Sheraton Macao Hotel’s Latest DreamWorks Dragon Adventure Package

Available from July 21st, there is no better way to treat your children to a host of exciting experiences this summer then to enjoy the new DreamWorks Dragon Adventure Package.


Last year it was The Shrek theme so there were family suites with elements from the Shrek movie and life size characters from Shrek to entertain families during breakfast.

Family Suite - Shrek

Following the huge success of this, Sheraton Macao Hotel is back to entertain kids with brand new and interactive activities.

02. Physical Preparation

05. Final Preparations - toss ring dragon

The DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts Macao was a huge hit with kids and parents last year; and the DreamWorks Dragon Adventure Package this summer is set to take the thrills and excitement to a new level,” said Josef Dolp, Managing Director of Sheraton Macao Hotel.

The soon-to-be-launched Dragon Training Camp is designed to unleash kid’s creativity and train their independency.

20140630 - DreamWorks Dragon Adventure Package_2

With the vast range of activities on offer and character-themed family suites to add to the fun, Sheraton Macao Hotel offers families a great reason to make a trip to Macau this summer.

Dragon Training Camp:

Based on the DreamWorks Animation movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, the Dragon Training Camp is designed for children aged 4 – 12 where they can learn to become junior dragon trainers.
With five training zones including decorating their own armour for self-protection, kids’ aerobics and other arts and crafts activities for mental and physical preparation, little adventurers will become fully prepared to tame the dragon.
As a reward for completion, kids will receive a certificate and have the opportunity to take photos with Toothless, the well-loved dragon, as well as Hiccup and Astrid, the two Viking heroes.

01. Viking Training - helmet decoration zone 1

Sounds interesting?
Well you can book the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ package as below:

Room Type Price: Deluxe King room or Deluxe Twin room – From HKD1,798 per night.

DreamWorks Dragon Adventure Package includes:
– Accommodation for two in Deluxe King or Twin Room
– Breakfast or lunch for two at designated hotel restaurant
– DreamWorks Experience Welcome Kit
– One-way Cotai Water Jet ferry ticket for two from Macau to Hong Kong / Hong Kong International Airport, OR MOP200 Sheraton Spa and Restaurant Vouchers
– Dragon Training Camp ticket for two OR MOP200 Sheraton Spa and Restaurant Vouchers
– Complimentary In-Room Wi-Fi
For guests staying 2 nights, additional extras include:
– Transformers 30th Anniversary Expo ticket for two
– Additional MOP200 Sheraton Spa and Restaurant Vouchers

– All prices are in HKD/MOP and are subject to 10% service charge and 5% government tax;
– Guests can pay an extra HKD300 per child per night (age under 12), maximum two children per package, to enjoy all the benefits as well as a bonus for two-night stay;
– One Dragon Training Camp ticket for one child entry. Free of charge for one accompanying adult. Extra accompanying adult will be charged MOP50 per adult and maximum three accompanying adults per child entry;
– Others terms and conditions apply.

Now to cap off my article about this Dreamworks package, I’ll like to give away a set of the below (a Toothless plushie and a boardgame) courtesy of Sheraton Macao to my readers/friends/fans! 🙂

Just complete the sentence: “I love Toothless cos …… and I want that toy for my …… (myself, my son, my girlfriend) ”

Good luck! <3

sheraton macao - how to train your dragon

So, when shall I go to Macau? Oct/Nov/Dec?
Itinerary: Food, shopping & to explore this largest Sheraton Hotel in the world! 🙂

Sheraton Macao Hotel,
Estrada do Istmo. s/n
Cotai, Macau
Phone: (853) 2880 2000
Fax: (853) 2880 2111

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  1. Sufiya

    OMG! I love toothless cos i will win tons of brownie points at being the best aunty ever and i want that toy for my niece and nephew!

  2. Janice Yeap

    I love Toothless cos Toothless is cute and it represents my Chinese zodiac and I want that toy for my sister.

  3. marcus

    i love toothless cos he is a catdragon. and i want that toy for when i do visitations. so i have something to entertain children while i am speaking to their parents for policies.
    showing and teaching them how to play yoyos is quite treacherous when they slam it to the ground. and almost cause fractures to each other. and they really lose interest after not being able to accomplish it after 3 chucks.
    i saw one kid drop the yoyo and before tugging it up. he looked the other direction.
    nearly screamed him out

  4. Melvin Lee

    I love Toothless cos he’s so cute… and I want that toy for myself! Still a kid at heart! 😛

  5. Jacquelyn

    I love Toothless cos he reminds me of the non-existent tooth fairy I believed until age 8 and I want that toy for myself. Yap for myself because anyhow I will share the boardgame with the boyfriend as he’s recently addicted to playing it weekly. Board game : 1 vs Girlfriend : 0 So at least when boyfriend is playing games, I could have Toothless to accompany me!

  6. pamela

    “I love Toothless cos it is so cute and there is a great story behing and I want that toy for my little girl so I can tell bed time story on How to Train The Dragon with her hugging and playing with the toys.

  7. Jasmin

    I love Toothless cos he is my soulmate. I have dry humour just like him and I want that toy for my dragoness in me.

  8. Jolenesses

    “I love Toothless cos he is cute,loyal not to forget protective and I want that toy for my boyfriend !

  9. Pamela Ong

    I love toothless coz he’s so cute and he’s my niece’s favourite. I want the toy for her as it’s her birthday today 🙂

  10. lim wei zi

    I love toothless cos he has displayed epic level of courage, loyalty & pure heart. I want the toy for my boyfriend so he can bring this toy to double date with my little toothless toy. Hehehe.

  11. Edward Chin

    “I love Toothless because I am also tooth-less and i breathe and live like a dragon (because I was born in the year of a dragon) and I want that toy for myself because it is a reflection of the dragon and ‘cuteness’ in me!”

  12. Leo Selvaraj

    I love Toothless cos…in reality I don’t think he looks anything like a dragon. Actually, he looks like a winged toad, but adorable as hell! That freaks me out and what better way it is to cope with something that freaks me out than to embrace my weird fascination for it! and I want that toy for my niece, because she is still a toddler and by the time she is older, there might be a more weirder, adorable product of films and marketing that will catch her eye (coz the industry is such) so I want her to know that before she even knew who she was – there was once an awesome movie about friendship, courage and tolerance, featuring a dragon that resembled a winged toad, which was one of the most adorable piece of animated character made – whom she is a proud owner too.

  13. Yvonne Lau

    I love Toothless cos he’s a loyal friend besides being a one-of-a-kind dragon with special powers and I want that toy for my 6yo daughter who adores the movie!!

  14. Pearly

    I love Toothless cos he is such an awesome little dragon. And i want the toy for my three girls (hopefully they won’t pull hair for that one toy)!

  15. Fatihah Hasmi

    I love Toothless because he reminded me of my black cat Dora the Little Devil so much that i think she reincarnated herself into a dragon in her next life as Toothless 🙂 I want the toys for my 2 years old daughter, Arya as she couldn’t get enough of Toothless or the movie as we watched the movie for the gazillion time today.

  16. Peteformation

    I love Toothless cos it floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee and I want that toy for my family (share share lah!)

  17. Donovan Lee

    I love Toothless because he reminds me of my gal. Wild , cute and weird. I’ll keep the boardgame for me as I would like to play the boardgame with my family and for the doll it would be my gal’s best gift ever . Thank you for taking your time for reading my comment 🙂

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