Set Lunches & RM800/table set dinner at Ti Chen, Saujana Country & Golf Resort

One of the best pork-free Chinese restaurant located within a hotel in this side of Klang Valley is Ti Chen.

The dim sum items are delicate and refined; some traditional, others with a contemporary twist. All are crafted from quality ingredients and served in good-sized portions for the price.

Ambience-wise The Saujana Golf and Country Club sits over acres of green lawn, thus providing an eye-pleasing natural landscape for the diners in Ti Chen.
Barely 10 minutes away from the heart of PJ, one can dine and rejuvenate the spirit in the tranquility of nature.


For similar reasons, breakfast or business lunches at Ti Chen is a good idea.
With the launch of their recent value set menus, there’s all more the reason to hop in for a meal, be in for business or for leisure.

Designed for those who wish to enjoy a selection of different Chinese Malaysian dishes with a Cantonese twist, you can select your dining experience from ‘Weekday Special Set Menu’, Weekday Set Lunch’, ‘Quick Weekday Dim Sum Set Lunch’ and ‘Daily Dim Sum Special’.

One of the value meals I’ll like to highlight is ‘Weekday Set Lunch’ from RM19/ person.
This is available every Mon – Fri and patrons can select from 4 different sets.
Set A (2-3 persons) RM58
Set B (2-3 persons) RM58
Set C (4-5 persons) RM88
Set D (4-5 persons) RM88


Here is an example of the portion for 4-5 pax set.
Each diner gets a soup of the day, a meat dish, a vegetable dish, a tofu dish to be eaten with rice.



Not bad isn’t it for RM19 – RM25/pax meal? In a hotel no less.
Host your clients in style without having to break the bank. For a lunch gathering with friends everyone can dine in comfort with attentive service and linger on comfortably if they wish.
Another factor I like about dining here is the ample parking space available which are complimentary too!
No more paying minimum of RM10 – RM20 per entry for dine-in at (most) hotels.

For larger gatherings there is the RM800/ table for 7 course meal to consider.


We sampled the same 7 course meal last week and came away impressed.
The number of dishes and the portion of each is above standard sizing and the overall meal could certainly satiate 8 – 10 diners easily.
The dishes served are satisfying both terms of quality and quantity since this set includes a whole duck as well as a chicken dish plus a fish dish.

Lower prices are usually associated with lower quality but Chef Sam Lu takes pride in his cuisine and thus the standards didn’t slide here.

We like how each dish is beautifully presented with the flavours are intact and the fact that the dishes aren’t your run-of-the-mill versions either.

For fish, Chef presented his Sweet and Sour White Tuna Fish in a crafted bowl of ice.
I’ve had this recently in Ipoh and the explanation for it was the cold from the ice is supposed to keep the outer coat crispy as well as to impart the cold to the outer layer so the diner enjoys the sensation of cold, crispy batter before savouring the hot, fresh fish meat within.
This is best eaten upon serving, for otherwise, the effect would have been lost.


We love the Beijing Duck with Taiwanese Sandwich as well.

The skin is supposed to be crispy (limit the picture taking time to 2 minutes and it will be) and the tender meat was nicely flavoured, neither overly salty or bland.
A good point to note here is the unique marination so though the concept is similar to Peking Duck, the taste is a bit different.


The thick, tummy-warming Hot and Spicy Szechuan Soup hit the right spicy and sour notes so no complaints here.


A general favourite, the Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Oatmeal and Thai Mayo Sauce elicited murmurs of approval all round the table.

We did thought the spiciness was a bit mellow since its named “Thai Mayo”. Anyhow, the mayo isn’t a critical element for me considering the well marinated meat and tasty batter.


The vegetables course of most 7 – 8 course meals are typically the most “neglected” dish.
More often than not, this dish takes the form of some greens swimming in oyster/braised sauce. Otherwise it is lazy stirred mixed greens.

Not with Chef Sam though. He surprised us with an elaborate display of a fried vermicelli bowl of Hong Kong kai lan, sweet peas, water chestnut and black fungus. A generous handful of crispy enoki mushroom garnished the dish.
The vegetables were fresh, crunchy and sweet while the crispy enoki was simply addictive.


Chef also served us a tasty, skilfully fried noodles dish where every strand of noodle was well tossed and flavoured. Using shredded duck as well as duck skin, the overall taste turned out much more flavourful compared to ordinary chicken.


The sweet ending was likewise, well thought of, a refreshing jelly of Osmanthus Sweet Olive Lemongrass. 


More information on the set meals can be obtained from here —>

For reservations, please contact 03 7843 1234 ext 6122 or email [email protected].

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  1. Sean EDKL

    the lunch sets are very reasonable … two large eaters can order an RM88 set (for 4-5) and still have enough left over to tar pau 😀

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