SoonDae Ya Korean Restaurant, Ampang Putra – for Korean dishes that’s out of the ordinary!

The primary reason I wanted to share about this place was because of the out-of-the ordinary dishes offered. I’m a bit jaded with the typical fare of Korean BBQ, bimbimbap and bulgogi, of which I’m sure most of us here share the same sentiments.

SoonDae Ya Korean Restaurant, Ampang Putra

Here, a 3 page menu depicts all SoonDae Ya has to offer. Yes, options are few and straightforward. So are the furnishings and food.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-012

soon dae ya, ampang putra-020

Getting lost for more than an hour past my lunch time was horrible, but thankfully the food was worth the trouble. My mood lifted considerably after lunch.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-015

Work was bad that week, and spirit was down. But good food always rejuvates the soul…no?

soon dae ya, ampang putra-013

Let’s start with what’s free, since we are all accustomed to free-flow bachan (small dishes of food served during the meal and replenishable during the meal) whenever we sit down at a Korean dining establishment.

Unfortunately, there’s no complimentary bachan here. There’s free plain water though.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-017

Ok, that was a joke. :DD

There was 2 complimentary bachan; versus the usual number of 6-8 types that most Korean restaurants serve . The Kkakdugi/Radish Kimchi is pretty good, as it was sour and spicy enough. Same goes for the Kimchi/Nappa Cabbage Kimchi. It can easily be stamped as one of the best I have tried so far. And this is coming from me, a non-kimchi lover!

soon dae ya, ampang putra-009

Kkakdugi/Radish Kimchi.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-018

Kimchi/Nappa Cabbage Kimchi.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-007

We bought a Voucher for this so we enjoyed all of the below for a mere RM45, 50% of the value of RM90. 4 of us shared:

  • 1 main dish – choose from 3 choices (4 pax)
  • 1 Korean pancake (regular size)
  • 2 side dishes (Kim Chi and Kkakdugi)
  • 4 bowls of rice
  • Soup (refillable)
  • Korean Tranditional Tea – refillable twice (Cold Ginger Cinnamon Tea, Rice Tea, OR Korean Coffee)

Our chosen main was Bo-Ssam – pork belly boiled with Korean ginseng, bay leaves and bean paste.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-003

Though it looked really plain, each slice was subtly infused with flavour and wonderfully tender.

Ssam“, by the way, means wrapped. Our Bo-Ssam set consisted of steamed pork, sweet kimchi and lettuce.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-014

So the correct way of savouring this was to wrap the pork belly together with special Sweet Kimchi with the lettuce. Pop into your mouth and enjoy the conmingle of spicy sweet kimchi with tender pork belly and the crunch of lettuce.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-002

We literally ignored the rice.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-010

Which after a while we thought to be a waste, since the rice was nice and sticky, as how it should be. From their website, we found out that their ingredients – even the chefs – are all imported from Korea.

So we added an order of King Donkatsu, which we presume the “King” refers to the portion.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-016

Not bad right? For RM20, we thought it was pretty worth it; and even more so after we tasted it. SoonDae Ya’s King Donkatsu; essentially Pork Cutlet with a special brown sauce and sesame seeds has a crispy coat yet retaining the moisture of the meat within. The sauce was additively delish as well.
Needless to say, the 4 bowls of rice wasn’t wasted.

This came with a nice side salad; not very Korean no doubt, but much appreciated anyhow.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-011

I love Korean pancakes and SoonDae Ya’s Pajeon is very good. “Pa” literally means green onion in Korean, and that’s the main ingredient in this dish.
It’s best eaten when it’s hot, since it is a pan-fried pancake made from a batter of eggs, flour, rice flour, green onions and other additional ingredients like beef, pork, kimchi, shellfish or perhaps seafood.
When it cold, it gets soggy with oil and definitely not as appetizing as it was when it’s crispy hot. Anyhow, I must say that SoonDae Ya’s version is still one of the better ones I have had so far, and good enough to eat on its own. It’s served with  an accompanying special sauce should you require more flavour.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-005

So is there any meaning behind that name SoonDaeYa?
Soon Dae(Sundae) is a Korean dish made by boiling or steaming pig’s intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. Apparently, the restaurant’s specialty is this particular creation.

Soondae Ya Korean Restaurant

And they are believed to be the FIRST in Malaysia that offers Soon Dae (Sundae) on the menu. 3 types of Soon Dae are available; Meat Sundae, Vegetable Sundae and Kimchi Sundae. (Pic above credited to

Told you that this place serves out-of-the ordinary dishes right? We were stuffed that day and didn’t manage to try the Soon Dae. Guess I have to make another visit soon! Anyone here game for it?? 😀

Below: Rice Tea (I like it) and weak Korean Coffee.

soon dae ya, ampang putra-008

All pictures (unless otherwise stated) credited to fellow foodie Ulric (KC Wong) .

soon dae ya, ampang putra-004

Restoran Soon Dae Ya

17-L2, Jalan Ampang Putra, Taman Putra Sulaiman,
68000 Ampang, Malaysia
Tel : 03 – 4251 5170
Facebook : Soon Dae Ya
Business Hours : 11am – 10pm
Tel : 016 – 677 2654 (Mr. Jung) /
016 – 620 9006 (Mr. Lee) For Reservation –> DON’T BOTHER CALLING. I was lost, called many times and both are not able to speak English or give me directions!

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  1. Akulah Pak Lan

    I tot korean english is better than Japanese. haha

    Korean food yes! something worth to try.

    But I cant go to this restaurant since it serve pork

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ya lo..Alws limited whenever go makan w u 🙁

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        This is what i called challenge to you. To find good and the one that i ca eat. =p

      2. connie

        actually, at that area, same row of shophouse, there is one korean cafe run by koreans, which is halal. you can try it out. is called pak something cafe

      3. rebeccasaw

        Wow really??
        Pak LAn – hear that?? Let’s gooooooooo!! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, but there are all almost the same food..tis one’s different!

  2. ulric

    I m most honoured that my photos met ur expectations…haha 😛

    I m game for the Soo Yook (spare parts of d pork)…hehe =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh your ppics are so nice! I lovvvvve bright and clear pics!
      Yes, we nd a 2nd round for this!

  3. Sean

    gosh, if i were drunk, i might accidentally order the soon dae expecting to get an ice cream sundae instead! but it does look good from the promo pic. i’m a fan of offal stuffed with almost anything! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      You should try this!!:DD
      It’s in Ampang area, nearer to u too!

  4. Nikel

    Seem good.. I like Korean food!

  5. connie

    hi rebecca! wow, seems that your taste in kimchi is the same as mine. i have posted on fb that this place has the best kimchi i have tasted in kl! i did enjoy the bossam as well. how’s the intestine like? any ‘smell’ to it?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh Connie, that’s great then. Means we have great taste in food! LOL
      Sorry but i haven’t tried the soon dae.. hope to try it next week!

      1. connie

        i will be going to seoul tonite.. will eat authentic kimchi on your behalf ya! haha..

  6. foodbin

    does not look like pork belly more like chi chang yok.

  7. Alex Llamas

    😀 we have something similiar to Soon Dae(Sundae) in Spain! 😀 and it can also be cooked at the grill.
    type of sausage made by cooking blood. The Black Pudding or “Morcilla” 😀 you’d definirely enjoy our restos too.

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