SS2 Super Kitchen Pan Mee

The only pan mee that I will eat in KL. So far. Willingly that is.

I had it once in the Kota Damansara outlet, thanks to Ken, and was hooked ever since.
So when he twitter-ed that they have opened a branch in PJ, whoaa…I just got to go to get my fix!

Address: Jln SS2/10, same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar in Chow Yang.
GPS: N 3 06′ 58.4″
E101 37′ 2.4″

Still in the works..

My bowl – with 2 eggs. Beauutifoolll runny eggs..

my pan mee

The soup that comes with each bowl, loads of sayur manis and one lone meatball.

my pan mee
Top up with a spoonful of their famous fiery glob..
my pan mee

Mix it mix it mix it baby!!
Fragrant shallots, tender braised minced pork and crispy fried ikan bilis (fried anchovies) & of course, the eggs…

my pan mee
my pan mee

Perfectly coated strands of al dente noodles; esp with the creamy eggs..

my pan mee


my pan mee

Their very “zen” simple.

my pan mee

Sometimes, simple is best 😉

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  1. Sean

    what’s wrong with the other pan mee outlets in kl ar? looks great btw, especially the runny egg…

  2. Selba

    Ah…. now you are making me hungry! I guess I need to find something for b’fast..

  3. cariso

    Here in PG they never put egg one…:(

  4. CUMI & CIKI

    i like it when i can no longer feel my tongue , mouth nor cheeks. Then i think to myself…” Mmmmmm… chili pan mee”(homer simpsons style 😛 kehkeh)

  5. Allie

    Can never get such pan mee in Penang. Sien! I’m a freak for pan mee.. everytime I go KL, sure I must go eat pan mee one.

  6. email2me

    I see wolverine marks in my toilet next morning ….. 😛

  7. thenomadGourmand

    sean: oh..the pork is normally swimmin in oil, then the chilli was lus, the noodle flour-ish..i generally dun like Pan mee!

    selba: hehe..dun think this is avail in indo..?

    cariso: Pg hardly got pan mee til recently i think. aiyoo..the egg..i tell u..the best part!

    cumi&ciki: lol, woman! tis one pack quite a heat! hv u had it be4?

    allie: it is? ok la, this is one of the must -try!

    email2me: yup it happened to me..and i was wonderin why at 1st! lol

  8. nemesisjazz

    makes my mouth drooling

  9. Bangsar-bAbE

    YOU.ARE.SO.EVIL!!! Tease me until liddat… o_0

    Now that it’s in SS2, I don’t have to go Kota Damansara already!! =D

  10. CUMI & CIKI

    yayaya… whn in HKL area, i eat at the KL one (near car showroom) when at work I eat at the dataran sunway one, as near tropicana mah.. 😛

    thx 4d buttercake…! oredi drooling in anticipation!

  11. Timothy

    Wah …… Pan Mee festival now issit?

  12. Food For Tots

    I had tried this pan mee at Batu Road many years ago. Luv the chili! But still prefer the traditional pan mee. 😉

  13. gill gill

    finally felt the boom into your mouth?! haha…thats different from the ordinary pan mee.

  14. 550ml jar of faith

    SS2, way more convenient for me! I’ve successfully gone without pan mee for 2 weeks now… I thought I was cured of my addiction but you’ve brought me right back to square One!!

  15. UnkaLeong

    Never tar bao 4 me 😛

  16. Laurence

    ohh looks wonderful…I love pan mee!!

  17. thenomadGourmand

    nemesisjazz: when are we go makan again??

    bangsar-babe: tease u?? hehe..ehh.i did call u ok! thk god its so near now hor?

    cumi&ciki: hope they maintain the std as they ope more branches..

    timothy: newly open to go test test.

    Food for tots: i tell you, i dunno whr Batu Rd is, thk god for branches!

    gill gill: yes indeed it is. U tried be4?

    550ml: cured of addiction for food? possible ah? ;p

    UnkaLeong: U dare say! had to eat alone! hummrpphh.

    Laurence: heellloo! u do? hv u tried this one?

  18. Chong

    You should try the one in Restoran Sun Sea, OUG.

  19. thenomadGourmand

    chong: sun sea?? thts famous for the pork noodle no? the pan mee also gd?

  20. Chong

    Yes. The very same shop that is famous for pork noodle. Try the pan mee as well. 😀

  21. sakaigirl

    This looks really good, wah, u can take so much chili^^

  22. Simon Seow

    wah, Super Kitchen is expanding so fast.

  23. thenomadGourmand

    chong: o_o.. ohhh.. ok..

    sakaigirl: its good! no laa..i didnt take all of tht! ;p

    simon: yup..its all abt biz..

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