Shiberty Bakes : Shibuya Toast, Waffles, Macarons and everything pretty

It is an admirable accomplishment when an individual is able to set up something to call his/her own.

This is especially so if the founder is young, better if she/he is good looking and of course, if the venture is successful, that would be the ideal story for many to be inspired by.

At this moment baker and blogger Jessica Loh is one shining example.

From a humble start of online customised cakes orders to launching her own brick and mortar cafe in the charming area of Farrer Park, this outlet at Owen Road has been drawing attention since its soft launch.


I have my good friend Hannah to thank for including me in this tasting session. With the ever lovable Kevin The Hiak for company, it was a beautiful afternoon with happy friends and pretty desserts.

Prices start from SGD2 for a macaron, SGD4 for a cupcake, SGD7 for a cake slice to SGD14 – SGD16 for waffles and her popular tall toasts.

For drinks the photogenic Dessert Milkshakes (SGD9) are one of the specialities here and by default, we had to order a few to share.


Assorted Macarons ($2 per piece)


Classic Shiberty Toast ($16)



Churros Gourmet Waffles ($15)


Earl Grey Cake ($7), Spectacular Speculoos Cake



In general, the toasts are big, the cakes tall and the waffles large.
Thus it is recommendable to share your desserts here. That translates to sharing of cost as well which is a win-win for everyone.
It is worthy to note too that each dessert came with generous toppings. All in all, Shiberty’s Bakes are competitively priced.

The highlight of our sugar binge that evening was the Classic Shibuya Toast.
This tall, baked dough was done justice with a superb crisp on the outside and tender insides. Liberally buttered, every bite was a call for another, and another and another.
It is easy to gobble your way through half the toast before you realized that it might not be such a good idea as there were other desserts to try as well!


Following closely for our “favourite Shiberty dessert” title was the Churros Waffles.

The cinnamon dusting plus the crisp exterior, 2 ice cold ice cream and rich chocolate combination is still lingering on my mind now as I type this.
Yes, this is a waffle with a difference.

Bored of the usual waffles? This is it.
Order and don’t share!

Processed with Snapseed.

Meanwhile the dessert shakes quenched our thirst. We liked them both; satisfyingly creamy without being cloyingly sweet.


I’m not a macaron fan so I avoided them.
However I managed to sneak a bite each of the Lychee Rose and a Gula Kaya version for tasting sake.
The cakes were a decent size for the price.



Thanks to Nicholas for having us and my dearest friends Hannah and Kevin for sharing their desserts with me.
Now I can proudly proclaim that I’ve tried the famous Shiberty’s bakes! 🙂


Shiberty Bakes 
46 Owen Road #01-277
Singapore 210046

Tel: +65 6291 5221
Waze: “Shiberty Bakes”.

Operation Hours:
Tue – Sun : 1.00pm – 10.00pm (Monday Closed)


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  1. Sean Edkl

    ooo, nice artistic colours and patterns on the macarons! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yeap yeap! SG cafes and bakers are so creative!! 😀

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