Sitka Restaurant, Damansara (Jalan Batai Kuala Lumpur) launches supper club

After 2 visits to this nice restaurant, I’m really looking forward to the launch of their upcoming Thurs – Sat supperclub.

Sitka supper club

The menu does look promising right? 🙂
I like the play of local ingredients and modern interpretation showcased here. The names alone sound rather creative and fancy, and on whether it would turn out tasting as good as it sound on print could only be testified once reservations for dinner opens.

How this is going to work is diners are given the choice to order any amount of dishes from each category and pay accordingly. The menu is fixed. Prices and actual date of launch for this supperclub isn’t confirmed as yet, but the team is looking at end of May or mid June.

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-004

Meanwhile, those heading to Sitka should be satisfied with their current daytime menu.
My first visit was a rather long affair. We started with breakfast of quiches and cakes plus coffee to lunch of Lobster Sub, a quinoa salad and a buttermilk fried spring chicken.

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-003

Both the Buttermilk Chicken (RM23) and the Lobster roll – squid ink bun, cocktail sauce, celery leaf (RM34) came with a side of substantial (both in size and taste) salad of grains and greens.
The fresh and generous lobster meat justified the cost of the lobster roll while the buttermilk chicken was nicely brined and tender. The skin however was overly greasy for me.

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-004

On my 2nd visit, one of us ordered the Buttermilk Chicken again so I had a base for comparison.
This time the skin was just as greasy so I guess that’s the standard here.
A chat with the chef revealed that the chicken was brined overnight with salt and herb and then coated with their home recipe of batter using flour, honey and buttermilk (not necessarily in that order, it’s a secret recipe) prior to deep frying.

So far I have had their “Green vegetables with soft herbs” (peas, suger snaps, long beans with quinoa and yoghurt dressing) RM18 and another aubergines & portobello ( miso & honey mixed with millet) RM22. On both occasions we added a 63 degree egg for the creamy pleasure of molten yolk (extra charge at RM4).
On its own the salads could be bland for some as the kitchen doesn’t overdo it with the dressing. I personally prefer it this way though as I hate my salad to be drowned in dressings or sauces.
I find that the portions are substantial enough as a main course too if you’re a light eater or if you’re on a diet.

Green vegetables with soft herbs. 

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-005

aubergines & portobello. 

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-003

The beef tacos, featuring gochujang-braised brisket was overwhemingly salty (RM25) so we requested for a change. Amy recommended the Lamb Taco instead which proved to be a much tastier option.
I particularly like green pea mash so I enjoyed this.

Beef Taco. 

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-001

Lamb Taco.

sitka lamb taco

On the breakfast and pastries side, the Quiche is highly recommended. Very wholesome, not overly rich and generous enough with the salmon for its price.

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai

The Danish was a tad bready but Amy (the restaurant manager) said it was supposed to be so. So if you’re expecting a flaky, light pastry, then please keep your expectations in check.
PS: All breads, quiches and cakes are from their central kitchen.

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-001

Desserts are really good here. Please do make room for them.
I had the Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Crumble (RM15) TWICE (1st & 2nd visit) and I love the light crumbly meringue which isn’t very sweet with the pairing of rich chocolate and  raspberry mousse. 

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-002

Another is the Lavendar Cherry Pound Cake (RM12). Almost like an old fashioned butter cake but done right. 

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-006

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-005

Sitka is a collaboration with Aberdeen-based Moonfish Cafe’s Chef Christian Recomio and it’s menu takes inspiration from the food scene of Copenhagen, Barcelona and London. Where possible, Sitka sources from hand-picked local producers and small farms to encourage and support sustainable food practices.
As seen from their menu, dishes are a combination of traditional ingredients with modern techniques.
I personally foresee some grumbles about the portion and pricing and all I can say is, you pay for quality. 🙂
The tacos and rolls/subs may seem to be on the high side, however the buttermilk chicken is pretty good value for RM23. So are their quiches and cakes.
Prices for salads are pretty standard and I think they are much better value compared to salads at Delicious, Plan B, Bens’ etc.

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-007

Sitka Restaurant kuala lumpur - damansara jalan batai-008

Sitka Restaurant
8-5 jalan batai
damansara heights
kuala lumpur
[email protected]

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  1. Marcus

    hah! now i got it!
    Hay is not just for horses!

  2. Marcus

    context1: menu item number 3 on the small plates section
    context2: once i greeted my high school english teacher with hey mr somethingwhosenameiforgot. he said “hey is for horses. say hello. or say good morning” he prolly had a rough day. or was goofing around. lets go with the latter for the benefit of a doubt

      1. Marcus

        was it seriously hay that they were serving though?

      2. Rebecca Saw

        I wonder.
        Well lets wait for it to start & try then

  3. Andrew

    Ambitious menu & seems pretty healthy, other than the greasy chicken you mentioned earlier

  4. Veron

    Had a good lunch here.
    Like you I thought the tacos’ pricing aren’t quite justified but the desserts are good alright. Spot on recommendations as usual becks.
    I had the salad of course. With an egg. 🙂

  5. Carl

    Salads quinoa millet.. It’s the super food era !

  6. George

    Will wait for the supper club. Menu looks more detailed.

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