Shanghai with Air Asia X – Yuyuan Garden, Chenghuangmiao Market, Zhujiajiao ancient water town

On our 3rd day in Shanghai, our itinerary were a bit more cultural compared to the day before.
We rose to explore the gardens of government officer of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) named Pan Yunduan. According to our guide, this officer was high in ranks, and retired wealthy.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-041

Pan Yunduan built it for himself and his family. Today the garden had undergone many changes since its beginnings 400 years ago.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-042

The current garden is merely one fifth of its original, spanning an area of 20,000 square meters (about five acres).

** Notes taken from the WWW: During the late Ming Dynasty, it became very dilapidated with the decline of Pan’s family. In 1760, some rich merchants bought it and spent more than 20 years reconstructing the buildings. During the Opium War of the 19th century, it was severely damaged. The garden you see today is the result of a 5 year restoration project which began in 1956. It was open to the public in September, 1961.

However, the small size is not a representative of the attractions of the garden. The pavilions, halls, rockeries, ponds and cloisters all have unique characteristics. There are 6 main scenic areas here: Sansui Hall, Wanhua Chamber, Dianchun Hall, Huijing Hall, Yuhua Hall and the Inner Garden.
Each area features several scenic spots within its borders.

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-025

Walking in, we started with the Sansui Hall.
Sansui Hall was originally used to entertain guests since it is the first hall upon entrance to Yuyuan Garden. Later it became a place to hold ceremonies for the gentlemen and bookmen. With a height of nine meters (about 30 feet) and featuring five halls, it is the largest and most commodious structure in the garden.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-047

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-044

There are many pavilions and halls within this garden. Each of them was built with a purpose and has different names. Unfortunately I can’t remember each area and match them to my photos. However, below are pictures in sequence of our walk within Yuyuan Garden.

After the Sansui Hall, we came to this scenic garden surrounding a pond. Trees, flowers and bridges over the pond, this was a picture perfect scenery read in books and seen illustrations of old Chinese literature but now seen in real life with my very own eyes.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-048

Rebecca saw 11 rebecca saw yuyuan garden shanghai

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-051

After a few minutes at each area, we moved further into the gardens. Alex, our good natured guide regaled us with tales of China and snippets of info about Yuyuan Garden.
Frankly he’s one of the best guides I have ever encountered in my trips.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-052

Deeper into Yuyuan Garden; in the area of Yule Pavilion and Wanhua Chamber, you will find pavilions, corridors, streams, courtyards as well as many other natural features. Spring bamboos grow and dainty flowers blooms.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-053

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-055

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-059

In front of Wanhua Chamber, there are two old trees.It is said that the tree was planted by the host of the garden 400 years ago.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-060

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-056

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-061

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-058

Our early morning stroll in the gardens was truly relaxing and I felt as if I was transported back in time of the Chinese dynasty. In my mind, I see fair Chinese maidens in flowing robes and dainty slippers sashayed past the gardens.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-063

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-062

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-064

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-065

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-066

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-067

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-068

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-072

The true treasure of Yuyuan is the Exquisite Jade Rock. Located across from Yuhua Hall, it is one of the 3 famous rocks in the southern region of the Yangtze River.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-073

The rock is 3.3 meters in height and has 72 holes. What is interesting about this rock is that if you burn a joss stick just below the rock, the smoke will magically float out from ALL of the holes.
Similarly, when you pour water into the rock from top, the water will flow out from each hole creating a spectacular sight to see.

This rock is located in a separate garden also surrounded by water, koi fishes in ponds, rocks, bridges and pavilions.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-075

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-074

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-076

Rebecca saw 11 rebecca saw yuyuan garden shanghai-001

We made our way out after about 2 hours in Yuyuan Garden………..

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-077

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-079

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-080

……….and walked right into the busy and lively Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Market.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-082

Yuyuan Garden

Admission FeeRM20 (Apr.1-Jun. 30; Sep.1-Nov.30)
RM15 (Jul. 1-Aug.31; Dec.1-the next Mar.31)

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-040

Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30 (tickets unavailable after 17:00)

Yuyuan Garden is within the area of Chenghuangmiao Market. Basically you would have to pass the Chenghuangmiao Market enroute to the entrance of Yuyuan Garden, which we did earlier in the morning.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-021

Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Market is located in Shanghai’s old town surrounded by ancient buildings with traditional Chinese architecture. This square consists of sightseeing and shopping areas. It is really a tourist haven as it’s the place to get handicrafts, small commodities as well as to sample some Shanghai local snacks.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-021

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-022

For the “gwei -lou” among us, McDs and Starbucks are available too.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-024

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-031

Naturally, I was more attracted to the Xiao Long Pao! We had muslims among our media group and out of respect all of our meals during our 5D4N tour was devoid of pork.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-030

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-037

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-038

And thus I helped myself to as much pork as I could whenever we were given some free & easy time on our own.

Rebecca saw 11 rebecca saw yuyuan garden shanghai

Unfortunately the one I had was pretty bad; greasy and nary any meat with a very strong pork smell. I could barely finish it. Urgh!

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-042

My initial plan was to join the queue for this particular shop but I gave up after a while as we were short of time. I trust the dumplings here are better!

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-085

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-084

We had 30 mins to wonder around  Chenghuangmiao Market and I went to snap some shots quickly. Food, tea house, souvenir shops, jewelry and pearls and Shanghai antiques.. I could spend a whole day here!

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-043

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-044


Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-029

And there were a lot of food of course; some familiar, most not.

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-034

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-035

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-036

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-039

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-040

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-025

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-028

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-029

This shop was particularly interesting as it allows visitors to dress up in old Shanghai style outfits and take pictures with the props – trishaw, umbrella, etc within the house. It’s payable of course, but I seriously wouldn’t have minded if I had the time as the whole makeover was very authentically old Shanghai.

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-028

Great photo opportunities around the square are these pretty figurines and sculptures as well as its surrounding temples.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-026

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-027

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-032

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-033

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-034

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-035

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-036

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-037

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-038

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-039

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-083

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-024

Interested to visit Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Market? Admission is free and opening hours are from 09:30-20:30.

Done with Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Market we took a break for lunch before more historical and cultural pursuits.

The ancient water town of Zhujiajiao is famed for its architectural and picturesque appearance and dubbed as the  “Venice of Shanghai” due to its calm rivers and stone bridges and attractive riverbanks.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-136

Shops lined the square, with more twists and turns than I care to count. Wondering along the zigzag-ing narrow streets and lanes flanked with shops and stores, one is transported to a world of antiquity, leisure and tranquility.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-137

Our guide arranged for the river cruise first followed by free and easy time around this ancient water town  Different rates applies for cruise routes so do be aware of that. There are many tour operators that will bring visitors/tourists from Shanghai city itself, which is about 1.5 hours away by car.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-139


Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-051

Industrious women catch and sell fishes for tourists to “release” into the river. This act of “kindness” supposedly brings good tidings but since I’m never a believer of such hocas-pocus I didn’t bother.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-140

BELOW: And off we go!

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-142

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-141

So there I am; a person not entirely fond of cruises yet on another cruise along another river.

Rebecca saw 1rebecca saw -zhujiajiao Water Village

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-143

The first thing I observed was that the eateries here has an “alfresco” dining area overlooking the river. As a person fond of eating in the open air I immediately had visions of myself sitting outside having a bite in the summer. Only during summer of course.
Another was the number of bridges that we passed during our cruise. I was told there are 36 bridges all together and we saw some really distinctive in design and structure.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-145

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-146

On the whole, I had to admit that the whole experience wasn’t unpleasant. The crisp air, the soothing rocking of the boat, the charming scenery and the feeling of being in a place steeped in history; this place warrants a visit if you’re in Shanghai.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-147

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-149

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-151

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-152

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-153

Done with the short cruise we continued to explore the inner town on foot. Other than souvenir shops, the food stores was the best part of the town!

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-154

Freshly made biscuits and sweets were the biggest attractions for me. Some of the shopkeepers very generously handed out samples so I managed to taste almost of these! 🙂

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-156

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-157

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-158

But the best has yet to come.

What would you do when you face a basin of these??



Or these?

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-053

The smell and the sight of fatty pork belly, whole knuckles, freshly steamed dumplings and pork meat can only mean one thing – buy and eat on the spot! 🙂

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-159


Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-172

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-162

I was seriously considering a pork knuckle but decided against it in the end as the humongous portion was too much for me alone. In the end I got ONE of the braised pork belly wrapped in leaves.


It was almost pure lard but so marvelous! The fat almost dissolved in my mouth without the need to chew! This cost me about RMB2.


You know what people say about China and how the Chinese eats almost anything under the sun? Well, anyone wants to take a guess what this may be?


Or these?


Other less exotic variety includes pickled vegetables of sorts that I have yet to ever encounter as well as nuts and legumes of weird shapes and sizes. But they looked tasty nonetheless.



Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-167

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-168

Other than these pack-and-go food outlets, restaurants, tea houses as well as chic coffee bars with WIFI co-exist side by side in this charming town.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-155

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-166

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-176

For shopping alone, shops here offers souvenirs, silk, handicrafts, clothing and shoes.  This a tourist-y place after all.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-160

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-163

The Zhujianjiao Ancient Town has a population of about 70,000 people. In the past, it was a trading area where people would ferry products and themselves around in little boats and barges.
It is about 3 square kilometers and a perfect area for a stroll and relax. There is also a garden named “Kezhi ” here that was said to be quite enjoyable for a stroll too.

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-164

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-165

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-169

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-170

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-171

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-173

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-174

Shanghai Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-175

Doggy slippers anyone? 🙂

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-052

And I saw a lot of these in Shanghai, a bicycle cum motorbike. How I wish we have these in Malaysia too.

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-054

Shanghai Day 3 - Rebeccasaw-055

It was dinner right after and that shall be in a dedicated post as it was a rather interesting restaurant that can fit up to 1500 diners at any one time.
This restaurant has hundreds of dining rooms and the service staff wear roller skates to move around to accelerate serving time!
Post on that coming soon! 🙂

Shanghai - AAX - rebeccasaw-003

** This is a media trip with the Air Asia X team together with media from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. We were in Shanghai for the Air Asia X inaugural Shanghai flight launch and had the good fortune to explore Shanghai for 5D4N.

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