Shanghai Sunday Brunch at Shook! in Starhill Gallery – RM268++

The Masquerades Sunday Brunch at Shook! which started last year in November was fabulous. The set-up, the costumes, the fanfare of spectacular colours and projected personalities; it was such an amazing idea and offers an experience so entirely unique from anywhere else in Malaysia.

Shook! Masquerade Brunch - Starhill-19

Bubbly and food flowed freely from 12.00 noon to 5.00 pm, the longest Sunday Bubbly Brunch yet in KL. For RM168++ (food only) and RM268++ with free-flow champagne, I thought it was value for money. Heck, make that VERY value for money.

To keep things fresh, Shook! has done it again but with a different theme; not any lesser in grandeur and even matching the impressive set-up of the Masquerade Sunday Brunch.
This time, Shook! takes us back to the opulence era of Shanghai, the captivating and historical city of China.

Shanghainese E-card

For those who have been asking me about it after I shared some pictures on Facebook and Twitter, here you go. Prices, time and venue and PICTURES of the food. This is not an exhaustive list and yoou can expect more at the buffet spread every Sunday!

TIME: 12.00 noon to 3.30 pm
PRICE: RM268++ with free-flow champagne, RM168++ food only
VENUE:  Shook! Starhil Gallery. Bukit Bintang KL.

Reservations and Enquiries : +603 2719 8330

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-040

Below: Chocolates printed with the Shanghai Brunch logo. Such an elegant touch! 😀

Shanghai Brunch at Shook

As expected, I’m starting with the DESSERTS. 🙂

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-004

Oh, the desserts here are GOOD. Some like the steamed pink cakes missed the mark for me, but I dare say most of the items displayed at the DESSERT spread is impressive.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-026

Everything came in generous quantity; like the fresh, juicy SWEET strawberries in a whole tureen!

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-006

Next, go and gobble as many chocolates as you can. They have a quality selection here and I picked the best of the lot; diving straight for the dark chocolates and the pralines. :DD

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-007

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-012

In keeping with the Shanghai theme, a plethora of Chinese desserts are available. Here’s the mochi- like “tang yuan”, the chewy glutinous rice flour that is cooked in boiling water and commonly served filled with red bean, lotus or peanut paste.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-013

The ever familiar Chinese “tong shui”; traditional sweet soup with gingko, red dates, white fungus and longans was a tad too sweet but its presence was much appreciated anyhow.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-027

This is the steamed pink cakes that I mentioned earlier. It’s actually very simple to make but the ones here was coated with a film of sugar syrup or something. Whatever it was, rather unfortunately it ruined the overall taste.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-015

Oh I remember this from my indulgent Ritz Carlton Thanksgiving Dinner! The Walnut Cheesecake. As rich and luscious as ever.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-016

This is Chap Suey Cake. I have absolutely no clue what it is so I just had to sample one. It’s glazed with syrup as well and tasted alike a carrot cake.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-010

Chinese Tea Creme Brulee. Such an oriental touch!

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-020

A perennial favourite – The Chocolate Fondue.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-022

Dips for the Chocolate Fondue includes fresh fruits and marshmallows.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-021

A fan of Pavlova? Here’s a buffet with a mountain of them!

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-005

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-008

Another oriental flavour; Mandarin Orange Puddings.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-009

And macarons..never forgotten, but not as popular anymore I’ll say.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-011

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-014

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-001

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-019

Crispy Chinese Pancakes.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-018

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-017

Individual shooters of Red Bean Paste and Mango with Sago Cream. And look at those mini fruits tarts! The fruits on top áren’t mini for sure! 😀

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-023

These were very rich and refreshing as it’s a combo of Lychees (inside) in a Chocolate Boat.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-025

Now that we are done with my favourite section, I’m going to highlight the delicious Shanghai cuisine area!

These were individual pots of braised duck to be eaten with the fried buns (mantous). We find it too sweet but that could be due to the original Shanghainese recipe.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-054

Cantonese Roast Chicken and Steamed Chicken. Both were too salty for me.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-043

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-055

Overall, as expected there are hits and misses for the buffet spread. While the 2 previous chicken dish was a tad salty, this one was good; some sweet and sour chicken roulade. A well executed cold dish.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-045

More cold and pickled dishes below.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-046

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-048

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-052

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-058

This Braised Duck with 8 Treasures was delicious. Flavours were intense enough and the texture of both the meat and vegetables were perfect.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-047

This was something new to me; Chicken Roll with Glutinous Rice. Definitely worth popping one into the mouth.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-049

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-051

Shanghai Pancakes!

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-053

Fish with Pine Nuts Chrysanthemum Flower Style. Nice food artwork yes? 🙂

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-056

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-057

And here onwards are the all too familiar buffet offerings such as the Japanese teppanyaki, sushi & sashimi, cold cuts, cheeses, salads, artisan breads and an incredible gamut of FRESH SEAFOOD!

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-029

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-076

Tuna and UNAGI (Eel) – both my favourites!

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-030

Seafood lovers would have a jovial time. Crustaceans of all shapes and kinds were in abundance!

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-031

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-032

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-033

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-035

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-036

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-077
These seashells were cooked on the spot at the live stations according to your preference.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-073

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-074
Cold cuts skewers and a plethora of dried fruits from the Appetisers section.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-091

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-092

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-093

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-094
Go Japanese if you wish.

jap shanghai shook

Yakitoris are grilled by order.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-062

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-063

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-065

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-066
I find the sashimi not as fresh as I would have liked. So I appeased myself with the Roasted Lamb on Pit.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-061
Shanghai Brunch at Shook-082

Smoking hot off the pit, I requested for the tender, pink cuts of course. 🙂

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-084

We sampled all the sauces – BBQ, mushroom, black pepper and another which I can’t recall now. All tasted very homely and freshly made from scratch.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-071
After that we focused on the Ala-Carte Menu. Yes, there’s a menu to order your mains in ADDITION to the whole buffet spread!

From the CHINESE Menu, we ordered the Goose Noodles and the Shanghai Wontons Noodles.

shook shanghai brunch menu (2)

The Goose meat was GOOD! I love the crispy skin and slightly gamey meat. I slurped on the herbal stock happily too.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-087

The Shanghai Flavoured Wontan Noodles was too dry. Nevertheless, I liked the fact that the noodles were made ala minute at the Noodle Station.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-085

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-086
Then it’s the Italian Menu next. We ordered the Beef Cheeks, which turned out satisfactory.

shook shanghai brunch menu (4)
Shanghai Brunch at Shook-088

There’s more of course!
Here’s the rest of the menus. Frankly speaking, just for food alone, it’s RM168++/pax, which is VERY worthwhile as you can stuff yourself silly from the WHOLE spread plus order off the ala carte menu for your main. Furthermore, the ala-carte menu features gourmet quality ingredients; such as monkfish, lamb rump, barramundi and beef cheeks.

shook shanghai brunch menu (3)

shook shanghai brunch menu (1)
Or go all the way and guzzle up on the bubbly for RM268++/pax.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-080

I love the cheese section as well. Admittedly there’s a cheese section for EVERY buffet in town, but seriously; the selection doesn’t come close to this.

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-097

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-095

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-096

Alright, here’s the rest of the pictures!

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-098

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-039

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-041

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-042

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-050

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-059

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-060

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-078

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-083

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-002

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-034

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-037

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-038

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-075


Shanghai Brunch at Shook-081

Shanghai Brunch at Shook-090

Last but not least, you guys know about my Becky 30 Days, 30 Giveaways drive right?
This buffet is one of the giveaways! So remember to follow:

And I’ll be giving away 2 COMPLIMENTARY passes to this extravagant Shanghai Brunch SOON! :DD


You can now win yourself 2 complimentary passes on my Facebook page at!

Giveaway ends at 10pm, 9th April, so tell your friends about it, too!

This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Nikel

    All the dish look really fine decorate.. really worth to have a try!

    1. Reuben Yuvaraj

      Bex, they look so damn good! Is this still on? If it is, I’m just worried I wont be able to sample everything cuz I just know I’m gonna be unbearably full.

  2. Sean

    Gosh, I wonder what might be the next Sunday brunch theme at Shook after this. Maybe a circus theme!!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Circus theme! I wonder what food then? Carnival food?? 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe.. you overindulged? I was ok, was a bit too busy to eat! 😛

  3. Cindy Tong

    oh my god the selection is too much for my stomach…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Be like me!
      I only aim for the cheeses, eel, sashimi, LAMB, DESSERTS.. authentic Shanghai spread! No carbs/chicken or salads! 😛

  4. WinnieKepala

    I went for the Masquerade themed one about a month ago and I love it. Eventhough I had my camera with me, the free flowing champagne (and delicious cocktails) got me very very drunk on a Sunday afternoon.

    Very happy to hear about this new spread. I also didn’t really get to eat much before. 😛 But this seafood spread looks absolutely delicious. I love seafood and the new spread makes me wanna go back again next Sunday.

    Definitely value for money. But not something that you can do every Sunday. The management were very nice, too. Considering I was there with a large group that got drunk very fast. Haha.

    1. rebeccasaw

      OMG.. I can imagine your group 😛
      And yes, they try very hard with their service. Sometimes when there’s a lot of people, I can see that the service staff really struggled.
      And yup, for this round, there’s a lot more seafood. Totally value for money! Come to think of it, I haven’t seen YOU DRUNK 😛

  5. FiSh

    so many varieties there! 🙂 i have an eye on the chinese tea creme brulee, it sounds so special but will it be kinda unusual in taste?

    Latest: How Hot can You Take?

    1. rebeccasaw

      I doubt it.. just a distinct tea aroma, which makes the creme brule “less overwhelmingly rich” somehow 🙂

  6. irlene

    i want to try….

  7. Kate Y'ng

    Look yummy ^^

    1. rebeccasaw

      It’s very goo Kate. Esp the ala carte menu and the Shanghainese section (though I found some salty). The Jap part – I hope they improve soon!
      Desserts are to die for!

  8. Akulah Pak Lan

    Fondue of chocolates, i bet you want to have this one at ur own house right?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. I’m not that fond of chocs.. but recently I have been craving fr chocs..

  9. tristupe

    awesome. Awesome. Now what did i got myself into? This is too superb to sit and eat for only for 3hours!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah you’re gonna enjoy it for sure!:D
      Too bad it’s not like the previous one, where it’s 12 till 5pm!


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