Setia Eco Cascadia – Another prestigious development from SP Setia

SP Setia latest development, aptly named “Eco” Setia Cascadia has an alluring enough tagline to capture my attention, which says a lot really, considering the fact that I’m pretty oblivious to most property development news.

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Living in Nature’s Miracle” it says.

What does that mean?

Well, does the picture below gives you an idea?


Amazing isn’t it? Imagine….. just imagine….….. waking up to that each day. Or taking a walk at the linear garden which links the rear gardens of all residences at Eco Setia Cascadia into a network of dazzling green park connectors.


These connectors serve as a refreshing walkway where resident are able to take a quiet, tranquil walk from their back gardens through natural greenery all the way to the fully-equipped communal clubhouse and waterfall locales.

The concept of Setia Eco Cascadia is simple, yet surprisingly unexplored. It is about implanting a world of eco-living into the heart of a city centre. As the name implies, Setia Eco Cascadia is an abundant green wonderland where cascading waterfalls are the key element, literally bringing a fresh of breath air to modern living.


The luxurious houses are dotted along the natural, cascading landscapes, each strategically located to provide an optimum view of the waterfalls yet grant priceless privacy to the dwellers.
The entire development is built on natural terrains that are left uncompromised. Trees and fauna are well-preserved and cultivated. The Terrace Houses, Cluster Homes, Semi-Detached Houses and Bungalows are all fitted with eco-friendly features like floating roofs, sky gardens, outdoor gardens and more.

Here’s a little teaser video of this noteworthy development:

What do you think? Unbelievable?

Well, it’s a reality now. Coupled with its alluring eco-villas that personify luxury, space and the best of personalised living, Setia Eco Cascadia is truly a paradise that forever redefines the concept of eco-living in Johor Bahru.


The Club House of Setia Eco Cascadia offers comprehensive world-class facilities for homeowners. With swimming pools, gymnasium and private lounge inside the club and outdoor facilities like pavilions, bridges, courtyards, outdoor gardens and many more, Setia Eco Cascadia is all ready to pamper and indulge even the most discerning property owners.


To top it off, Setia Eco Cascadia is strategically located within a matured vicinity. Owners enjoy easy accessibility to amenities like Jusco, Tesco and Carrefour hypermarkets, Sunway College, hospitals and more. Setia Eco Cascadia is also connected to the North-South Expressway (Exit 255C) and Tebrau Highway, offering convenience in traveling and ease of location.

Setia Eco Cascadia –>> register your interest here.
Visit their sale gallery today to enjoy exclusive privileges, or if you would like to discover more about this township, kindly call 07-351 2255.

More on SP Setia’s Eco Homes concept:

S P Setia has a grand vision of making the world a better, more beautiful place, built on a platform where sustainable living and eco-consciousness take centre stage in everything we create.
In order to realise this vision, we have developed a delightful collection of Eco Homes that bridge the gap between luxurious lifestyles and natural living. These townships are more than meticulously-planned, immaculately-designed developments; they are recognised around the world and have received a multitude of international accolades.

Our award-winning developments such as Setia Eco Gardens, Setia Eco Park and EcoLakes Phuoc, Vietnam are a testament to our dedication towards building an infinitely greener tomorrow.

Now, how I wish there are more developments like this in Malaysia. Nature and the existing environment does not have suffer from the destructive force that humankind is so willing to muster in its quest for progress. What say you?

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  1. munkey

    the 1st poster of cascadia is nice… hopefully it’s as good as it’s illustrated! It’s a very convenient place to stay at I supposed :yes:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups! Proximity to the highway is important, so are shops & public amenities.

  2. Lambert

    OMG… why not launch in Klang Valley???

    1. rebeccasaw

      I’m sure there is! Perhaps Setia Eco Alam !

  3. Sean

    i avoid property news too! but ya, it would be kinda nice to live somewhere like this, if it were in the klang valley 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahahaha.. seems that a lot of people are looking forward to this concept in KL/Selangor itself!
      But I do wonder where would it be.. definitely not too close to the city centre, there’s no land nor forest anymore!

  4. dila

    i think they forgot to add “pictures for illustration purposes only” HAHAHA! when it’s ready and don’t look like the pictures and videos how? ahahaha! but if really place looks that pretty, it must cost a lot kan? but if it’s in KL would be way more expensive, i think. and where in KL got waterfall in the middle of nowhere one, all also high rise building ugh. and all the buildings look alike!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Good point! I think I will arrange for a site visit soon!

      I’ll take my own pics to share.

      Yea, sadly no eco living in KL city itself. But you know what, I think more developers will copy this concept & will attempt developing such eco-living concepts. It’s very sellable for one! Haha

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