St Regis Bangkok – sophistication and timeless luxury. Love this hotel!

So I have told you about my rather funky, tech savvy hotel in Aloft Hotel in Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok. Judging from the comments, everyone seems to love it as much as I do! 🙂

While Aloft Bangkok is contemporary and trendy, my next hotel was pure sophistication and timeless luxury.

St. Regis Bangkok - Surroundings -009

The St Regis Bangkok is breathtaking. I was unwell for a few days in Bangkok and had 2 injections during my stay in Aloft Bangkok. By the time I shifted over to St. Regis, I was on the recovery and craved peace and tranquility as I hurt all over.

As my taxi rolled onto the driveway of St Regis on the prestigious Rajadamri Road, my every need felt as if it was lifted off my shoulders. My door was opened for me the moment the taxi halted and my luggage was whisked into the lobby at the blink of an eye. Next I found myself inside in the cool, elegant lobby with 2 hotel personnel hovering over me with warm smiles. How do I feel? Would I need a drink? Do I want to check in immediately?
Still stunned, I nodded.  I need to leave my luggage I said. Then I need to hop over to the next door for the World Gourmet Festival 2012, where my tea buffet with Tea Mixologist Robert Schinkel is scheduled to begin in 10 minutes.

St. Regis Bangkok - Surroundings -043

St. Regis Bangkok - Surroundings -041

The helpful staff sprung into action. I was ushered to the reception for check-in, which was swift and straightforward. Ms. Karen was notified of my arrival and she swept in barely 5 minutes later, all smiles and and welcoming. After a quick chat, I left for my Tea Buffet, assured that my room is ready and luggages are waiting for me when I get back.

St. Regis Bangkok - Surroundings -016

St. Regis Bangkok - Surroundings -017

When I returned, I went straight to my room, rather excited to view for myself how’s is it like. The facade of St Regis Bangkok was impressive, the lobby rather grand and the interior exudes refined splendor. Naturally, I had high expectations of my room then! 😀

Below: The posh lobby.

St. Regis Bangkok - Surroundings -010

Going up to my Grand Deluxe room on the 22nd floor.

St. Regis Bangkok - Surroundings -019

Stepping out of the lobby, I smiled as my weary feet stepped on thick, muffled carpet, welcoming the comforting silence that enveloped me.

St. Regis Bangkok - Surroundings

My room was everything I had imagined it to be; understated luxury, spacious and comfortable. Pictures can’t illustrate the sense of luxury and the layout as well as a video does!

Anyhow, I will still share some photos here! Below is a “panoroma” view of my room, from one end to the door!

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-012

As usual my eyes checked out for a bathtub; and oh yes, there’s one! 🙂

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-024

Next, the bed. Large and and soft, I sank into it in relief. It was perfect for my much needed rest and rejuvenation.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-013

st regis bangkok - rebecca saw (2)

A lovely 3 tiered dessert stand was on the coffee table, enticing me with rich chocolates and cakes. I smiled again, happy and contented.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-030

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-034

I run a bath, soaked for a while to ease my pain and weary self.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-025

bathtub in the room - st regis bangkok

Traveling as much as I do, I have certainly stayed in many hotel rooms with bathtubs. This one took the whole bathtub experience up a notch with the thoughtful over-the-bathtub-rack with added scrub and soap as well as the headrest. I have always wondered why this wasn’t provided in other hotels. Really, how do you expect us to rest our heads as we soak?

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-021

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-022

Work and the blog is never far from my mind. I checked out the desk next and was pleased with what I found. Ample powerpoints; both at the desk and at the side of the bed – perfect for 2 phones, camera, laptop, external battery charger and more!

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-029

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-031

From the bed or over the desk, floor-to-ceiling windows offered panaromic views of the city skyline and the greenery of the golf course of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-027

Yes, visually soothing to the eyes indeed! 🙂

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-028

As I explored the room, I took in the details of its architecture and interior design; the contemporary furnishings, the lush carpet, the walls, the heavy doors and the furniture.

The vanity area is cleverly separated by a sliding wooden door and  from the vanity area you can see right through to the bed and beyond. However, the shower room and toilet are separates rooms, something I prefer and well, this is expected of a hotel of St. Regis’s standard.

Below: Corridor to the rooms.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-001

The heavy wooden door to the room. Mine is on the right side, doors already opened.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-002

Stepping in you’ll find the wardrobes and on the right are the sliding doors to the vanity area as I have mentioned earlier.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-004

This may be redundant to some but I actually like it. I usually drop my key card and kick off my shoes here! And of course, a ready umbrella is much appreciated.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-008

At its side are the wardrobes. I opened them to reveal the safe deposit box, dressing robes, hangers and so forth.

1 st regis bangkok - grand deluxe room

Better still, there are TWO (2) wardrobes! 🙂

1 st regis bangkok - grand deluxe room-001

A smaller cabinet sat in the middle. The top lies the luggage and underneath there’s another storage drawer. No lack of storage space for sure.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-009

Now the right side. In the middle of the 2 sliding doors is a floor to ceiling mirror.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-010

Slide open one to access to the vanity area and shower room.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-011

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-014

The vanity area looks into the room. Just pull the sliding door to close if privacy is needed.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-015

I’m actually quite fussy with shower heads. I love those “rain shower” types as it god-send with its large outflow of water and really helps when you have thick long hair like mine. This one looks small but it is powerful enough!

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-017

On one side of wall, a glass panel displays the complimentary bath amenities; a complete set of quality shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel and body lotion.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-018

The toilet is on the other end, and it’s not too shabby either as it was substantially roomy.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-016

The vanity area is lovely, large and thoughtfully separated to “his” and “hers” sections. 2 marble sinks, sets of drawers underneath the sinks and plenty of towels; bath towels, hand towels, face towels supplied for your convenience. All thick and lush of course. 🙂

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-023

Mouthwash. Now that’s not commonly provided!

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-019

A dainty glass holds more toiletries.

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-020

I hardly ever switched on the TV during travels. But it’s always good to see a large screen and an accompanying DVD player. Oh, and the minibar too.

1 st regis bangkok - grand deluxe room-003

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-032

1 st regis bangkok - grand deluxe room-002

Also complimentary when I checked-in, these are loop chuk in Thai and they are small fruit and vegetables miniatures  made from mung beans. So you have titbits in both forms of Western dainty cakes and Thai local delicacies. Nice touch St. Regis! 🙂

St. Regis Bangkok - Room-035

St Regis Bangkok is within walking distance of major shopping centres (Gaysorn, Central World and Siam Paragon) if you do not mind the humidity. Further to these the heaven of Platinum Fashion Mall and Pratunam market beckons. The direct link to the BTS Rajadamri skytrain on one of the floors ensures convenience for guests to access to the BTS station. Simply put, you’re in one of the best spot in the city!

Rates for a room in St Regis Bangkok starts from THB 6,600 (RM 700) and thereabouts. For more accurate rates, surf:

Next up, the scrumptious breakfast, meeting the Italian chef of Jojo’s – St Regis’s Italian restaurant and more pictures/facilities of the hotel! :DD

*Video and photos taken with:

sony nex f3


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  1. ALAN

    This is luxury. Probably no less than RM3000 pp per night in London for similar but not tops. Sort of hotel for long stay not flying visit, do you agree?

    1. rebeccasaw

      London is so so expensive! Sigh. I’m going Japan end of this month. Have to stay in dorms! RM200++ per night for dorms!
      Oh yes, St Regis for long stay is ideal..but not ideal for the wallet 😛

  2. Sean

    i can definitely imagine it must have been very comforting to soak in that bath after being unwell for so many days. i haven’t dipped into a bathtub in a very long time! even though there was a bathtub in some hotels i’ve stayed at, i normally just shower cos it’s faster. looks like an amazing hotel here anyway 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Same here! Unless I have time. I realized for most media trips I wont have time to soak. Only those trips that I went on my own itinerary

  3. Kent

    Lovely hotel! I can’t imagine…a personal butler??

    1. rebeccasaw

      I can’t imagine either! I should have tried the butler services! But my stay was kinda short and I didn’t really need one ahhaha

  4. Sara

    Oh I can feel the luxury and lovely ambiance from here!
    I’ll keep this in mind for special occasions – my 2nd honeymoon! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Heheh! enveloped in the luxury and extreme personalised service from the front of your screen eh? Hahhaha

  5. Kevin

    I felt that I “lived’ through the stay here with you. Good write-up as usual

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aw thanks Kev! There’s more of the hotel to show. Will split the posts as there’s so much to write 😛

  6. June


    1. rebeccasaw

      HEhehe pretty and luxurious feel that’s way too comfortable!! 🙂

  7. Wan

    Amazing. Bec, I suka betul!

  8. Andreas

    great write up as usual bec!

  9. berry

    Love the room! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  10. Ginny

    Love your review. And the pictures!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Ginny :DD
      St Regis is opening soon in KL too!

  11. Param

    Fabulous written piece as always. Looking forward to reading more of your travels.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Happy to read your comment.. you made my day!
      *off to write more blogposts..* ~!

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