Shaklee CSR Programme for Youth – YES (Youth Entrepreneur System)

I grew up with Shaklee’s products.
My father was the GM of Shaklee based in Penang, and the office was at Macalister Road. I remembered spending after school hours sitting in the big mansion turned commercial building doing my homework while waiting for him to finish up for the day.

Naturally I consumed alfalfa and Vita Lea, tried to lose weight using the Cinch Energy Tea mix and the Cinch Shake Mix, poured Basic H into my laundry and washed my locks with Pro Sante Purifying Shampoo.

Thus, it was a nostalgic day last week when I sat at the spanking new Shaklee office in The Pinnacle Sunway and listened to Mr Victor, current President of Shaklee Malaysia spoke about Shaklee today.
Not much has changed, for the core philosophy of Shaklee remained; offering products that are safe, gentle on the environment and products that are proven to work.

Shaklee Event2

The modern office overlooks Sunway Lagoon. And there is even a playroom for visitors/distributors who visit with their children.


One of the admirable continuous efforts of Shaklee is in their commitment of providing a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone is via its CSR programme.
Under Shaklee Cares; Shaklee had launched Shaklee Cares for Our Children for underprivileged children and now the newly launched CSR initiative is the Shaklee Cares for Our Youth, where the YES (Youth Entrepreneur System) comes in.
Later in the year, plans are in place to launch Shaklee Cares for Our Women, another Shaklee CSR initiative.

How YES (Youth Entrepreneur System) works:
YES is ideally suited for the young and the young-at-heart looking for financial freedom and time freedom.
Becoming an entrepreneur with YES is as simple as joining Shaklee, using our products and sharing these products with your community of friends and family,” says Victor.

Basically YES helps the young to build their own business with minimum capital yet providing the possibility of great returns.
The YES programme has incorporated financial incentives, soft skills training, product knowledge and the support of a network of mentors; all vital fundamentals to help young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams to become their own boss.

YES can be a stepping stone for women entrepreneurs as well, especially for those who are or aspire to be stay-at-home moms; and produce healthier future generations as the business model can assist them to achieve a better quality of life and work on improving their household income.

As I browsed the current Shaklee range of products, I noticed some new ones as well as the classics.
This Shaklee Performance is new, as well as the Joint Health Tablet. I must admit, I noticed these because of my current fitness obsession and I’m thinking of giving both a try soon.


Shaklee Event

For those who are seeking a meal replacement/protein powder option, try Cinch, which from what I remembered is decent tasting.


My favorite Basic H has been given a fresh, new packaging. And the laundry detergent range is new to me.


After the session, we were given a good bag which consisted of the products below. I find these a good basic range of everyday supplements.
Here’s a breakdown of recommended consumption dosage and a general idea of what each does:

Vita-E Complex (1 per day): Powerful anti – oxidant, 400iu d-alpha tocopherol per capsule.
B-Complex (1 per day): All 8 Vit B to fortify your body are present in this formula.
Garlic complex (2 per day): each tablet has 500g of garlic. Helps retain normal blood pressure + cholesterol levels.
GLA complex (1 capsule 2-3 times/day): GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which helps to regulate many normal body processes. Also has Vit E. GLA is also helpful for women in maintaining well-being during the menstrual cycle. 



About Shaklee Malaysia – Shaklee Malaysia has been providing nutritional and herbal supplements, personal care products and household products for more than 15 years in Malaysia and the products are available through its extensive distributor network nationwide.
Shaklee Malaysia operates from its Head Office in The Pinnacle Sunway and has branches in Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kota Bharu and Kota Kinabalu. For more information, please visit

About Shaklee Cares – Shaklee Cares is a publicly supported, non-profit organisation, founded in 1992 by Shaklee Corporation. This charitable organisation is committed to help people in need. Since 1992, thousands of hours of volunteer time and millions of dollars in cash and product donations have been given out to help families and communities.

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