the 10 venues that we planned to visit during #BeckyCherasInvasion but sad to say, most of the outlets we visited were just decent or pretty bad.

Sun Ming is famous for its roast duck but I actually find the char siew most delectable of the lot. The roast pork belly (siew yok) looks better than it tasted and the duck barely passed muster.
Seriously, this is one of the best roast duck in Klang Valley?

sun ming cheras - roast duck, char siew, pork-002

sun ming cheras - roast duck, char siew, pork-006

The meat was actually a bit dry though it was the thigh part. As for flavour, nope, there wasn’t much of it at all.
Unless you count the eating the meat with a lot of the sauce.

sun ming cheras - roast duck, char siew, pork-005

At least the BBQ pork (char siew) saved the meal.
Toast and Roast (SS2), Meng Kee (Cheras) and Spring Golden in Shah Alam makes better char siew for sure, but if you’re in Sun Ming and in need of more than just roast duck, then a plate of this shouldn’t fail to please.

sun ming cheras - roast duck, char siew, pork-007

I know the hanging ducks look really enticing; crispy skin glistening in the light and perfectly browned. But maybe things in life always appear to be more than what they actually are isn’t it?

sun ming - roasted duck char siew siew yok cheras-001

Our feast. The sour vegetable soup (kiam chai boey) was just passable as well. For variety, you can add on some yong tau foo which is available for order at the main counter.
Our meal of roast pork belly (siew yok), BBQ pork belly (char siew) – (2 pax portions), 2 rice, a quarter duck and a vegetable soup (chinese mustard soup – chai boey) came up to RM60+.

sun ming - roasted duck char siew siew yok cheras-002

The queue at Sun Ming starts at 11am and usually sold out by 2pm.
The crowd is consistent and I guess the phrase “taste is subjective” is really that.
I for one, won’t be queueing nor returning for this duck. Oh, just in case you think this is my first visit, this is actaully my 3rd and I still find it rather mediocre.
If anything, I thought the standard of food here are on a steady decline. I didn’t recall my 1st and 2nd visit to be this bad.

Next, Loong Foong and Sunrise at PJ for the sake of comparison since both of them are really popular as well.
Anyone here has any roast duck outlets to recommend?
I did like the one at Chen Chen, Pudu. Will update on that one soon. 🙂

Restoran Sun Ming
137 Jalan Sarjana, Taman Connaught, 56000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 9133 2151
Open daily except Tues, 11am-4pm

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    heheh, ducks hanging by the neck are better than people hanging by the neck 😀 i wonder whether there’s an issue of consistency in quality when it comes to duck supply … maybe the ducks supplied that week weren’t up to mark, but could be better on another week … hmmm ….

  2. Sukarno

    Welcome to Bali Rebecca. Nice blog!
    All this make me so hungry

  3. adi putra wijaya

    very delicious looking duck!
    We have duck in indonesia but different..cooked differently – more fried 🙂

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