Singapore – MOS Burgers – Premium Wagyu Cheeseburger!

MOS burgers are a must whenever I’m in Singapore. It’s the nearest country for me to get my juicy MOS burger fix and frankly, MOS burgers pawns McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and A & W anytime when it comes to both taste and quality.

My trip coincides with the current MOS Burger Singapore Premium Wagyu and Salmon Cutlet Burger promotion. Not a fan of salmon cutlets (I prefer my salmon fresh!) and being a huge lover of meat, it wasn’t difficult to guess my choice this time round.

mos burger - premium wagyu burger - rebecca saw blog-005

Since there were 2 of us, we ordered a Wagyu Cheeseburger and a beef rice burger.

mos burger - premium wagyu burger - rebecca saw blog-004

mos burger - premium wagyu burger - rebecca saw blog-003

To be frank I thought the wagyu patty tasted almost similar to the usual patties found in the other MOS burgers. Furthermore, I was disappointed that they ran out if mushrooms (100 am outlet at Tg Pagar area) at 3pm! In the end I had to settle for my cheeseburger without the mushrooms, which may be the reason why I thought the Wagyu Cheeseburger was just so-so and not as tasty as I had imagined it to be.
Rainier actually liked the rice burger so I happily let him finish it since I’m not a fan. LOL.

mos burger - premium wagyu burger - rebecca saw blog-002

mos burger - premium wagyu burger - rebecca saw blog-001

Here’s a discovery. I don’t usually add sauce to my MOS burgers as I never felt there was a need but on this visit, I happened to notice the packets and I saw that it is actually made and packaged in MALAYSIA!

mos burger - premium wagyu burger - rebecca saw blog

Geez.. so we don’t have MOS in Malaysia but the sauce is made in Malaysia. How ironic.

Anyhow, I just found out that there another new MOS Burger that I haven’t tried! Today’s my last day in Sg and I hope I’ll manage to grab a Umakara MOS Burger or a Umakara CHEESE MOS Burger before I leave! 🙂

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  1. Ken Kf

    if you have the chance, you should try Freshness instead. it’s a Japanese franchise chain and it’s superb freshness (pun intended)!

  2. MOS burgers should make a comeback to KL, i say! i think at this point, they could do really well! 😀

  3. Fui

    I love their MOS cheese burger. And same opinion with you about the wagyu burger, taste like normal beef patties and less oozy compare to MOS cheese burger which have diced tomatoes inside 😀

  4. Choi Yen

    Wish they can come back to our shores!

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