Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Mortlach launched in Malaysia

How do you like your whisky?” Global Brand Ambassador for Mortlach and whisky expert, Ms. Georgie Bell had asked.

She liked hers neat, with an option for a splash of water if required.


I, on the other hand, much preferred my Mortlach with other additions.
At the launch of one of Scotland’s finest single malts,  3 cocktails were created and my top pick is the Lucky Deity, a mellow, sweet concoction using Mortlach Rare Old with dates, longan palm syrup and Oolong tea.

Scotch Whisky Mortlach in malaysia - glasshouse seputeh-002

The cocktail is light, almost like sweetened tea. I thought of it as an alcoholic “tong shui” (chinese sweet dessert soup) with its notes of sweet dates and palm syrup.

Mortlach whisky

Individual and unique to the palate, the Rare Old Mortlach, carries Mortlach’s signature exquisite balance of sweetness and dryness, infused deliciously with the whisky’s fruit and flora notes.
I reckon it is precisely that fruit and flora notes which made this cocktail so pleasant to drink.

Scotch Whisky Mortlach in malaysia - glasshouse seputeh-003

I tried the other 2 cocktails but kept coming back for more of the Lucky Deity.
But let’s not neglect the Beauty and the Beast and the Mortlach Sour.
The Beauty and the Beast is concocted from Mortlach Rare Old, Aperol, LBV/Tawny Pot and Dash Peychaud’s Bitters.
As expected from its list of ingredients, the Beauty and the Beast was bitter and strong. More of a Beast’s drink than Beauty eh?

Scotch Whisky Mortlach in malaysia - glasshouse seputeh-008

Scotch Whisky Mortlach in malaysia - glasshouse seputeh-007

The Mortlach Sour is well, sour with a discerning flavour of Mortlach coming through with each sip.
This cocktail consist of Mortlach Rare Old, Yellow Chartreuse, Agave syrup, Lemon Juice and Egg White. It is served garnished with lemon twist and black pepper.

Scotch Whisky Mortlach in malaysia - glasshouse seputeh-001

Scotch Whisky Mortlach in malaysia - glasshouse seputeh-009

The bar was manned by Joel, Osmond Shawn; all respected names in the alcohol scene. The trio dutifully shook, stirred and poured glass after glass of cocktails that evening.

Scotch Whisky Mortlach in malaysia - glasshouse seputeh-006

But enough of the cocktails. We are here for the real deal, the exclusive tasting session where Georgie, the Global Brand Ambassador for Mortlach will bring us through a unique journey with the world’s most revered Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Mortlach.

We were ushered into a room, and served a shot each of the 18-Year-Old Mortlach and 25-Year-Old Mortlach.


Georgie began her story-telling then; skimming over Mortlach’s rich history, of cold, dreary Scotland and of her life as a Global Ambassador.
An accomplished lady in the realms of whiskies, Georgie holds a Diploma in Distilling with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling as well as a scholarship from The Worshipful Company of Distillers.

The tasting began with the 18 year old, which we found to be slightly dry on the palate but suave and sophisticated.
After a sip, we were told to revisit the same whisky, this time with dark chocolate in the mouth.
The cocoa transformed the flavours greatly, and the 18 YO became less punchy but took on a mellow and velvety mouthfeel instead.

The 25 YO Mortlach was smooth as expected. No doubt a whisky of this class is best enjoyed straight. The taste in the mouth was complex flavours of scandalwood, spiciness and earthy.

Scotch Whisky Mortlach in malaysia - glasshouse seputeh-011

It was another great learning experience and thank you again MHD for having me.

Scotch Whisky Mortlach in malaysia - glasshouse seputeh

The Mortlach are available at MHDM and authorized distributors in Malaysia. For shots and cocktails, they’re available in selected 5-star hotels, speakeasies and whisky bars.
For more information, visit Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia’s official website.

Mortlach - 25-Year-Old_A

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