Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Mobile Air Purifier

After 1 and a half months of use, I will be posting up my thoughts on the Sharp Pasmacluster Ion Mobile Air Purifier soon.  But first, just a little teaser here to show you how it is like:

sharp plasmacluster ion air purifier-03

What is “plasmacluster ” all about anyways? I’m sure most of you have heard this buzzword. For me, it has always been about refrigerators and TVs.

But plasmacluster actually refers to Sharp’s air purification technology that was developed in 2000, and it’s verified that airborne fungi, influenza viruses, etc are inactivated (become incapable of reproducing) when they come in contact with Plasmacluster Ions.

A few key points to note from the statement above.
Plasmacluster Ion ” – is a trademark of Sharp. It is a technology – NOT the name of the products (though Sharp’s products that does the plasmacluster functions are named with “Plasmacluster” ).

Examples of Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion generating products:

sharp plasmacluster ion air purifier-02

What is Plasmacluster Ion ™ Technology?

Plasmacluster Ion Technology is Sharp’s propriety air purification technology, which uses plasma discharge to generate large numbers of positive and negative ions from airborne water and oxygen molecules, and then releases the ions in large quantities back into the air.
Laymen terms – it converts H20 (water molecules) to ions – H+ and O2- .

What does Plasmacluster Ion do?

* Plasmacluster Ions techonology deactivates airborne mite allergens
* Plasmacluster Ions are also able to inactivate and eliminate the airborne, highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza “Bird Flu” virus by 99.9% in 10 minutes
* Plasmacluster Ions Technology promotes a safe and healthy environment
* Last but not least; Plasmacluster Ions helps preserve skin moisture, improving texture & elasticity. –>> THIS IS WHAT my review unit below is supposed to help me with.

sharp plasmacluster ion air purifier-09

This Pink baby is super light, highly portable and it works to ensure that I’m protected by harmful allergens, airborne fungi and influenza viruses by constantly purifying the air around me.

sharp plasmacluster ion air purifier-13

Yes, I mentioned “constant” because this is a mobile unit, and all I had to do is activate it wherever I am, and it works continuously to convert the water molecules (H2O) around me to +ve and -ve ions  that will suppress the actions of airborne viruses while at the same time, improves skin moisture, improving texture & elasticity as it helps these same ions adhere to the skin, forming a “water molecule coating”. This keeps the skin surface moist.

Amazing eh? Yes, I can imagine the disbelief on your face now.
While we are all used to air purifying products, it is mostly HOME-BOUND. So you get your purified or “clean” air when you’re at home. But we are hardly at home except at nights right?

Majority of the time, we are in the office (hopefully your office uses Sharp Plasmacluster Ion products, heh..) or we are out and about or in cars zooming from one place to another.

**For those of us who spends quite a bit of our precious hours in cars (or stuck in jams) , here’s Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion products for cars to the rescue:

sharp plasmacluster ion air purifier-04

Thus the unique selling point of my PORTABLE SHARP IG-CM1.
It works to keep my surroundings purified, and as a bonus, moisturises my skin too, wherever I am. I have to bring it around with me of course. But that’s material for my next post!
Stay tuned! :P

sharp plasmacluster ion air purifier-14

Sharp logo

Sharp – Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd.

sharp roxy shah alam

All pictures are:
Samsung NX11

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  1. Sean

    ooh i’ve never heard of the plasmacluster before. but yeah, i’ve actually been kinda thinking about whether the air at my home is healthy, cos my air-con is about eight years old and rarely serviced…

  2. Isaac Tan

    woot, ion products for the car too! Now we can keep fresh and “moisturized” even in the jam .. hehee 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Isaac! Happily wedded Isaac 😛

      Yes, good for those always stuck in jams?? LOL

  3. Jess

    read this before.. sounds damn interesting , portable somemore leh.. but not cheappp!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Not cheap hor?> But we are paying for the technology. Imagine, it can help protect you from H1N1 virus! That’s really something isn’t it??

  4. June

    the item just hit our shore ? i was in japan back last year January and this stuff were selling everywhere there .

  5. I do trust all of the ideas you have presented in your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too quick for newbies. May just you please prolong them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

  6. Lee

    hi rebecca, can you provide details on where to buy this and the market price? Thanks a lot

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    Hi Rebecca, will appreciate if you can provide details on where to buy this and the market price? Thanks a lot

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    Thank for sharing ! if you can provide details on where to buy it and how price it ?

  9. Sophia

    Yes, Nice post. I love its information. But I have a question: can you provide details on where to buy this and the market price?

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