Sneak preview: A Day Out in the Honda Freed with Paul Tan & Advertlets Bloggers!

Our team (Team 3) won the best overall team for the “4 Seaters + Ideas” polaroid activity contest!

honda freed - best team

(haha..Ee -Van left earlier but we can’t NOT have him in the winning team pic ritteee…)

Our winning pics:

honda freed - team win


Honda freed - jason chan







Honda freed - leonard foong


The top winning pic that garnered us the votes 😉

honda freed - team winnin pic

Our prizes! One for each of us! Woohoo! :yahoo:

honda Freed - ext HDD win

Our goody bag for the day – Honda Freed Rubic cube, 2 units of EasySafe – a specially encrypted storage “thumbdrive”, pen & the Honda Freed brochure plus a “Picnic Bag” in the car! With bottles of Evians, Gatorade and Red Bull. We are hydrated and charged for the ride ahead 😉 !

honda freed - goody bag
honda - freed USB

Many thanks to Honda Malaysia for hosting us on a beautiful Saturday morning! All of us had a blast! 😉

Next, techical review of the Honda Freed!

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  1. Leo

    wah! I never win any prizes in any contest before 🙁

    1. Rebecca

      Aiyo..mayb u havent entered contests? Do u?

  2. Stupe

    Thank You Honda and willingly sui charbor!

    1. Rebecca

      Hehe.. so whn ya pickin up the HDD frm me? Saw yr FB status tdy..poor thing ;(

  3. Dan Khoo

    becky, the HD is shared right? when is my turn to use? hahahh 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea, which part of the winning pic were u? :scratch:

  4. unkaleong

    Woo Hoo! Can’t wait for the technical review 😛

  5. Simon Seow

    Need for space. The WD Passport sure comes in handy.

    1. Rebecca

      Oh yes! Lucky me & Thanks to Honda for such quality prizes!

  6. botakai

    wah becky uu damn good poser wei ahahhahaha

  7. ielts school

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for honda malaysia

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