Sony Alpha5000 review

My favourite line of Sony cameras; the ‘NEX’ is now known simply as “alpha” as Sony has decided to drop the NEX prefix for all its interchangeable lens cameras.

photo 3

My NEX affair started with the NEX series from the NEX-3, all of the NEX 5 series and NEX 6, NEX 7 and most recently the Sony Alpha 5000. Name change aside, the NEX series has been consistently:

1. Fool-proof
– You can be assured it’s rather hassle-free to use. Like I’ve told everyone who asked me about my obsession and loyalty to the NEX, “you don’t have to think too much, study arduously or try too hard“.
Auto mode (Superior or Intelligent) gets you a decent picture under low light and superb results under normal lighting conditions.
Else Program mode or Aperture with 2 basic controls – the EV (exposure) and the White Balance does the trick.

2. Stylish
Unisex appeal.
It looks good. Enough said.


3. Sturdy and reliable.
Long travels, harsh conditions and a bump here and there. I been there, done that. Have I dropped my cameras? Yes (unintentionally of course – oh duhh!).
Did it die on me? NOPE.
I have always made sure to keeps the lens clean and a screen protector in place for the camera screen so it doesn’t have any scratches.

4. Lightweight.
A mirrorless camera’s USP has always been “DSLR quality in a compact body”. The NEX series does live up to such claims.
For the Sony NEX series (now simply known as “Sony Alpha”), different NEX models caters for different levels of professionalism, but other than the Sony NEX 6 and Sony NEX 7, most NEX models and also the Sony Alpha 5000 falls into the entry-level, semi pro category.
Weighing only 210, (not including battery and memory card), the Alpha 5000 is a good everyday camera, that fits into a jacket pocket even with the 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens mounted.

4. Good battery life.
The battery life gets considerably shorter with the use of WIFI but other than that, all the NEX series and the Sony Alpha 5000 has great battery life. I could do with 2 days without charging during my travels sometimes.
We are talking about 500 -1000 images per charge.

5. Add-ons
Sony has also included a number of modes, tips and apps, such as free download Photo Retouch and the paid-for time-lapse application, to help inexperienced photographers and enthusiasts alike get the most out of the camera.
Example: Light Shaft and Motion Shot, are now available in the PlayMemories App Store for $4.99 each.
Example: PlayMemories Camera Apps is Sony’s application download service that allows functions to be downloaded and added to SOME of its NEX models and now inclusive of Sony Alpha 5000.
For the WIFI enabled models install the free PlayMemories Mobile App (iOS or Android) and you can transfer images directly from your camera to your smartphone or tablet and then share at will. You can also wirelessly transfer to compatible TVs and to a PC that has PlayMemories Home installed (SONY models of course).
PlayMemories also has some in-built features such as Picture Effect, Photo Retouch, Smart Remote Control, Bracket Pro, Multi Frame NR and more.

Let me show you some UNEDITED pictures that I took in the “lazy” settings  – Superior Auto, Aperture and Program mode. But first take a look yourself at the camera’s ability if you know how to use/set it to the best of its ability.

MANUAL mode:

Sony Alpha5000

Sony Alpha5000-001

Sony Alpha5000-002

Sony Alpha5000-003

Ok, now the entry level, amateur user – just Aperture or mostly program and Auto mode.

Fanning the fire over skewers of satay.

Sony Alpha5000-004

Sony Alpha5000-005

Sony Alpha5000-006

Details :
You can see how vividly detailed each image is. I use the Aperture mode a lot for my food pictures. I trust you do find these pictures droolworthy? 🙂

Sony Alpha5000-007

Sony Alpha5000-008

Sony Alpha5000-009

Sony Alpha5000-010

Low Light:

Sony Alpha5000-011

Pak Putra tandoori naan in Melaka.
I was trying to capture the details of the man preparing the skewers and the details of the gorgeous baked chicken in the Tandoor oven.

Sony Alpha5000-012

Sony Alpha5000-013

Sony Alpha5000-014

Sony Alpha5000-015

More Melaka food:  Laksa, Kuih keria, Nyonya chang, chendol.

Sony Alpha5000-016

Sony Alpha5000-017

Sony Alpha5000-018

Sony Alpha5000-019

Sony Alpha5000-020

Sony Alpha5000-021

Deciding to use it during one of my Fast Fit class in Celebrity Fitness. I always like to test the speed of capture of a camera for moving objects.
The Sony Alpha 5000 did pretty well in Auto mode.

Sony Alpha5000-022

Sony Alpha5000-023

Low light. Singapore Flyer.
This was pretty dark as it was nightfall by then.

Sony Alpha5000-024

Sony Alpha5000-025

Last but not least, I actually prefer the old interface of the NEX than this Sony Alpha 5000. You see the difference?

Sony NEX 5T.


Sony Alpha 5000. 

sony alpha 5000 review - malaysia - rebecca saw

I actually find it more of a hassle to navigate through this drop-down menu!

sony alpha 5000 review - malaysia - rebecca saw-001

Well it was a good 2 weeks spent with the Sony Alpha 5000. This is the camera to get for anyone seeking an entry level mirrorless camera.

The price is RM1,999 for the body and a 16-50mm lens & RM2799 for twin lens.
For more details surf over to

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    Lovely crispness and colours at a reasonable price. Ooo, this reminds me that my current two year old camera has no wi-fi. Maybe I should upgrade later this year 🙂

  2. ulric

    Love the first photo of the tandoor chicken in da oven =)

  3. Chee Kit

    The kuih keria shots are amazing. Oh actually all the food pics. Droolworthy indeed!

  4. Francesca

    Gorgeous shots! Couldn’t believe it all came out from a small camera 🙂

  5. Caroline

    All the food pictures are crazily realistic and looks so tantalizing!

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