SNSD (Girls’ Generation) F1 Twin Towers KLCC Live Concert 2012

After the Formula 1 Paddock Club experience, Petronas Motorsports was kind enough to give me 4 Golden Fan Zone tickets for last night’s Twin Towers @Live 2012 event. The concert was headlined by one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups, Girls’ Generation, and also former Pussycat Doll member, Nicole Scherzinger.

The event was open to the public, but there were separated sections. The zone that my friends and I were in was closest to the stage, we were even in front of the media zone!

twin towers live 2012-007

I arrived late at the concert ground, and DJ Prem from Fly FM was already spinning some tracks on stage to warm up the crowd.

twin towers live 2012-008

The opening act was Elecoldxhot, a local dance crew.

twin towers live 2012-006

Jojo Struys and DJ Prem were the hosts for the night.

twin towers live 2012-004

There was already a massive crowd in front of the Petronas Twin Towers at 6pm, even before the concert started. So you can imagine how packed the venue was by the time the main acts arrive!

klcc crowd

SNSD finally came on stage at 9.20pm and they performed a 30-minute long set, with a total of 6 songs. Girls’ Generation compromises of 9 members, but one of the members couldn’t make it that night. But don’t you worry, because they promised they will come back very soon with the complete line-up! 😀

Here are some of the shots which I took from last night!

twin towers live 2012-002

twin towers live 2012-010

twin towers live 2012-001

twin towers live 2012-005

twin towers live 2012-009

I decided to head home to rest right after SNSD’s performance as I wasn’t feeling well.

Although I am not a fan of the K-pop genre, I have to admit that their songs are rather catchy. I enjoyed myself last night with the great live music and flawless dance performances. It was a night well spent, even if I had to survive being pushed by crazy fan boys AND girls.

Thanks again for the tickets, Petronas Mortorsports! :DD

twin towers live 2012-003

On a separate note, there’s another party coming! Oh make that 4 parties!

Have you guys seen this yet?
Head over to if you want to score yourself an invite!

the pool kl


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    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahha no worries! Yea, it was hard to move around..

  1. JunFook

    SNSD =O My fav. they are so hot.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Poor u!
      I wish I could have given you tickets!!

  2. Michelle

    I listen to kpop as much as i listen to classical or bossa nova. i have to say, snsd might have made a breakthrough in the states recently but i prefer it if 2ne1 or miss a were to perform live in klcc. 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      With the current wave of concerts in KL, I’m sure 2NE1 will be here soon!

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