Starhill Gallery presents A Journey Through Time IV, 2 -11 Dec 2010, Kuala Lumpur

For the fourth consecutive year, YTL Corporation Berhad, together with the endorsement and support of the Ministry of Tourism, is proud to officially launch A Journey Through Time IV – Asia’s grandest luxury watch and jewellery showcase – via an exclusive Tourism Malaysia Gala Night.


The VIPs attending the exclusive gala included Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Francis Yeoh, Managing Director, YTL Corporations Berhad, as well as Dato’ Dr James Dawos Mamit, the Deputy Minister of Tourism.


Below: Dato’ Dr James Dawos Mamit, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, during the media tour of Starhill Gallery.


Starting 2 December to 11 December from 10 am to 10 pm, Starhill Gallery will house the world’s largest and widest range of illustrious brands of timepieces of jewellery to celebrate A Journey Through Time IV, featuring the latest and most innovative collection from over 100 watchmaker brands.

“YTL Corporation is indeed pleased to organise this 10 day event, which features beauty, precision and perfection through a series of classic and timeless collections and technical innovations, therefore attracting watch enthusiasts from various places around the globe,” said Yeoh. “Having A Journey Through Time raises Malaysia’s profile on the world map as a place for quality luxury products.” It also maximises Malaysia’s competitive edge by highlighting our nation’s recent duty free status on luxury goods – especially with high-end timepieces.

We took a tour of A Journey Through Time IV, going into Omega, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels, Carrera Y Carrera, Mariani and Mouawad store in Starhill Gallery.


Below: One of the Omega watches.


Next: Boucheron.


Below: A Boucheron jewellery set fit for a Datin, or anyone with deep enough pockets. 😉


Ms Stephanie Chua from YTL being “fitted” with one of Boucheron mesmerizing pieces, a soft flowing mesh gold chain…


..which can be worn as a headband, a belt around the waist or as a neck-piece, as modelled below.


I love cocktail rings, and certainly do not mind having one of the below, especially the enchanting starfish one!


Next , we were ushered into Van Cleef & Arpels, the legendary Parisian jeweler.


This set below, for example, carries the price tags as follows:
Pendant – RM59,700
Black silk cord – RM730
Ring – RM89,300
Earclips – RM44,100


The exclusive Carrera Y Carrera was our next stop.


Carrera Y Carrera has modern, bold pieces..

P1090767 well as elegant timeless designs like the below. Unfortunately, I got distracted with the jewellery & didn’t managed to snap any shots of their watches !


Mariani‘s jewellery showcases a complete different look & feel due to its bold craftmanship.


The use of semi precious stones and very chunky and bold design sets it apart from the other jewellery houses.



Another luxury brand – Mouawad during our tour.


Choose from the range of small dainty time pieces..


..or bolder, bigger designs like below.



Beguiling modern jewellery for the modern women like me 😉



The limited edition Mouawad timepiece, where there are only 24 pieces available worldwide.


Dato’ Dr James Dawos Mamit trying on the Mouawad limited edition watch.


A Journey Through Time IV will run from 2 to 11 December (10 am to 10 pm) at the Starhill Gallery. The highly anticipated Starhill Gallery Watch of the Year award ceremony will be held on the last day of the event – 11 December – with a show from renowned Australian songstress Deltra Goodrem.

For enquiries about A Journey Through Time IV kindly contact +603-2782 3855 or log on to

Personally, it was an eye-opening event for me, as I wouldn’t have stepped into all these shops on my own. It made me realized too, the amazing technical details and craftmanship that goes into each piece of jewellery & watches. Now I’m eyeing an Omega for myself. Oh dear! :heart:

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  1. Michelle Chin

    Okay, lets try the Nathalie’s Dec menu. When?

    Sorry for the late reply. My disqus did not notify me of the comments for that particular post.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. next week lunch i guess? Will let you knw! Meanwhile there are a few other places you got to try!

  2. Sean

    some of the watches look quite cool, but heheh, this reminds me that i haven’t had a wristwatch in many years. just use cell phone to check the time 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      It does! And it made me think, ehh.. when was the last time I wore a watch??

  3. Leo

    you never wear a watch???
    I can’t live without it.. my left hand feels naked 😛
    I’m still wearing Tissot (not those high end ones ok?) which my dad gave to me as birthday present 7-8 years ago!!! Since I’m not really a collector, I will settle for only one ultimate watch… ROLEX!!! But that will have to wait for how many years leh?? LOL

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh! A Rolex is a very good choice! For a man!
      I think Tissot has quite a “high-class” following too. Well, I wouldnt knw! I haven’t wore a watch fr years!

  4. lotsofcravings

    hmm arent watches duty free to begin with?
    in any case, dont b too scared with the retail prices, discounts are quite good depending on which brand you are eyeing and it helps if you got lubang to the watch boutiques, makes a hell alot of difference in terms of discount.

    i remember asking the prices of a frank muller and the fellow standard quote is a 35% discount!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Wa! Really? Not sure if that applies to outlets in Starhill!

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