Starting a habit – Anlene Move Programme: 21 Days challenge

I’ve shared about the Anlene Move Programme earlier and I am now ready to take on the 21 days challenge.
As I’ve mentioned before, if you take a step at a time, if you are serious about making a change, if you are keen to inculcate a new habit, YOU CAN.

Research has shown that doing something repetitively for 21 consecutive days helps to inculcate a habit.
For me I’ve chosen to perform 21 variants of plank moves for 21 days.

anlene move - plank challenge rebecca saw

Why, you ask?
Well, planks are great exercises which can be done at any time of the day and doesn’t require any equipment.
So there is barely any excuse why you can’t plank for 1 – 2 mins a day!

Furthermore, I have a lot of people “admiring” my toned stomach and saying that they want it too. Well, talk is cheap.
If you want it, you got to do something to get it.

workout 1

Hence I’ve decided to encourage and motivate my friends/followers/fans to embark on a 21 day fitness and health challenge.
To ensure we do not get sidetracked or forgot about it, I will be tracking this 21 days planking habit via the Anlene Move app.
If you have not downloaded it yet, you should. Just search for ” Anlene Move” on iOS or Android and you’re good to go.


I’ve extolled the benefits of the app in my earlier article (LINK HERE) so I will not repeat them here.
But yes, benefits include some freebies (free gym memberships, exercise accessories and more) as well as a hotline to call if you need motivation or support to help you get through any bumps on the way.

So let us do it together this 2016 with Anlene Move shall we?
Follow me on instagram (wackybecky) or my FB Page ( and let’s work towards a healthier body and better BONES!

The freedom to move start with strong bones. And strong bones start with Anlene” .
There are many ways to enjoy milk and to ensure you obtain the necessary amount of calcium, protein and other nutrients daily.
I’ve made yogurt, baked bread and muffins and cakes and even a savoury quiche using Anlene Milk Powder.
Do you want the recipes? Let me know if you do.

recipe - anlene milk quiche-001

Last but not least, the winners of the Anlene hampers giveaway are as below.
The response has been great would like to thank everyone for their participation!

So Boon Siew, Lydia, Priscilla, Sharlene and Karina, enjoy your Anlene hamper worth RM150 each!

1. Boon Siew
2. Lydia Chang
3. Priscilla Tan
4. Sharlene Hong
5. Karina Ang


Happy New Year everyone!
Please drop me an email ([email protected]) and arrange your pick up dates/timings.

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