Singapore – Prince of Wales Backpackers’ Hostel & Pub

I love travelling backpacking, though I must admit my health is not as resilient as it was few years back. I used to be able to go without sleep for days, and shop for 14 hours straight (with food, but eaten on the go!). Now? 1 hour & I’m complaining & badly in need of a drink & a comfy sofa.

I just recovered from fever, after 14 straight hours of sleep. Thank god for a nice clean hostel and its pretty convenient location.

Prince of Wales Backpackers’ Hostel & Pub, (yes you read right, it’s a pub downstairs!) is in the Little India district and a mere 5mins light walk from the Little India (duh, what else?) MRT station.

While the name “Little India” doesn’t quite instill confidence in some, bear in mind that I would only consent to staying in Little India in SINGAPORE. Not anyway else.

Do check out my previous post HERE on Little India in the mornings, Tekka Centre & it’s Indian food.

Little India is a hustle & bustle of activity after 11am til late evening.

little india Sg2

little india Sg

I’m not too sure what is this Malay couple trying to do. Wedding shot in Little India?? 1Singapore? LOL. 😉

little india Sg bride

Romantic hor?? Amidst all the “GREENS”…

little india Sg-1

The entrance to the hostel is via the pub downstairs. It is very nice and doesn’t reek of overnight beers and cigarette smoke when I checked in that morning.

prince of wales Sg1

prince of wales Sg -bar

They even have a Berg Hamburger joint here. Operating hours 12pm til late. Too bad room service ain’t allowed. 😉

prince of wales Sg - berg

Berg Hamburger’s kitchen.

prince of wales Sg- Berg kitcen

There are a shelf full of books for rent. Free wifi, free breakfast, clean linens, pillow case and hot shower & special rate of SGD5 for beers comes with your accomodation. Seriously, if you are not fussy, there isn’t much to complain about staying here!

prince of wales Sg-books

The dorms and rooms are located upstairs.  I took the dormitory package so I am only able to show you here how’s that’s like. Prince of Wales Backpackers’ Hostel has single and double rooms too (for different rates of course).

prince of wales Sg - stairs

Told you there’s aircon! It’s on from 9pm to 8am in the morning.

prince of wales Sg -aircon

The fans operates throughout the day & night. Thus, it was very very breezy and cooling in the afternoons. Likewise, it ensures proper ventilation in the entire dorm. There were no issues of unpleasant odours or anything of that sort 😉 .

prince of wales Sg - dorm

Right inside the dormitory, shelves are provided for storing your stuffs, (or you could put it on your bed, beside your bed etc) and lockers (rentable) for storing your valuables. I kept my laptop in one of those and was pretty happy that I didn’t have to lug it around with me while I was shopping! There are 2 types of lockers – one that cost SGD1 (in coin) per time or SGD5 for a locker that uses a key and can be used during the entire duration of your stay.

A laptop is also provided in the dorm (it is on the red desk besides the locker in the pic below), Wifi-ed of course, and sharable for the dorm users.

prince of wales Sg-lockers, PC

The utility area is downstairs at the back of the pub. Again. it’s a shared concept. It”s pretty equipped with hot showers, toilet paper, hand papers (all stocked at all times) and most importantly, it is CLEAN at all times of the day, even at night when the pub is packed.

prince of wales Sg-utility

prince of wales Sg-washroom

prince of wales Sg-toilet

There’s more! I told you this place rocks right? :yes:

Below is the open air area right besides the pub. This is where we have our breakfast in the morning & also a place to chill with your laptop, read the papers, do your laundry (yup, washing machines are available & payable of course) etc. Cooling and breezy and CLEAN.

prince of wales Sg-brekkie

Breakfast consisted of free flow coffee & tea, fruits (watermelon & honeydew), white bread, butter, jam, marmite and eggs. Below pic: You’ll have to cook your own eggs though. Salt and pepper is provided  😉
ps: The washing machine is here.

prince of wales Sg - washingup

Someone burnt his eggs! LOL. 🙂

prince of wales Sg -eggs

There are some who cooked their eggs very well of course. I saw some fluffy scrambled & perfect bull-eyes eggs 😉

Then you are supposed to wash after yourself. The pan, the mug and the utensils you used for breakfast. Yup, backpackers style living. Think you can do it?

prince of wales Sg-kitchen

The pool table, (SGD2 per game) is available in the evenings til late night.

prince of wales Sg -pool table

So yeah, not a bad choice for cheap accomodation in Singapore right? I think I’ll be staying here more often from now on!

Contact: Prince of Wales Backpackers’ Hostel & Pub, Little India, Singapore

prince of wales Sg - contact

And the price of my dorm? SGD18/night. Check in at 9am. Check out 11am.

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  1. aaron

    This place looks great! Will definitely give it a try next time I hit SG! 😀 :good:

  2. Sean

    looks like it totally satisfies all the main criteria: clean, safe, cheerful, affordable and not too noisy 😀

  3. Huai Bin

    Hey pretty cheap. Thanks for the tip! I like that there’s free WiFi and lockers available for your use too – very useful when backpacking, especially in dorms! 🙂

  4. hApPy HaPpY

    Such an interesting accommodation in the Lion City. Thank for sharing.Maybe I should try it out..

    1. rebeccasaw

      AHah.. for the adventurous at heart! yay! :yahoo:

  5. Howdy, your site is on air in the radio! Good job mate. Your posts are truly great and bookmarked. Regards

  6. unkaleong

    Were the eggs cooked by you? :good: Hee Hee. Can I have two done the same way every morning? :*

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe..brekkie in bed? Pay me SGD18 ya :heart:

  7. J the chocoholic

    I am such a spoilt brat – kenot tahan if I have to share toilet/ shower with other ppl. *blush*

    1. rebeccasaw

      aiyo! Now I know! So we cant go backpacking together .. :scratch:

  8. admin


      1. rebeccasaw

        Oh hi back at ya!
        So when are we going Sg??

  9. JustinH

    Now this looks like a place for me to go Singapore with tight budget! :yahoo:
    thanks for sharing! :good:

  10. Kevin Tan

    I adore your blog about Singapore – Prince of Wales Backpackers’ Hostel & Pub in Little India district, Sg | thenomadGourmand

  11. Karry Hoeck, Travel & Living

    Very Nice! Can I use an excerpt of your article on my web site with a link back to you? Thank you 🙂

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    A good article that I found today. Thanks for your post!

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    Cool post! This seems to be a very informative blog. I will visit your site more often. This is really great! Well done. Thanks for sharing.,:)

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    I typically never post in Blogs but your website forced me to, awesome work.. stunning …

  15. Caren Leonor

    Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more.

  16. James blenker

    Hey thanks!
    Good tip. There are others ard that area right?

  17. Emilio Glenister

    Good blog, how did you know of this plc? I m glad I found it though, ill be heading to Sg soon

  18. Setthia

    hey, I added ur site to my RSS reader. the posts are awesome! 🙂
    More on travel and the food pls!

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    howdy, awesome blog post.

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    Nice job here. I really enjoyed your write up & the pics! Keep going because you definitely bring value to backpackers’ travelling!


  22. Damien Vanoven

    I love it! Clean and simple and cheap!

  23. Junko Bohling

    Thanks a lot for the blog post.Really thank you! Really Great.

  24. Jimmy Letsinger

    I really like my wash hand mirror since it will save me time while shaving while in the wash.

  25. Kat

    Wow! Very detailed. Thank you! =) I have just made my reservations with them and I can’t wait to stay there next week.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hey Kat!
      Thanks for your kind remark 🙂 I do hope you enjoy your stay !

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