SS2 Wai Sik Kai – Stall 24: RM4.80 PORK Burger + egg!

Another discovery! And it’s an easily accessible venue for affordable pork burgers! :yahoo:

The aunty manning the stall is very friendly. Can’t say the same for the Indian/Myanmar/whatever dude who was frying the patty. Quite an arrogant fella.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai stall 24

Anyway, I saw this stall last Thursday while I was scavenging for food at SS2 Wai Sik Kai (food street). It was closed then as half of the stalls here closed alternatively on Tues & Thurs.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai Stall 24

Intrigued, I made it a point to come here as soon as I could just for the pork burger. Sunday night was the lucky night 😉

At first glance, the burger looked like any other Ramly burgers. To be fair, it’s priced as such too.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai 4

A generic bun was used yes, but it was fresh and soft, unlike the cheaper ones where it’s all crumbly & dry. I’m happy with the condiments & vegetables that came with it. Substantial amount of tomatoes, lettuce & caramelized onions (yea!). Nowadays, Ramlys are just topped with shreds of raw cabbage & some fresh onions right?

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai 1

The patty is thin. For a small eater, one burger might suffice but for any male, you will need 2 burgers at least. Or you could ask for double patties! Texture wise, it was moist & juicy. I do not think it’s fair to complain further for its price, considering that RM4.80 includes a whole fried egg.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai

I’m pretty happy with the burger & I’m looking forward to trying the lamb & chicken one soon! I wish that I was able to interview the aunty, but she was very busy so I didn’t. I’d think that the patties are homemade but I hope to ascertain that assumption soon. Another thing to note is I did find the patty a bit salty (it could be that I have low sodium tolerance) but even UnkaLeong agreed it was “a bit”.

Pork burger SS2 wai sik kai 2

Pork burger with egg
Stall 24, SS2 Wai Sik Kai, PJ.
Closed on Thursdays.

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  1. Sean

    Same price as a big Mac (or cheaper, rite) but looks healthier and more satisfying and wholesome! And since we both love eggs… Heheh!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Cheaper than a Big Mac and the patty more satisfying too! 😉
      Yes yes, great tht they included an egg. I wouldn’t mind paying to add additional patty to make it more substantial!

  2. TummyRumble

    why lah need to mention race… nowadays 1MALAYSIA.. hahaha… okay, i’m full of crap, i know… somehow i prefer my burger made of beef… heh

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe.. I was tryin to describe him maaa…
      U prefer beef?? But I find beef burgers generally drier?

  3. ewinee

    wah i wanna try this! :yahoo:

    1. rebeccasaw

      What? U like your meat lean? So do u go “Pun fei sau” whn ordering char siu ?

  4. hApPy HaPpY

    another good discovery….. thanks my sons will love it.

    1. rebeccasaw

      I know! ;p
      But you might need to buy them each 3 burgers!

  5. iamthewitch

    I just had this last week! Yea I found the patty a tad salty and quite thin. But for the price, I guess can’t complain much.

  6. vialentino

    long time din go to ss2 wai sik kai after moved out from PJ….my old food place for 20 yrs…very nice food in this food mall

  7. mimid3vils

    my bro working at wai sek gai as a “chef” 🙂 Must ask ask him about this :yes:

    1. rebeccasaw

      haha.. ask him abt tht surly cook!

  8. jen

    this looks really good. but yea the patty do look kinda thin. :p

  9. jennifer

    hey. i saw this stall but i had already ordered something else that night. pork burger was definitely calling out. :p i agree that the patty do look rather thin from the photos but going to give it a go one of these days… :p

    1. rebeccasaw

      It is a bit thin..may not even taste it with all that veg & bun, good fr a light snack tho.
      Perhaps a slight increase of price with equivalent increase of thickness will help!

  10. unkaleong

    I much prefer the lamb burger we had this morning *burps*

  11. J2Kfm

    Though cheaper than the average gourmet burgers, esp the porky ones (aside from Nambawan, that one’s about RM6.90), this one looks kinda lacking.
    Maybe the bun, or maybe the thin patty of pork.

  12. Justin

    I tried the crispy chicken burger. It taste similarly to McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McDeluxe minus the spicy. It was delicious and the fresh onions used give it a slight twist. All these for only RM 3.80, I’ll give it a 4.5/5 😉

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