Shopping online with the Lazada Android App – see my Eminent 29″ luggage bag!

I’ll be heading to Hong Kong, Japan and Langkawi next month!
Oh, I’m so excited. I’ll be literally living off my luggage bags the whole month so guess what I did? I bought a new one! A nice big one! 🙂

Shopping online with the Lazada Android App rebecca saw

I remembered my Japan trip last year. I stayed in Tokyo and Osaka for 10 days.
I bought quite a lot with me; from chargers to spare batteries to thick clothing. Japan is not Thailand, where you would just walk out to the street and buy whatever you forgot to pack along without a second thought. In Japan, everything is expensive, no thanks to our miserable ringgit.

Fortunately everything fit into a borrowed luggage bag that a very good friend graciously spared me; a 28″ Barry Smith with 360 degrees wheels.
I remembered walking from subways to hostels (taxi fares are crazy in Japan), lugging the Barry Smith into and out of trains, pushing it on pavements and up & down the stairs.
I was lucky it was a good sturdy luggage bag, cos at some point I thought the wheels might give way!

With that experience in mind, I was on the hunt for a reliable, sturdy and most importantly, LARGE luggage bag.
I have not gone shopping for a long time. Work and maintaining a blog really kills my leisure time. Whenever possible, I’ll shop online or I’ll just request someone to buy on my behalf.

The same goes for this particular purchase. A quick google revealed good prices for luggage bags on Lazada site.

Since I was on the LRT and was surfing the net on my phone, I downloaded the app for easier mobile surfing. You can find it on Google Play Store.

Lazada App for Android

Using the app, browsing through the categories was simple and straightforward.

Lazada App for Android-001

I zoomed in on the travel category immediately. I suspected that my wallet would become lighter very fast if I started surfing around on Lazada’s site. Everything is sold at crazily slashed prices and god knows I’m a huge fan of good bargains! 😀

Lazada App for Android-002

Under the travel category, there are a few sub categories. I clicked on ‘luggage’ to view the choices available.

Lazada App for Android-003

Fabulous. I was thrilled to see the variant of colours and sizes of the luggage bags. Some of them came with spinner wheels too, which is a must for me as it makes traveling and navigation easier since the luggage bag will swerve and follow you easily.

Lazada App for Android-004

The 29″ one is the largest I could find. And Lazada stocks this in white, my favourite colour! 🙂

Lazada App for Android-005

At 50% discount it’s a steal. I did some research online about this Eminent brand and found out that Eminent Luggage Corporation is Asia’s largest luggage maker.
Founded in April 1979, Eminent is well known for over three decades of experience in manufacturing luggage and suitcases. There were pretty positive reviews about their products online.
Having read all that, I was assured that Eminent products are of reputable quality. Furthermore on the product page there were information about the product itself.

Lazada App - Android-001

Lazada App - Android-002


Satisfied, I proceed to make my purchase, all done on the app.

Lazada App - Android

Lazada App for Android-006

Once I added the item to the cart, I have the option of continuing to browse and buy more; otherwise I can check out.

Lazada App for Android-007

For me I’m done (or rather that’s all my budget allowed me) so I proceed to checkout. Do remember to create an account on Lazada as you would need to sign in before making any purchase, which is pretty straightforward, as I found out while I create my account.
This would also be the same account details I’ll use for all future purchases.

Lazada App for Android-008

Step 1: Billing address for delivery.


Step 2: Choose your payment method.

Lazada App for Android-010

Step 3: Confirm your order.

Lazada App for Android-011

Step 4: Confirmation of your purchase.

Lazada App for Android-012

The transaction is immediately updated in their system and I received an email informing me that my purchase is confirmed. This was followed shortly with an email to inform me that my purchase has been shipped through GDEX, Lazada’s logistics partner. I could track my purchase through a link given in the email.
All in all, pretty smooth!

I received my Eminent luggage bag in less than 5 working days. Excited I unboxed it immediately and checked to make sure all is in good order.

Lazada Aug 2013-002

Lazada Aug 2013-003

Shopping online with the Lazada Android App rebecca saw

Look mum, I could fit into it! 😀

Shopping online with the Lazada Android App rebecca saw 1

Not bad yes? All done within 15 minutes on the app, and my purchase was delivered within the time-frame as promised on the site. Now I’m ready for my Hong Kong + Japan + Langkawi trip! 😀

*Thanks to Lazada Malaysia for my purchase!

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooo, quite a convenient process of obtaining the bag, and it looks great too! i have a bit of traveling down under next month, but hopefully my current bag will serve me all right, heh 😀

  2. Rachel

    Ohhh you look so cute! You can sure fit into the bag!

  3. Christian

    Read the product features & description, you made a very good choice. Looking for a spinner luggage, better with a great deal like yours!!

  4. Melissa

    Hey Becky… I am smaller size than you, maybe you can pack me in that luggage & take me along to HongKong? 😉
    But truthfully Eminent has always been my preferred choice & with the 50% discount Lazada is giving, worth it!

  5. Janet Oh

    The step by step purchase through Android app seem very easy & convenient. Will try it out & browse through, just hope I do not get hooked on it & start shopping non stop.

  6. Jaycee

    The bag is not big, you’re petite!?
    Lazada – you’re lucky I guess. Their delivery service is as famous as their site. Bad!

  7. cquek

    thanks for the information. i always check out their website…

  8. Kevin

    Hmmmm I might give them a try again. I do need a powerbank and I saw some with pretty good prices. The last time I ordered I had issues with delivery and had to get it refunded in the end

  9. Haley Chin

    Nice dress and boots *envy!*
    And HK, Japan and Langkawi all in one month! So nice, get to travel so much!
    I should look for a new luggage to replace mine too! Maybe I might find a nice one on Lazada

  10. Veron

    So many trips coming up for you becky!
    Safe journey and looking forward to your posts! Lazada did have some bad rep at the beginning but good to know that your experience was pleasant. Perhaps they have improved after all.

  11. Maia

    That looks like a lovely bag! Good choice & so cheap too. Great deal from Lazada.

  12. Veron

    Looks like you got a darn good deal! Let me surf over now!

  13. Kujie

    besarnya , balik boleh bawa banyak souvenir

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