SEREMBAN famous Diamond Chicken Rice: Restoran Chai Hong

My first visit was in September 2015 and likely my last.

The chicken rice is no doubt tasty, but with such prices, the long wait and the we-don’t-need-your-business attitude, it won’t be a place that I’ll recommend freely.

diamond chicken rice - chai hong - seremban-001

So where would I recommend?

Well, please try the chicken rice at Continental Hotel Seremban; cheaper, succulent chicken and way better dining experience.

The couple running the stall is humble and have been in business for almost 20 years.
You can read about them in a separate post HERE, while I continue my story about this Diamond Chicken Rice outlet; touted as the “best chicken rice in Seremban“.

diamond chicken rice - seremban p- chai hong

The ambiance is as authentically ‘traditional kopitiam‘ as it gets; think round marble kopitiam tables with cheap chairs, tiled floor and walls, black electrical switches, Tiger Beer signboard and ceilings fans.
I personally adore the nostalgic vibe it imparts and had no grievances about the interior.

diamond chicken rice - chai hong - seremban

There are only about 10 tables in the restaurant so seats are a premium. Arrive at peak hours and your wait begins from the moment you step into the shop; which is waiting for a table/seat.

Don’t come here famished, for the beverages are slow to be served and the chicken rice way longer.

Our total wait was almost an hour and a half; beginning with no one paying us any attention for a good 15 minutes followed by a frustrating 15 minutes of numerous attempts (waving) to get someone to take our order for drinks.

Our barley drinks arrived 20 minutes after the order was taken and while we were placing our chicken rice request, we were informed in a brusque manner that no selection of any particular part of the chicken is allowed for the individual meal set.

Well, I’m not particular about consuming breast or thigh, but I do balk at being served wings because I need my meat!
Also I had wanted to try both breast and thigh as comparison for the sake of this article.

Anyhow, our curiosity of the ‘famous Seremban diamond chicken rice‘ needs to be assuaged so both of us repressed the urge to walk out and waited silently for our food.

diamond chicken rice - chai hong - seremban-002

In comparison to Continental Hotel chicken rice (my current favorite), the portion is smaller for an individual set. On its own this is already RM10++, non-inclusive of drinks.

Fortunately I wasn’t served the wing part but the breast. The meat is firm yet tender (more bite to it) while the one at Continental Hotel was supple, smooth and soft.



The rice looked promising but turned out to be a greasy affair and lacking in flavour on its own.
The saving grace was the chili sauce; nicely pungent and spicy.

diamond chicken rice - chai hong - seremban-003

After we had personally tasted the food, experienced the wait and the service, our stand is ‘it is good, not excellent and definitely not worth the price or effort’.
However, do note that this is just a personal opinion and NOT a call to boycott the shop.

Diamond Chicken Rice has been in business for 4 decades so obviously that counted for something.
It is known that they used free-range chicken and Bentong ginger for the best possible taste.

Whatever is it, I will still head back to Continental Hotel chicken rice for my ‘best in Seremban chicken rice‘ fix.
Not sure if it is free-range chicken or Bentong ginger, but it sure as hell is cheap and good!

Economy chicken rice set: RM5.50
Individual set : RM9.50.
Half a bird costs between RM40 and RM50 depending on the size.

Restoran Chai Hong aka Diamond Chicken Rice
No. 50, Jalan Kapitan Tam Yeong
70000 Seremban, NSDK.
Tel: 06-762 4357
Started in 1979.
Waze: “Chai Hong Restoran”

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  1. Mark

    Would love to check out this Continental CR stall when I’m down @ Seremban one day. As for the DCR @ CH, not in a million years! Afterall, chicken rice is chicken rice, unless it’s so bloody special that it’s “diamond studded”!! To pay premium for lousy service and arrogant attitude, I won’t even bother! Honestly, no offense, only idiots will go there knowing of their attitude and the exorbitant prices! Thx for sharing Continenal!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Thanks Mark for your thoughts 😀 !
      Yups, being confident and arrogant are 2 different things. And it’s not thattttttt greatttttt to warrant the visit. Hope you enjoy the Continental Hotel one! Should be consistent 🙂

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