SIBU 2011: Rebecca Saw takes the “fear factor” challenge & eats a live fat sago worm!

In conjunction with the launch of Firefly Airlines inaugural flight to Sibu, I’m now in Sibu for a 3 days 2 nights fam trip!
This is my first ever visit to Sibu, and one of the highlights of my trip was just yesterday morning, during our visit to the largest market in Malaysia The Sibu Central Market.
We managed to buy the infamous sago worms & eat it live!

This is how the worms looked like……….

Sibu, sarawak - live sago worms.08

Sibu, sarawak - live sago worms.59

And this is how YOU EAT IT!

Oh yea!! *thumbs up*
So, any of you had experienced eating it before?? What do YOU think?

For those who have not sampled this “delicacy” before (LOL), would YOU have dared to eat it LIVE?? Would you?? :P

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  1. FeeQ

    Its not fair u can eat it.. I went to kuching w azrin last time but could not able to find it.. Nvm.. i ask my friend from sibu to bring back XP

    1. jfook

      you damn unlucky lahhh hahaha

      1. Rebecca

        Haha..not so much of luck..i heard these worms are avail by season?

    2. Rebecca

      The last time iwas in Kuching also I couldn’t get it! Searched high & low!
      This time I didn’t expect to find it so easily – right at the market!

  2. Mohd Zaid

    wahhh beraninya u makan… yaaakksss.. tapi kalau i pergi Sibu i nak try… 🙂 :good:

    1. Rebecca

      YES! Mesti la try kan once in a lifetime?? 😉

    1. Rebecca

      Hhaha! I’m sure you would to righttttt??

  3. Caroline

    OMG! Got lots in Sabah and I dare not to touch it!! You’e so brave babe!! bravo!! :good:

    1. Rebecca

      Sabah also got?? Oh man, tis is awesome cuisine ;p

  4. nicole'smirror

    OH NO!!!! I WANT!!! My hometown used to sell this but now very rare!!! I am craving for this so badly 🙁 Do you love it??? Well, since you don’t grow up with it I bet you are pretty disgusted ;p Believe it or not I love the head. kekeke crunchy part!!! ;D

    1. Rebecca

      OMG Nicole! You’re like the only person I met (gal somemore) that profess such lovveeeeee fr this! *faints *

  5. suituapui

    Eyewwwwww….. I’ve eaten it, dry-fried first but I didn’t like it. Very lemak like buntut ayam…which I would not touch…no, thank you.

    1. Rebecca

      ROFL! Yes, very the lemakkkkkk! ;p

  6. kianfai87

    Wow you are so daring! If for me I wont do it XD

    Thanks for your vidz, it is 1.04mins! The most precious time! LOL B-)

    1. Rebecca

      LOL! I didn’t realize hw long it was actually. So it took me 30++ secs to chew on that thing, while the rest is all the drama ;p

  7. Isaac Tan

    you reminded me of that TV show on astro, “Bizzare Food” if i’m not mistaken. Wow, I admire your bravery to try this out. Superb !

    1. Rebecca

      Hahah! I should go around & eat all these funky stuffs yea, & video it!

  8. Timing

    wah you really makan ah? i’d have chickened out for sure.

    1. Rebecca

      U??? Oh come on, I’m sure you’ll be game fr it too!

  9. Sean

    i’ve never eaten the worms raw before, but i’ve had them cooked with onions once at this sarawakian restaurant (pucuk ubi) that has closed down already at plaza ttdi. remember liking them 😀

    1. Rebecca

      Hahha..cod sperms, human flesh, civet cats etc.. Im sure u hv no problm w juicy fat slugs Sean! ;p

  10. ciki

    ewww worms! you’re brave woman! LOL

  11. melvyn

    thumbs up… you did it. the worm still alive and moving…. good one

    1. Rebecca

      Oh yay! I did it!
      Now, what’s next??? ;p

  12. Munkey

    The fat sago worms look so good! I wanna have a bite of them! HAHAHAH 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahha! Can can! too bad there’s none avail here in the Peninsular!

  13. Jess

    Errr,, i think i will let the worms eat me.. :scratch:

  14. Anis

    Wow girl! You are so berani!!!! I couldn’t even eat the ones Chris cooked that night at the long house…I think they look less appetising when they are cooked! LOL…anyway, i like your blog! 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      Hehe! Thanks for visitng my blog! Yay, hope to catch you soon yea!

  15. LT

    oh, so daring…. raw, moving worms…..i pengsan !

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhaha! Thanks for dropping in on my blog 😛
      Yes, sago worms – YUMMY!! 😛

  16. Laleng

    Nice… It was my fav… I always order about 10kg from mukah to miri by bus… 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      10KG?? *faints*

      Seriously?? What do u do with 10kg of sago worms?

  17. biqque

    does it bite your tongue before it completely die?

    1. rebeccasaw

      That’s why you have to bite off the head first before you chew! 🙂

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