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The cool Star Wars Darth Vader toaster

This Darth Vader toaster is so cool! ūüėÄ


A lot of people had been asking me about how and where I got this incredible toy.

Well, I got it online from a US site, and had it shipped to me in Malaysia.
To my astonishment my package arrived at Shop and Ship facility in Malaysia after FOUR (4) working days from the time it arrived in the New York facility!
That’s seriously swift.

BELOW: See my address? I use the given Shop and Ship address in New York – which works as your US address.
So anything you buy within US, ship to this address.

shop and ship - star wars toaster.39 AM.png

Sequence of events:
25th Jan (Sunday) : Ordered the toaster
30th Jan (Friday)   : Toaster arrived at NY address for Shop & Ship
5th Feb (Thursday): Toaster arrived in KL address for Shop and Ship & the courier called me to arrange for delivery

So essentially it took only 4 working days (2nd, 3rd Feb, 4th Feb & 5th Feb – Tues to Thurs) for my toaster to reach KL from New York!
And that’s nearly the same time it took for the toaster to reach the NY address from the shop.

Ok, backtrack.
Now that I’ve explained how I got my US item, let me go through briefly why I chose to ship via this service called Shop and Ship.


Shop and Ship an international shipping service that allows you to shop from 14 countries.

Shop and Ship has 14 addresses (forwarding locations) in 14 countries as below:

(1) US , (2) UK, (3) China, (4) Turkey, (5) UAE, (6) India, (7) South Africa, (8) Hong Kong, (9) Germany, (10) Italy, (11) Spain, (12) France, (13) Singapore and (14) Canada.
So if you buy something from US, have it shipped to the US address (which then will be most likely be FREE or lower in price).

(2) Once your item reached Shop & Ship’s¬†US address (or your any chosen address), you will receive an email.
There’s even an app for you to track your item.


Then depending on countries, it will be another few days to a week before your item arrive at your doorstep!


So you can shop from anywhere in the world and still have it shipped to you in Malaysia.

SnS_SnS how it works-14acnts

How much to pay:
One time (lifetime) registration fee of : USD45.
However, now and for a limited time only, get FREE membership by using the following promocode: 100FREE26 (value RM165).Click here to get sign up: .

DO sign up ASAP as you would never when you would need such a forwarding service and most other similar services charge a registration fee.

What do you have to lose anyways?
Like I said, with the code ‚Äú 100FREE26‚ÄĚ your registration fee is waived! ūüėÄ

Next, the rates.

Rate differs by country:
You can check out the Zone 1 – Zone 4 here –>¬†

My example: US to Malaysia: It is RM45/ 1st 0.5 kg (500 g), subsequent 0.5 kg(500 g) is RM35 for my shipment.
My toaster was about 2.5kg so I paid RM45 (0.5kg) + RM35 (subsequent 0.5kg x 4 = 2 kg / RM140).
So total is RM185.

But the good news is, Shop and Ship has just launched their new rates and happily enough, the revised rates are cheaper!

Rates from other SNS Origins (Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, UK and South Africa) for first 0.5 kg is 55 MYR and 25 MYR for each additional 0.5 kg.

On another note, Malaysia will be the 15th origin where people all over the world can shop from our country. This was launched on the 30th of March 2015.

Well, that’s one piece of good news considering that all of us are already feeling burdened with the impending GST.

Shop and Ship is currently available in over 52 destinations around the world (using a combination of the 14 addresses I’ve mentioned above), so it‚Äôs your ideal shipping “partner” if you shop online frequently.

You get to track your shipments, shipments are prompt and you can shop from 52 destinations around in the world. What’s there not to like?

Sign up here:

And if you don’t know any international sites to shop from, you can visit their Facebook Fanpage: Or to get some ideas.

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  1. chang kok kuan


    It said invalid code from shop and ship. Please check. Thank you.

      1. Ryan

        It said invalid code from shop and ship. Please check. Thank you.

      2. Rebecca Saw

        IT should work now Ryan. Let me know if it doesn’t?

  2. chang kok kuan

    It’s work now, It only start 1st of April. Luckily not April fool.

  3. Sean EDKL

    wah, a very handy service indeed … i can imagine using it someday … p.s. i assume that toaster is meant for somebody else and that you’re not the one who plans to use it! ūüôā

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahaha yes it is meant as a gift!
      I hope to see him toasting some slices of bread soon, but so far he’s quite contented to just admire it on his kitchen top!

  4. marcus

    the cool thing here is that it has a lot of locations to choose from. most forwarding services now only have an adress in the states and move outward from there. this allows you to cover europe and emea too which has been a big gap. although shipping from europe is not as ridiculous as from North america

  5. fun tam

    Hi Rebecca. Thanks for the info on S&S. Very handy to know. As for the toaster, may I know if it works? I remember reading somewhere the wattage is suitable for North America only. Since ours is a higher wattage am afraid it might fritz the toaster? Thanks

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yeaps, different voltage so I just have to buy a converter ūüôā

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