Straits Affair cafe, MELAKA – Peranakan Patisserie, ‘Kueh-kery’™ and Tea room

Peranakan Patisserie, ‘Kueh-kery’™ and Tea room – it does gives one pause doesn’t it?

Fancy branding, unique concept plus a nicely written online article about the inspiration of how this “Peranakan Patisserie, ‘Kueh-kery’™” came about – I must admit; it got me rushing over with high expectations and anticipation.


The actual venue bought me crashing down to earth.
Not that I meant it in a bad way mind you, but I’ve thought that Straits Affair possesses so much potential, but sadly underwhelming for the moment.

I had expected a prettily decorated cafe, or an “Instagrammable” cafe.

But no, it was a tad gloomy actually, rather bare save for a cupboard of Peranakan treasures and a mural on one of its walls.
The counter was empty and no tantalizing kuih was on display.
The outlet was quiet on a weekday afternoon and the furniture sparse.


BELOW: The one wall with a mural and the only cabinet with Peranakan treasures.




The menu offers simple savouries such as Nyonya laksa, pai tee, mee siam and an intriguing ‘Le Pongteh Baguette ‘ that might be worth trying besides the kuih.
Beverages includes hot and cold options of coffee. Soft drinks and chendol are available too.


Since I was alone I could only order a few kuih plus one drink.

Luckily for me the person on duty that day – Bryan served me additional kuih besides what I’ve ordered.
Needless to say, I accepted them with thanks. LOL!


BELOW: Straits Affair’s signatures – the fried ang koo kuih, the housemade Pang Susie, the best ondeh-ondeh (I know who made them) and the oh-my-god ‘ apom berkuah‘ (Peranakan pancakes with gula Melaka and banana) which is as delicious as it is elusive.


Fried Ang koo – a nostalgic snack because it just the way I used to enjoy any leftover or overnight ang koo kuih when I was young.
My grandma would usually deep fry it. Because of the heat, the skin will turn all gooey and chewy within.
Here at Straits Affair, it is healthier as it was pan fried.

PS: Guess what is my nail art?
It is Nyonya chang! Yes, I’m a lover of all thing Peranakan/Nyonya. 🙂


Pang Susie:
Handmade sweet potato bun with Eurasian Portuguese origin filled with Nyonya version spiced chicken meat and potatoes.
This was good – fluffy sweet bun filled generously with minced meat.


I enjoyed my meal and my time here. I have friendly Bryan to thank for that as he was most helpful and accommodating.
If you read the TripAdvisor reviews, you will notice that there were many positive reviews from some locals, but mostly foreigners about Straits Affair.
It is a nice, hidden, quiet place for those who appreciate the local Peranakan history. Bryan is more than eager to share his knowledge and love of everything Melaka.

However, if you are a local with no interest in history and is seeking a pretty cafe to use the WIFI and to take pictures, this might NOT fit the bill.

The kuih is priced at RM1.50 + each and the plates are pretty.
Do opt for tea or coffee with gula melaka if you are not having the chendol. The good quality gula melaka does wonders to your cuppa.

I love and I’m in full support of the owners’ vision of showcasing Peranakan heritage through this “kueh-kery”.
Their aim to make authentic Peranakan kueh and desserts available to the public is certainly commendable

In addition to education, locals and foreigners can enjoy dainty pieces of local delicacies, savouries and beverages in an air-conditioned outlet.

While the decor and ambience could do with more work, it is still a decent place for some quiet time.
No WIFI is available at the moment.

The shop is tricky to locate but just remember that it is INSIDE the Cheng Ho Museum.
Take a right after you see the famous San Shu Gong corner lot on Jonker.
Waze for “Cheng Ho Museum” and you enter from either the front or side entrance at Jalan Tukang Emas.
Parking is well, a challenge.

Straits Affair
1, Jalan Tukang Besi, 75200 Melaka.

Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am – 8pm
Sat, Sun and on public holidays: 10am – 7pm.
Close on Wednesday.

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