Suma Japanese Restaurant KL @ Sogo KL – not bad!

After my lunch at Siang @Sogo KL, a friend who read the post told me that there’s a Japanese restaurant on the same floor.

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-002

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL

Surprised and curious, I was thinking of checking it out and my intention was bought forward when the Sogo team invited me over for lunch.

I went without much expectations but I left impressed with the food!
A Japanese chef prepared my sashimi and the teppanyaki chef did a good job with my Teppanyaki Shake Hotate Ebi (RM38).
For the price paid, there was a large piece of perfectly grilled salmon; moist and juicy and the four scallops were large and sweet. I was told the sauces here are made in-house (even the mayonnaise) and Karen did enjoy the sauce that was served with the teppan prawn very much.
I’m not much of a rich sauce person (blame it on the diet) but a piece of prawn covered in the sauce assured me that it was tasty.

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-013

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-012

Ume Sashimi (RM100) – Maguro/tuna, octopus, salmon, snapper, seabass, mackerel and prawn.
All perfectly fresh and justified of its price tag.

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-007

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-008

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-009

The Assorted Mushroom Salad (RM12) is a must order; a good portion with a very tasty dressing and it is easy to see why this is one of Suma’s signature.

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-003

But that is a vegetarian salad. The Sashimi Salad Special (RM18) comes with salmon, crabsticks and tamago if you’re in need of more substance.

For bi-valve lovers the Kaki Cheese Yaki – 4 pieces (RM24) is a pretty good deal. The oysters were plump and juicy and the gratinated cheese wasn’t too cloying.
The Gyoza (RM15) is commendable as well; juicy meat fillings encased in a thin skin, pan-fried to a nice crisp. For a soothing bowl of hot stew, you can’t go wrong with the Sukiyaki; (RM30) which comes with the choice of chicken or beef.

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-010

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-016

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-014

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-015

For just salmon alone, there is the Shake Salmon Teriyaki for RM22 .

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-017


Sesame ice cream (RM10) – a lovely balance of nuttiness and creaminess. This is housemade.
Matcha ice cream (RM10) – also good, the green tea flavour wasn’t too mild or bitter.

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-019

O Mochi – prepared fresh upon order and dusted with a mix of cashew and peanuts. The results? Better fragrance and flavour compared to just having peanuts alone. Thumbs up to the chef!

suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-020

Suma offers promotions monthly and the promotional sets for April are as below. Do keep updated with the dining scene in SOGO KL via this link –>


suma japanese restaurant KL - Sogo KL-004

All in all, my lunch was enjoyable and the quality of the Japanese food is certainly up to par with most Japanese food eateries in town.
Lunch time in Suma can get pretty packed with the office crowd but dinner times are more mellow.
The teppanyaki and the sashimi would be my recommended choices here. Having said that I’m looking forward to the new menu which will be launched soon. I believe the kitchen team has some delectable creations up their sleeves! 🙂

Many regarded Sogo KL area to be challenging in terms of parking and traffic woes but from personal experience parking are aplenty on B2 and B3. An alternative would be to park at Maju Junction and take a short walk over. There are open air carparks surrounding the area as well.

Suma Japanese Restaurant
6th Floor, Kompleks Sogo
190 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
50100 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Danny

    I never knew there’s good food places in Sogo!
    Are you sure about the parking? I could never get into that area without cursing. Lol

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  3. KAterina

    Nice meeting u in Jakarta! What a wonderful blog you have!

  4. Carl

    Good prices for the portion & quality . I won’t mind having a meal here

  5. Amber

    The prices are actually on par with most Japanese restaurants in town.
    And I had thought Sogo would have more affordable eateries

  6. Jose Touhy

    Good aftie, i am a blogger too?and i can see that you are a nice blogger too,??

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